I'm not a Witch Anymore.

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Tabitha faces the grim reality of not being evil, Pilar gives her sons some marital advice, Kay encourages Tabitha to come to the wedding, Gwen threatens to kill Theresa.

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"Coffee... I need coffee in an IV," Tabitha groans as she thumps down the stairs to her living room. As she calls for her morning wake-me-up, nothing happens. She remembers that she no longer has her powers and starts kicking herself for going into the church. Kay skips down and gleefully tells the witch that it's her wedding day. Tabitha isn't enthusiastic: "I'm not a witch anymore. I've lost my powers." Kay is baffled. Tabitha explains that she's been a fool and strayed from the path of wickedness into the brambles of goodness. She blames Esme, saying that her voice drilled a hole in her brain and then Endora filled it up with guilt. Tabitha wishes she had never been tempted to love and starts to freak out about the lack of coffee. Kay conjures some and they drink. Tabs explains what happened at the wedding rehearsal and how everyone died in terrible agony. Kay almost starts crying when she hears that Noah died. Tabitha thinks they would have been better off if they left them all dead, but Esme ruined things. She also lets it slip that Julian is Endora's father. Kay's jaw hangs open. "You saved everyone's life?" Kay asks. She hugs her and says that she's the most big-hearted witch ever. Tabs doesn't care; she'd rather be a hermit in a cave. Everyone may have gotten their lives back but now she is nothing. Kay thinks everyone needs to know what she did. She could tell everyone that she used to be a witch, but not anymore. Then everyone can stop being afraid of her. The former witch rolls her eyes and shakes her head. She reminds Kay of all the ways that the town used to kill witches. She's not about to subject herself, or Endora, to that. She accuses Kay of being naive and says that her lack of powers now would just make people angry. She forbids Kay to ever tell anyone the truth.


Suddenly Fluffy punches Tabs over. Tabitha thinks that Fluffy must have just missed her and come back for a visit, but her pet seems to be playing a bit rough. "It seems like he's really attacking me," she says. Kay tries chasing the evil cat away with a big glass of water. "I haven't just lost my powers, I've lost my whole identity," Tabitha gasps. Kay tells her to see the bright side: Now she can go to her wedding! Kay hugs her. "Oh joy," Tabitha drones sarcastically. "It's going to be a blast," Kay promises. Tabitha remembers the signs she's seen and tries to get out of the invite. Kay gushes about how they are best friends and then rushes off. Tabitha slumps into a chair and tells her daughter that it's all up to her to get them to Nurse Precious now. Endora wants to go to the wedding. Her mother says something bad will happen and what she did last night wasn't even worth it.


At home, Pilar is cooking up breakfast for her sons. Miguel already has butterflies in his stomach. Pilar says that hueveos rancheros will calm them down but thanks God that she found the perfect women for her sons. "You found them?" Luis asks. They toast to love. "Nothing can spoil our wedding plans now," Miguel smiles. They start eating. Miguel thinks this will be the longest wedding in history. Pilar starts crying. They ask her what's wrong. She says that they are the most loving brothers she has ever seen... but she is worried and afraid. Juanita is still hellbent on killing the entire family. As she continues worrying, Luis becomes annoyed, refusing to cut the wedding day short just to avoid Juanita. They thank her for breakfast and leave to dress for "the execution". After they're gone, a black crow crows at the window.


The bomb counts down at the church.


At the mansion, Theresa sneaks into Ethan's room to leave another letter behind forbidding him from marrying Gwen. Gwen walks in, grabbing the letter and telling her to stop this. Theresa pulls out her false teeth and vows to do everything in her power to stop her. "Either I'm cursed or you're some kind of vampire because you never stay dead do you? Well this time Theresa, I'm not taking any chances," Gwen announces as she pulls a gun and levels it at her nemesis. Gwen wonders why she's wasted so much time scheming when she could have just shot her. She promptly pulls the trigger and Theresa drops to the floor. "I did it! I can't think of a better wedding present!" Gwen smiles and kicks the corpse. Satisfied, Gwen looks in the mirror when Theresa gets up. "It's going to take a lot more than that to get rid of me," she says. "Alive or dead? It doesn't matter. Ethan loves me and I'm not going anywhere ever," Theresa says. Gwen suddenly wakes up. This was a nightmare. She decides to take the hint and take care of Theresa once and for all.


Luis and Miguel slip back into Pilar's kitchen for some more food. As they eat, Miguel reminds Luis of how he gave up all of his dreams to look after the family after their papa left. Luis doesn't think he had a choice. "I know how big a sacrifice you made for us. You've always been more than a big brother to me. You've been like a father," Miguel says. He wonders if his brother has any regrets. Luis is sure that things turn out the way they are supposed to. He has Fancy and he's sure that they will have a wonderful life together. He tells his little brother that someday soon, he will actually go off to college. Miguel wonders how he could have spent so many years being friends with Kay and never thought of her romantically. It took so long for him to realize that she was the woman he was destined to be with. "People who are meant to be together always end up together," Luis says. Miguel thinks he sounds like Theresa. They remember their sister, sure that she is happy with Antonio and looking down at them smiling. "Theresa will definitely be in that church with us today... in spirit," Luis smiles. Pilar listens, knowing that Theresa will be there literally. She walks over and gives her sons some marital advice, like listening to their wives and seeing things from their point of view. They tease their mother and give her a hug, thanking her for teaching them the importance of family. Again, she makes them promise to leave town as soon as the reception is finished. She takes their picture.


Gwen goes into Theresa's room. "You are alive and there are some hungry sharks in Mexico that owe me an apology," she says. She talks about how ironic it is that Theresa saved Ethan's life just so that he could end up with her. Gwen continues to taunt her but Theresa doesn't respond. Gwen says that she won't expose her and put her family at risk so long as she stays away from Ethan, but she is prepared to let her entire family die if that's what it takes. After Gwen leaves, Theresa wakes up and pulls out her ear plugs. "Why does it feel like someone just walked over my grave?" she asks herself.


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