Doesn't Everyone Look so Peaceful?

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Esme and Endora beg Tabitha to save the mortals, Viki and Vincent do their best to finish everyone off.

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As the storm rages, Tabitha paces around her house, terrified that all of the evil is on the way. "I've seen worse," Endora says. Tabitha is not amused. Endora still refuses to go. "Mortals die," Tabitha explains. They just need to get used to it; soon they will be with Precious and they can forget about everyone else. Esme runs in. "Help them Tabitha! You have to save them from certain death!" she begs. Tabitha knows what's going on and jokes that everyone's in the right place to die. Esme begs her to try helping for once. Tabitha insists she's helpless. "Can you really just walk away? Do you think you could live with yourself?" Esme asks. Tabs tells her to blame her own family. The witch doesn't see why she should stop any of those families from dying out; each of them has been trying to kill her for centuries. Tabitha talks about being an outsider, even when she was at witch school. Esme thinks that she is just punishing people for never being part of the in-crowd. If she thinks that people should be kinder, she should try being a trendsetter and save some lives. Tabitha still refuses, sure that no one would even thank her for saving them. Esme tells her to take a leap of faith. The only leap Tabs wants to take is out of Harmony. Endora listens in and asks if her daddy is trapped in the church. Esme reads the word bubble and asks who her daddy is. Endora tells her it's Julian, much to Esme's shock. "He certainly gets around! We should compare notes sometime," she says before telling Endora that her daddy is probably dying a horrible death. Endora begs her mother to save him. Tabitha refuses to ignore hundreds of years of Crane cruelty. "I'm half-Crane," Endora points out, much to her mother's annoyance. Tabs still refuses and Esme accuses her of being as petty as a mere mortal. She tries quoting Scooby Doo to win Tabs over but it fails. Esme realizes there must be something else stopping the witch from going into the church. Reluctantly, Tabitha explains that if she steps foot in the church, she will lose her powers and she won't do that for anyone. Endora asks if she will do it for her. "Bad things happen to bad people," Tabitha quips. Endora offers to protect her. Tabs has always been a witch: "I couldn't bare to be a mewling, puking, sniveling mortal! Please don't ask me not to be who I am." If she loses her powers, all her enemies will come after them. Endora says she has enough magic to protect them both. She begs her mother again. Tabitha wonders... but the pressure is too much and she agrees to do it. Tabs lets her daughter out of the cage, but makes her promise to stay in the house until she gets back. Endora thanks her and wishes that she will be just like her mother when she grows up.


At the church, believing that Ethan is dead, Theresa picks up some poison, telling him that they can walk into heaven together. Before she can put it in her mouth, her mother grabs her arm, forbidding her to do this. Theresa insists she has to, but her plan is cut short when Pilar goes into convulsions from the poison.


Eve is trying to get through to the hospital to send the antidote over. The signal isn't working. Viki and Vincent laugh, sure that their plan will work out and everyone will die. They continue to taunt Eve as she tries to pull Julian off the floor. "You were right Vincent. Mass murder is awesome!" Viki chuckles. "Sure beats video games," he smiles. Eve calls to Sheridan, telling her to keep the others moving. Sheridan holds Fancy up but Luis is on the floor. She calls down to him but he is unresponsive. Pushing Fancy aside, she shakes him, begging him not to leave her. He starts to mumble Fancy's name. Eve comes over with water, hoping it could dilute the poison. She admits that, although she's gotten through to the hospital, no one can get there in the storm.


Luis continues begging Sheridan to save Fancy. She gives her niece some water. Luis calls out for his mother and starts to climb off the floor. He makes his way across the floor to his mama. When he takes her hand, he can feel that she has no pulse. He begs her to come back. "I'm sorry... she's gone," Sheridan says. She tells him he's strong enough to get through this. His mother was his center; he can't get over this. Fancy tells Luis that she loves him. He loves her too. She rests her head on his shoulder and loses consciousness. "I'm coming for you," he gasps as his head falls back. When Theresa stands up, she starts to choke too. She collapses on Ethan, telling him she loves him as she passes out.


Eve continues trying to save Julian. She pours water in his mouth but Vincent continues to laugh. When she gets him on his feet, he starts to mutter as she fills him in on the situation. He tells her he'll be fine and encourages her to help everyone else. She hurries off and he sinks to his knees. As he flops to the floor, Eve runs to his side and injects him with adrenaline. He can feel himself dying. He tells her to fight. She screams and tries to keep his heart pumping. There's no response. She cries, begging him not to leave her when they've finally become so close. Vincent smirks and offers to help her follow him to the grave. "I loved you because you were in my womb but now I wish I had treated you like a tumor and cut you out!" she screams. He's smug: He's gotten everything he wanted. She starts to choke him. Viki grabs some poison and tries forcing it into Eve's mouth. Vincent pushes his mother off. They hold her down and force the poison down. Sheridan runs over to help Eve. Viki pushes her down and forces poison in her mouth. "You should go veggie like me. Meat will kill you every time," she says as Sheridan gives up the struggle.


Tabitha and Esme arrive outside of the church. A terrified Tabitha jumps back, refusing to go in. Esme reminds her that everyone is dying. "Everyone dies sooner or later. I've died many times myself," the witch says. Esme tells her to honor her child's wishes. Tabitha says she's just a child and doesn't know what she's asked. Endora pops up and asks her to do it again. She kisses her mother's cheek and Tabitha relents, agreeing to save them all. "From this moment on, everything will change," Tabitha announces. As soon as they get inside the church, however, Vincent informs them that they are too late: Everyone is dead. They look at the floor littered with corpses. "There's no one left to take you away from me," Viki laughs to her aunt. "Doesn't everyone look so peaceful?" Vincent jokes. They cackle.


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"Aren't you proud of me?" Viki asks as her aunt confronts her for killing everyone.

Tabitha makes a holy deal to give up her powers and save the innocent.

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