Viki and Vincent Poisoned Everyone.

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Norma and Edna help Tabitha with Endora, Esme hurries to rescue everyone, Sheridan blames herself for what's happened.

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A storm begins to rage outside. At home, Tabitha calls for her daughter, telling her they can't keep Nurse Precious waiting. Norma and Edna suddenly walk in wearing surfing gear and ask her if they are doomed to die along with everyone else. Tabitha explains that they are the only ones who aren't doomed. "I don't understand. We're not supernatural beings," Norma says. "Except in the sack," Edna jokes. Tabitha explains that if you've lived in Hell, like her or them or Kay and Miguel, a demon will only smell the sulfur and pass by you. The witch sniffs at Norma and cringes. Norma explains that she's had a shower and a shave; Edna even changed her diaper today. They're thrilled by this news and start going through their "bucket list" of things to do. Tabitha doesn't want to listen to this: She still needs to find her daughter. As she complains, Endora continues to be stubborn and demands that they help the people of the town. Edna suggests that Kay help the people of the town. Tabitha explains that Kay is already off in another dimension with Miguel and Maria trying to stop the coming catastrophe, but it won't work. Everyone is destined to be dead meat. Edna tells Endora that she better listen to her mother or she'll end up like her Bethy did. Tabitha tells the women that they will have to whisper their plotting. The women suggest pretending it's Thanksgiving. Tabs doesn't think there's time and tells them to get away from Harmony. Norma can't leave her and Endora behind. Edna just wants to see Precious but Norma reminds her of all the sacrifices that Endora has made for them. "You are right. This is one time duty calls and we don't hang up," Edna says as Norma gives her a kiss. Norma pulls her and Tabitha into a bear hug and vows to find the little girl.


Tabs gets an idea and conjures up some flash cards to explain it so Endora won't clue in. The cards say that they'll pretend evil has come back to get Norma and Edna and this will force Endora to come to their rescue. Tabitha conjures up a cage for the women and traps them. "If you think Edna stinks now, you should see how she reeks when she's sweating!" Norma calls out. Tabitha plays along, saying she doesn't have the power to help them alone. She begs Endora for help, asking her to get in the cage with them. Endora zaps herself in and the women grab her. Tabitha zaps the women out of the cage and Endora into a tiny cage. "You are one clever little witchling!" Tabs says, picking up the cage. Now that she's safe in there, they can get out of town. Tabitha looks around the room and gets nostalgic: "All the time I've spent it's over..." She wonders if she's really getting soft in her old age. Four hundred years is a long time to call a house a home. She remembers all the spells she cast and the people she destroyed... and then little Timmy... She thought that Endora would grow up there, get married and have children of her own. Endora asks her again to help save the town. Norma suggests that, together, they could save the town. Tabitha repeats that everything is doomed to death and destruction.


Esme arrives at the church wishing that she had married Lord Sarny; then she could have just let Viki kill the servants. She hears Sheridan banging on the closet door and calling for help. Esme starts to pull at the door and finally gets it open without breaking a nail. They hurry into the hall and try waking up Fancy and Luis. "Viki and Vincent poisoned everyone," Esme explains. Luis tells them to get Eve. Sheridan starts to search for her and blames herself for everything, wondering if she is going mad like her Great Grandmother.


Vincent is choking his mother. "Stop whining and die," he gasps. Julian tries attacking him but Viki pulls him off. He tells her to finish off what she started at the mausoleum. As she pulls on Julian, Esme hurries over and orders her to stop. "I was just trying to help Mr. Crane sit down and conserve his strength," Viki says. Esme doesn't believe it, but that doesn't stop Vincent from punching Julian out and continuing to choke his mother. "You behave yourself missy! You've caused enough carnage tonight!" Esme shouts as Viki pouts. She demands to know why she became a serial killer. "It's not like I woke up one morning and decided this would look good on MySpace," Viki explains. Her parents wanted to send her away so..."kaboom". Esme insists that she would never leave her. "Sorry I overreacted," Viki apologizes. Esme hugs her and then notices Sheridan trying to pull Vincent off of Eve. She helps her drag him off. "Kill Esme and Sheridan so I can kill mommy!" Vincent yells at Viki. Eve gets up and yells at her son, reminding him that she didn't abandon him, he was stolen. He continues to threaten them but Eve wants to know what kind of poison was used. He laughs. Sheridan knees him and demands an answer. He refuses to help her after she let him drop to his death. She tells him to do the right thing and make his son proud. "I'll pass," he says. Esme starts to demand answers from her niece. "I will be a social pariah thanks to you. I sacrificed my freedom and my happy-go-lucky lifestyle for you," she rants. All of her boyfriends have been murdered just because Viki has "over the top separation anxiety". They argue and Viki lets it slip that the mushrooms were poison. Eve asks where she got them and that information is enough for her to figure out an anecdote. She tries to call the hospital for it but can't get a signal. Vincent smugly tells Eve that everyone will be dead before they can save them. Eve hurries off to help. Esme accuses Vincent of corrupting her niece. The pair of serial killers laugh at this. Viki talks about how easy it was to kill Alistair. "How did you go from being my sweet niece to this serial killer?" Esme probes. Viki shrugs. "Just lucky I guess," Vincent explains.


Theresa is telling Ethan everything that's going on. He's unconscious. She begs him to come back to her. He comes to. "Gertrude you're not Gertrude. You're Theresa. You're alive and you're here," he mumbles. She takes off her glasses. "I should have know," he smiles, glad that he didn't have the chance to recommit to Gwen. He promises her the happy ending she wants and they kiss. Her love is all he needs to get better, he says. But this is all her fantasy. In reality, he's still unconscious on the floor. She begs him not to die. Sheridan sticks her head in and tells her to get him to walk around to delay the effects of the poison. As soon as she gets him up, he collapses again. "I would rather be dead than live without you," she cries as she picks up some of the poisoned food and brings it to her mouth.


Sheridan pulls Luis up and helps him move around. She explains that Viki killed all of Esme's boyfriends and the anecdote is being delayed. He tells her to leave him and help Fancy. She refuses. "You said in your speech you loved me... save Fancy," he begs. She agrees to save them both. He struggles with her and falls on the floor, begging her to help Fancy. He falls unconscious again so Sheridan wakes her niece, keeping her awake while blaming herself for letting the man she loves die.


Esme is trying to keep Julian standing. He can barely stay up. Eve rushes back, still unable to get though to the hospital. "Give it up. We're through with these losers. C'mon Viki. Let's get a bite to eat," Vincent says. Esme tries to stop them. How can Viki kill all of these people just to stay with her and then abandon her like this? "Ironic, isn't it?" Viki shrugs. Esme reminds them that Viki is underage and can't just leave; think of all the laws that they'd be breaking. "What's one more at this point?" Viki smiles. She and Vincent join arms and skip away. Eve and Esme jump them. "Poor Viki. You demented, homicidal freak. If your mother knew what you were up to, it would kill her. Oh wait, you already have," Esme says. Maybe they can get her a good lawyer and the right prescriptions. Eve doesn't think that Viki will ever change. Vincent doesn't think she should: "She's a top notch killer." Esme suddenly gets an idea and runs off. Eve tells her son that he's a horrible monster and she's finished with him.


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"Life as I know it will come to an end if I do this!" Tabitha shouts.

"Daddy's dead," Vincent says as Eve cries over Julian.

Theresa is ready to kill herself.

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