Life Isn't Worth Living Without Libation.

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Sheridan debates her next move, almost everyone is poisoned, Tabitha refuses to help.

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At the church, Sheridan watches Luis with Fancy. She wonders what's wrong with her: How can she actually let Viki and Vincent poison everyone? She decides to let Fancy get poisoned and then reveal the plot. Meanwhile, Vincent panics that his mother and father aren't there. Viki calms him just as they walk through the door. He breathes a sigh of relief.


Ethan asks Gertrude where she vanished to. Gwen covers before she can explain that she was locked in the basement. Ethan's happy with Gwen's explanation and walks off with her. Theresa tells her mother that she wishes she was dead. This morbid moment is interrupted by Vincent asking the ladies where they'd like to, "Die, uh...dine?" He shows them to their table and goes back to Viki. She's annoyed that people keeping walking around instead of staying at their tables and eating.


Eve explains to Ivy and Sheridan that Pretty will be institutionalized for a long time. Ivy blames herself. Eve tells her not to: Mental illness is so common among Crane women. Ivy insists that isn't the case; after all, even with everything she's been through, Sheridan isn't planning to hurt anyone. "Ivy's right. I'm not planning to hurt anyone, I'm just going to watch Fancy die," Sheridan thinks to herself as she gulps champagne. Eve explains Pretty's mental illness. "What normal person thinks that killing their enemy will ever gain them love?" Ivy asks. Sheridan shrugs uncomfortably before telling the two women that neither of them are in any position to pass judgment. She lists their many crimes and deceptions. "Who are you to judge Pretty? Isn't it true that all is fair in love and war?" she asks. Eve can't argue with that. She knows she did horrible things. Ivy agrees; they could both be "poster women" for things unfair in love and war. Sheridan clarifies her point: They both did terrible things, but, in the end, they got what they wanted. Maybe if Pretty had killed Fancy, she would have been with Luis after all. The women make excuses and downplay this. They try to reassure Sheridan that if she was prone to madness, she would have succumbed long ago. They smile and walk away. Sheridan continues to debate her options to herself.


Julian tells Luis and Fancy that they have his blessing, his respect and his admiration. He always thought that Luis would end up with Sheridan, but love can be surprising. Now that Alistair is gone, maybe the Crane's can help the people of the town rather than oppress them, he suggests. He looks forward to a future where everyone can have their own hopes and dreams.


Vincent and Viki encourage everyone to sit down and eat. Ethan invites Gertrude to sit with he and Gwen. Theresa doesn't want to but Gwen is giddy with the opportunity to torture her. Uncomfortable, Theresa sits down and Gwen starts laying it on thick, telling Gertrude that one day she can have a man who loves her as much as Ethan loves her. She kisses Ethan and Gertrude cringes.


"I'm dying to eat," Fancy says as she sits down. Sheridan steps over to her table and smiles. Luis decides he'll be taking some food home to Marty. Sheridan realizes she needs to stop this and promptly runs over to Vincent and Viki, confronting them with what she knows. Turning to the guests, she announces that she has important news for everyone. Thinking fast, Vincent subtly pulls out a gun and pushes it into her back, whispering a threat in her ear. Sheridan picks up a glass to make a toast to Luis and Fancy. She claims that she can finally be happy for the couple and toasts to them living happily ever after. Everyone raises their glasses and all the couples kiss. Viki and Vincent escort her out and lock her into a closet before skipping back into the room. In the dining room, they can hear Sheridan banging on the door so they turn the radio on to drown it out. Noah stands up to make a toast. "No matter who gets in your way, true love always wins," he toasts before kissing Paloma. She announces that it's time to eat.


Luis thinks he can hear Sheridan calling for help. He asks Fancy to go and check the washroom. Viki steps in and says that Sheridan was just outside confronting someone who was trying to retract a donation. Julian rises and announces that he wants to make a toast. He asks Viki to turn down the music. Vincent explains that the radio is broken and can't be turned down. Julian sits down and starts to eat, soon coughing.


Pilar is encouraging her daughter to eat. She can't; seeing Ethan and Gwen is making her sick. Soon, everyone in the room start to cough violently. "All the people dying in a Catholic church... I guess you could say it's a 'mass murder'," Vincent jokes. The guests begin to double over and collapse on the floor. Fancy tells Luis she loves him before she collapses. Eve tries to revive Julian as he lays on the floor. Vincent kicks Sam's cell phone out of his hand before he can call for help. Taking off his wig, he reveals himself. "This is what you get for trying to send me off to boarding school," Viki says to Ivy. "Everyone die!" Vincent laughs. He goes to his mother's side. "You didn't eat enough sauce to die so I guess I'll have to kill you the old fashioned way," he says as he begins choking her. Everyone starts to collapse into a pile. Viki helps Gwen onto the pile as Gertrude runs to Ethan's side and discovers that he isn't breathing.


At home, Tabitha continues calling her stubborn daughter to come out of hiding. Esme suddenly arrives, bubbly in hand. As she pours, she regales the witch with the problem at the wedding rehearsal. The witch is busy packing to escape disaster and doesn't have time to drink. "Life isn't worth living without libation," Esme chirps. Tabitha tells her to go back to the church and tell everyone to run for it. Esme doesn't want to ruin everyone's last meal. She asks the witch why she's packing so much junk. Tabitha likes her things and will take whatever she can. She repeats that the town will be swallowed by the sea. "Now that you mention it, I do recall you saying that," Esme says. She downs another drink and tells the witch that she has to take her and her niece along with her. "Please? We've both been through more men and boarding schools than Elton John and George Michael combined," Esme begs. "I think you have me confused with Fancy dear," Tabitha corrects her. Esme furrows her brow and continues asking for help. Tabitha insists she can't cover a mortal's tracks and the disaster will follow a mortal no matter where they go. Esme starts to spazz: "I don't want to die! And Viki is so innocent!" Tabitha rolls her eyes at this. "Doomsday go away, let me and Viki be okay," Esme chants until Tabitha stops her. The bowl starts to bubble. Surprisingly, it has news for Esme. "Seems Viki isn't an innocent at all. She's a lean, mean killing machine," Tabitha smirks. She explains that Viki murdered her parents. "You are one whacked witch!" Esme snaps. Tabitha continues, explaining that Viki is a serial killer. She has to stop Esme from medicating herself out of grim reality. She accuses the witch of killing all of her boyfriends and threatens to go to the police. Tabs stops her. She explains that nothing Viki has done has been logical; she's just a sick teenager. Esme refuses to believe it, but Tabitha can show her proof of all the crimes in her magic bowl. Esme is still in denial. Tabs tells her that her niece is not well. "Neither am I but you don't see me killing people," Esme sobs. Tabitha pushes her to the bowl to see what she's done. Esme sadly looks and watches as the series of murders are revealed one by one. "It's true. It's true! My sweet innocent niece is a serial killer!" she finally realizes. Endora prompts them to look in the bowl again. Glancing down, they watch as Viki and Vincent poison everyone at the church. Esme swoons. "I can't let Viki and Vincent kill everyone in Harmony. No one would ever come to a dinner party I host again!" Esme cries as she runs out. Endora tells her mother they need to help. Tabitha says no; they have to leave. She refuses to go until they help. Tabs insist it's too late.


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