What Would Julia Child do?

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Viki and Vincent's plan hits a snag, Juanita plants her bomb, Julian and Eve find a way to make love.

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Julian and Eve arrive at the mansion. He's surprised to find that Eve has arranged a romantic dinner for them. He reminds her that they don't need time alone since they can't make love again. "Are you trying to kill me?" he asks. Eve just wants romance. "Romance will kill me," he points out. She promises that it won't and suddenly jabs him with a hypodermic needle. As she helps him onto the couch, she explains that she gave him an injection that would stop him from getting an erection. While they can never physically make love again, they can make love emotionally and intellectually. He needs more of an explanation or a demonstration. She turns on some jazz and they start to dance. He jumps away, worried that physical contact will cause problems. She promises that he can't get an erection and they won't have typical sex. Holding him close, she whispers in his ear and asks him about his secret desires. All he ever wanted was to have her in his arms. They sit down to eat. She wonders why their love went so wrong in the past. She was always weak and gave into alcohol and drugs. He was weak too, giving into his father. He didn't understand what was truly important to him and that was her. "I should have trusted in our love," he says. "If only I'd known then what I know now, we wouldn't have wasted all those years apart from each other." If they had started out poor together, everything could have been better and they could have raised Vincent themselves. Eve doesn't think they should look at the past anymore; it's time to look to the future. She wonders if they are capable of sustaining each other or if she will fall into addiction again... All he wants is her love and trust. "From now on, I will trust in our love. I will not turn to booze and pills. When I am in pain, I will turn to you," she vows. They smile at the promise of this new beginning and they start to worry about where Vincent is. Julian vows that he will devote himself to her. That's all she ever wanted. She admires his face and they kiss again. His eyes go wide and he dumps a bucket of ice on his lap. "That was a close one! This intellectual love making is hotter than I thought!" Julian sighs.


At the church, Vincent stirs his pot of poisoned mushroom sauce. He wants his victims to die with a pleasant taste on their palates. Viki tells him the poison is quick and they won't have time to taste it. He's eager to serve it to his parents. Viki tells him that Eve and Julian have left the church. He starts to panic. They search without luck. Angrily, he flails around before knocking the poisoned sauce onto the floor. "Master chef! Now what do we do?" Viki asks. He suggests they hurry back down to the docks and get some more mushrooms. They flounce off.


At home, Tabitha continues calling for her daughter to come out of hiding. The magic bowl starts to boil. Tabs looks in and water sprays up: It's salt water. "Another warning! The prophecy is coming true! The sea is going to reclaim everything that was taken from it!" she gasps. After she calls for her daughter again, Endora pops up and asks why they can't just take everyone with them. Tabs shakes her head and sighs. She thinks her daughter's big heart will get her into trouble. The town isn't just real estate, it's people and the evil will hunt them down no matter where they go, the old witch explains. She looks at the hourglass and notices that the sands have stopped falling. She wonders what this could mean. But it was only Endora trying to stop it and her spell is quickly broken. The sand starts running through again. The bowl boils and turns red and green. Tabitha interprets it: There are two distinct evils in Harmony, both seeking retribution. Tabs begs her daughter to show herself so they can figure this out together.


Vincent and Viki hurry down to the docks. The wood pile where they got their mushrooms is gone. "What would Julia Child do?" Vincent wonders. As he ponders recipe ideas, Viki snaps him out of it, reminding him they need poison. He spots another pile of wood and rushes to it, thanking God. "I'm not sure God had much to do with it," Viki says. "You'd be surprised," he grumbles as he searches for fungi. They starts filling their sacks and hurry back to the church courtyard where they begin cooking again. "Next is to find my parents. Then I will finally have my revenge," he smiles.


Juanita and her henchman walk along the docks. She holds the bomb in her suitcase and begins laughing about killing everyone. They go to the church and try to break in through the basement. Neither of them can break the lock and they have to find another way in.


In the church, Paloma and Pilar wonder where Theresa is. Meanwhile, Gwen tells her mother that there is no way she will let Theresa stop her ceremony from going ahead. Ethan runs around getting ready while, in the basement, Theresa lies unconscious on the floor as toxic gas fills the room. She starts to wake up, mumbling for Ethan as she spots a dead rat beside her head.


Upstairs, Sam stands at the altar, standing in for Father Lonigan. Noah and Paloma rehearse their vows while Pilar and Ivy watch. They admire the love the children have. Pilar misses the days when she was that much in love and wonders if her daughter will ever be with the man she loves. Across the room, Gwen and Ethan smile and embrace as they think about starting their new life together. Pilar watches them and worries about where Gwen might have sent Theresa.


With Paloma and Noah, Pilar goes down to the basement and hear Gertrude gasping in a locked room. They try to open the door without luck. Smelling the gas leak, Pilar starts to panic even more. They get Noah to break the door down. Rushing in, they find Gertrude unconscious on the floor. "Save her! Save my daughter!" Pilar begs. A baffled Noah looks at her before giving Gertrude mouth to mouth. She starts to cough as she wakes. "You called her your daughter. I get it. Theresa is alive," Noah says. Unfortunately for them, Juanita and her henchman are standing around the corner eavesdropping at the time, but they have some difficulty hearing. Pilar starts making excuses to cover, insisting that Gertrude is just "like a daughter". Noah accepts this. The women ask him to take the dead rat away. Gertrude is groggy and they help her out. As they all head upstairs, Juanita and her henchman prepare to set their bomb.


Back upstairs, Gwen and Ethan are rehearsing their ceremony with Sam. They hurry through it. Ethan says they've gone through it enough times that they have it down pat by now. He just wants to kiss the bride. As he starts kissing Gwen, Gertrude walks in and watches from the end of the aisle. As Paloma and Pilar stand beside her, she wonders how she could have lost Ethan again. "It's Juanita. It's always Juanita," Pilar says. Gwen turns to her mother and they spot Gertrude at the back. Rebecca wonders how she will manage to keep Theresa away from the actual ceremony. "I may just have to kill her," Gwen smirks. Sam announces that it's time for dinner and everyone begins filing out and into the dining room. Rebecca gets called away to visit Pablo in the stable while everyone else sits down. Vincent and Viki go around from table to table, serving the meals they've prepared. "I like a piece of steak but it's supposed to be bad for you isn't it?" Sam jokes. "But what a way to go," Ivy smiles.


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