I am Alive.

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Fancy and Luis are married, Tabitha and Endora battle with the Demon Elf, Antonio Returns, Ethan chases after Gertrude.

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Tabitha wanders around her house and asks her daughter to conjure up some bicarbonate soda. She'll never get the sight of Norma and Edna's wedding out of her mind. Endora says they were sweet. Tabitha thinks they should have been filmed for the Nature Channel. They chuckle. Endora's just glad she got there in time to catch the bouquet. Tabs tells her to get rid of it and wash her hands, reminding her of Edna's "little accident" when she got overexcited. Endora chucks the flowers and magically sends Edna a wedding present; a binding spell that will stop her from ever need diapers again. Suddenly, the house starts to shake. Tabitha expects the end but it's only the Demon Elf. "Gross!" Endora cringes.


It soon becomes obvious that the Dark Side knows Tabitha's lost her powers and they want Endora. "This doesn't bode well," Tabs surmises. The demon accuses her of embracing the power of Good and lists her many transgressions against Evil. It's now time for her to answer for her crimes! When he threatens to torture her in Hell for eternity, Endora stands up for her. Tabitha is sure that no one can hurt her as long as she has her daughter by her side. He explains that Endora's power came from Tabitha's subconscious power and now that that is gone, she's no match for the forces of darkness. He zaps the former witch onto the floor. Endora's furious and shoots back. She and the demon crack their knuckles and prepare to battle. Her mother tells her just to zap them out of Harmony. The young witch tries but the magic fizzles. "You're all going to die!" the demon cackles. He mocks Tabitha's legendarily bad taste in interior design as he prepares to destroy her. Tabitha wishes she had never done the right thing. The demon shoots again and Endora battles off the blasts. Endora creates a forcefield to protect her and her mother. The demon continues shooting at them until it begins breaking down.


Juanita and her henchman go to a lobster restaurant by the harbor. She's annoyed. She wanted to drink tequila. He reminds her that she is disguised as a nun. He tells her the lobster roll is better than a taco. She tears the tourist guide from his hands and throws it in the harbor. He suggests they make a run for it now. She's not going anywhere until Pilar and her family are dead.


At the church, Fancy and Luis' wedding service begins. Luis is eager to kiss the bride but they have to wait. Fancy and Luis read their vows. She admits how hard they were to write and tells him how her love for him snuck up on her. She's sure they'll have feuds, but she loves him so much she can barely stand it. Luis says that his mother has taught him the importance of a good woman. He can get through anything as long as he knows Fancy will be on the other side.


Pilar proudly watches the ceremony and tells her weeping daughter not to think of Ethan. They discuss everything they've lost. Pilar says that she still prays to God to forgive her for the anger she feels at losing Antonio. They wonder where Sheridan must have vanished to. Pilar tells her daughter that she can tell Ethan the truth one day. Theresa is sure it'll be too late then. Ethan comes in and sits behind her to watch. He admits that he didn't write any vows for Gwen. He misses Theresa. Gertrude can't handle this and runs away. Pilar tries covering, but slips and calls Gertrude "Theresa". Ethan notices this blatant blunder. She claims to have misspoken, but he suspects more: Gertrude always reminds him of Theresa, as if they are twin souls. The wedding ends and everyone claps as the bride and groom kiss. Ethan continues missing Theresa. Pilar urges him to move on. He can't and decides he needs to talk to Gertrude before he re-commits to Gwen. Pilar tries to stop him, telling him he can't do that. He rushes off.


Theresa wanders by the docks and bumps into Juanita. Gertrude tries to get away but Juanita stops her, asking who she really is; her eyes seems so familiar... Gertrude makes an excuse and hurries away, leaving Juanita confused. Theresa sits down at the restaurant and her mother calls to warn her that Ethan is on the loose. "He loves me Mama," Theresa says. It's dangerous, Pilar says, reminding her that Juanita is also on the loose. Gertrude doesn't think Juanita will ever bump into her again, particularly at a lobster restaurant. Theresa promises that she has seen the last of Ethan. As soon as she hangs up, she wonders if Ethan finding her would only prove that Fate wants her with him. She debates this with herself and then spots him approaching.


Only a few tables away, Juanita stares at Gertrude. Her henchman tries to understand but can't. She calls her contact in New York and orders a new passport. "Once the bomb goes off, I will be free to start my new life," she says, vowing never to return to Mexico.


The unconscious Sheridan is carried out to the church garden. When she opens her eyes, she's shocked to see Antonio smiling at her. She can't believe it. "I am alive and I want to be with you, and if I have to fight my brother, I'll fight him to the death," he says before pulling her into a kiss. She doesn't understand how he can be alive. He explains that his "death" was one of Alistair's tricks. He wasn't even in the plane that exploded. Instead, he was held prisoner in the basement of a Crane building in Boston. When the guard's pay checks stopped showing up, they just stopped going to work and he escaped. She tells him he won't have to fight Luis since he's marrying Fancy. "You've got to tell your loved ones that you're here," she says. That's what he's doing, he says. She doesn't know what to say. She's just lost the love of her life. He's happy about that and announces that he is there to make a new beginning. He remembers their love and the love they have shared through the ages. She and Luis may have been together throughout history, but he has always been part of that triangle too. Sheridan insists that she and Luis are destined to be together. Antonio tells her she's wrong: It's they who are meant to be together and God is giving them that chance. She reminds him that she had amnesia when she loved him. He tells her to follow the hints of Fate and reminds her of their time on the island. She can't think of it; she's too raw. "I will never leave you," he promises. Every time she has parted with Luis in a former life, she has ended up with him - that's what is fated. He asks for a chance to prove that he is her one true love. Staring in each other's eyes, they kiss again.


Back in the church, Pilar hugs Fancy and welcomes her into the family. The bride worries where Sheridan could be. Her aunt strolls in on cue with a smile on her face. She announces that she has something important to say. "Luis and I are married now and there is nothing you can do about it!" Fancy bites defensively. That's not what Sheridan is there for: She has a gift for the whole Lopez-Fitzgerald family. She stands aside and Antonio appears. Pilar is shocked and runs into her son's arms in tears.


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Ethan spots Gertrude.

The demon elf zaps Tabitha and she drops.

"Damn you Sheridan!" Fancy yells.

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