Fancy heats it up

Friday, October 6th, 2006

Fancy dances for Luis at a strip club, Fox and Miguel battle over Kay, Chad checks into the motel, and Ethan suspects Rebecca.

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Kay worries who will die

Kay kneels beside the unconscious Fox. Miguel explains how they were playing basketball and he accidentally knocked Fox down. Kay is afraid that it was Fox's funeral that Tabitha saw in her magic bowl.

Kay checks Fox's pulse. He's still alive. He start to come to. Fox refuses professional medical care. She asks why were they playing so rough anyway.

Everybody's in Tabitha's kitchen now. Jared talks about the tremor they felt. Chad isn't phased by it. Stranger things happen in Harmony. Instead he talks about how triangles are always bad news and how secrets always come out. Jared asks him which secret he is talking about. Chad is talking about his own.

Miguel cancels the ambulance as Kay attends to Fox's wound. Chad and Jared have other plans and leave. Jared questions his plans. Chad is seeing Whitney after he takes care of some secret stuff.

Tabitha carries in Endora. She advises Kay to hurry up and make up her mind. Kay states she is marrying Fox. Tabitha tells her to stop sending Miguel mixed messages then like every time she kisses him. As Kay walks back to Fox, Miguel accidentally knocks her down. It almost starts another fight.


Rebecca gets a text from J.T.

J.T. is texting Rebecca like crazy. He wants her to come over to his hotel room. She texts him back to ask why he is in Harmony. He answers that he is there to see her. Rebecca will accept his invitation on one conditionfind out why Theresa made Ethan trustee in her will. J.T. shivers at the sight of Theresa's name. He knows he is the one who gave Theresa the proof about little Ethan's real father. He won't agree to the condition. He just want her to come over. Rebecca wont because she knows Gwen will have a fit. J.T. says forget Gwen. Out loud, Rebecca says Gwen doesn't need to know.

Of course, Gwen and Ethan overhear her. Gwen asks what is it she doesn't have to know. Ethan wants to know too. At that moment, J.T.'s text message beeps her. Now they want to know who is sending her text messages. She says it's just dirty little messages from strange men. Ethan knows that never bothered her before. She's hiding something.

Rebecca acts hurt that her son-in-law would call her a liar. She lies again and says the text message was about a surprise cruise for them. Now the surprise is ruined so she'll have to cancel it. Ethan doesn't buy her act. He has a few questions for her. He has a feeling that Rebecca and J.T. know something about why Theresa named him trustee in her will. Gwen looks positively ill at the mention of J.T.

J.T. is impatiently waiting Rebecca's reply. He sends her one of him stripping.

Gwen and Rebecca join forces and ask Ethan why now, why J.T. Ethan tells them what Theresa accused them of. Gwen thought Ethan believed she was innocent of helping J.T. tell the world who he really was. Ethan assures her he doesn't think she did it but her mother's a different story. He believes Rebecca knows J.T. intimately.

Rebecca watches J.T. strip tease. Gwen insists that her mother doesn't know J.T. while J.T. keeps sending her messages. Ethan thinks Rebecca is looks scared. He doesn't believe her lies.

In her office, Theresa reads her newest email. The look on her face says it's bad news.

The email is from the investigator tracking J.T. He didn't find him. Theresa is relieved. Whitney accuses her of being paranoid, once again.

Valerie walks in to inform Theresa of a call. The investigator is keeping his appointment with her. Whitney asks Valerie if she's seen Chad. Valerie denies seeing him lately. Whitney doesn't believe her. She thinks she was acting nervous. Theresa points out that Valerie knows Whitney doesn't like her. That's why. Theresa tries to convince Whitney her suspicions are unjustified. Besides, if she is worried, confront him. Whitney refuses for fear that Chad might be innocent. They change the subject and talks about J.T. again.

Valerie brings in the investigator. Her stay is cut short by a phone call. Whoever is on the other end is insisting she meet with them. She agrees reluctantly.

Whitney rushes out of the office but Valerie is already gone. Whitney wonders if she should follow her.

Alone, Theresa asks the P.I. to follow Chad and find out who he's spending time with. She doesn't think he's guilty, but just in case, she's doing it for her girl Whitney.

Chad has arrived at the motel. He strips and joins whoever in the shower. He couldn't wait to be alone with "whoever."

In bed now, Chad turns to "whoever." He kisses this person as a prelude to lovemaking.


Is Fancy in trouble?

Fancy is on stage at the strip club. Luis is up front, talking to her. Lester observes them. They appear to know each other. He suspects them of working together to scam him. He tells his thugs that both Fancy and Luis showed up at the club out of the blue and at the same time. If he finds out they're in with the feds, "they're dead."

Luis plays tough when Lester accuses him a being a spy. He flips the script on Lester and says maybe he's the one scamming him. He's talking loud and calls Fancy skinny. She immediately jumps into the conversation. She says her name is Lurlene and she knows Louie from Boston. He was always trying to get a free lap dance from her. Lester thinks that's a good idea and orders to give Luis a lap dance right then.

The two look very uncomfortable as Fancy tries to oblige. Lester tells her to "sex it up." She is trying her best. She orders Luis to smile. He looks like a cop. Luis is mad that Fancy is there. He wants her to go.

Fancy is starting to get into it. Luis just wants her hurry up and get out of there. He reminds he it's not a game. It is serious business. Fancy keeps trying to get into his business.

Lester orders her to turn up the heat. She does. She gives Luis directions on how to act like he is turned on. She makes him run his hand up and down her leg. They kiss to the applause of the club patrons. Lester still thinks "there's something not right about those two."

Another patron wants her service now. Luis objects. After Lester gets rid of the patron, Fancy hugs Luis. "You're my hero. You do want me." Luis doesn't have time for her. He orders her out again. Fancy finally goes.

Luis watches Lester. Lester watches him. Lester tells his thugs he has a plan to find out how well he knows that stripper.

He goes over to Luis and invites him to the back room. It is a set for making porn. That's Lester's operation. And he has a brand new star set to debut with Luis overseeing. The star is none other than Fancy. They push her in and she falls to the bed. She is wearing nothing but a towel now. Lester ask Luis if he cares that Fancy is the porn star? Luis doesn't answer.

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