Sheridan, I Love you but...

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Pretty is revealed and taken away, Juanita starts putting her bomb together, Gwen has to silence her mother, Rebecca meets with Mrs. Hernandez.

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At Tabitha's, the hourglass of doom continues to run down while Tabitha searches for her sweet pea. After she calls out for her daughter, the disguised Juanita walks in. Tabs tells "Mrs. Hernandez" to call her if she sees Endora or, "anything moving that shouldn't be moving". Juanita is a little confused. The witch is sure she'll understand when it happens. As soon as Tabs walks out, Juanita pulls out her explosives and breaks into a jagged laugh about blowing up all of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Juanita's henchman brings in a box of stuff to make more explosives. He found everything they need at the local home building store. They laugh about how easy it is and how nothing can stop them until Tabitha sticks her head in and asks them what they're talking about. Seeing the henchman, she asks if he has a name. Juanita is confused by the question. "All these years and she doesn't know my name... I need a new job," the henchman thinks, rolling his eyes. "I call him 'Hench'," Juanita says. She asks again what they are planning. Juanita says they were just planning a little remodeling. Maybe they can finish the basement and make it a playroom... Tabitha suggests they steer clear of that part of the house and picks up some of their explosives. She plays with them, imagining it is simple clay. Juanita cringes as Tabitha tears up the plastic explosives and explains she likes to put it under her fragile objects. The witch worries when Juanita talks about doing some digging in the backyard. "There's more buried there than in Harmony's graveyard," the witch thinks, but she soon changes her mind, assuming that Mrs. Hernandez will dead with everyone else soon. "Blow it up if you like," she jokes. The witch leaves them alone. Juanita slaps her henchman when he admits he didn't get her a timing device for the bomb yet. They will plant it in the church tomorrow, she announces.


After they leave, Tabitha comes back in and stares at the hourglass again. She calls out for her daughter, who quickly announces herself and tells her mother to get a grip. The little witch still refuses to leave and runs from her mother again. Tabs is sick of these games, but Endora wants to save everyone. Her mother reminds her that they've tried and nothing has worked. What's coming to Harmony is death like they've never seen before, she warns: "Not just a temporary death like I'm used to. We'll perish."


At the mansion, Sheridan announces that it's time to reveal Pretty's secret. She tears off her niece's scar. Pretty cries and asks if she's bleeding. Sheridan tells her to give it a rest. Luis and Fancy can hardly believe that she's been faking her scar for all of these years. Sheridan's not surprised they were convinced; it was makeup worthy of the old Star Trek. Pretty demands to have her fake scar back, but Sheridan continues to lash out at her. Pretty lunges at her aunt and Luis has to hold her back. Fancy tells her sister that her face is lovely. "It would be if it wasn't full of so much hate," Sheridan adds. "Ugly... so ugly," Pretty murmurs. Sheridan explains that her face healed years ago and she used it as an excuse for being a failure as a human being. Pretty continues begging for her scar back. "It's my friend and it never leaves me," she says. Sheridan continues to explain, telling them that she had tracked Pretty through Europe and talked to her doctors. "She wanted to be ugly," Sheridan says. Fancy calls the hospital to get a shrink.


Luis tells Sheridan that they owe her a debt of gratitude. Sheridan can't watch this anymore; it brings up too many memories of the stories of her Great-Grandmother. She went mad and was locked in the attic for decades, occasionally escaping and running around the town barely dressed and trying to kill her family. Sheridan worries about how all of the Crane women eventually go mad. Luis tells her she won't go mad. "Is there any chance for me? Can we ever have what we once had?" she asks him. "Sheridan, I love you but... in every time, in every one of those past lives..." he trails off, recalling how in every lifetime they've lost each other. Luis never wanted to leave her or love someone else. "It's my fault," Sheridan admits. He tells her she was right to blame him and push him away. She doesn't want his apologies; she wants him to be happy, even if it will be hard to be without him. "It's going to be hard to give up the hope of a future with you," she cries. He tells her that there must be a guy out there for her. She doesn't want to talk about this. The "men in white coats" call to take Pretty away. "Luis...I miss you so much already," Sheridan whispers to herself.


After getting off the phone, Luis explains to Pretty that she is going to be taken away by some "very nice people". She wonders if they can make her beautiful again, but soon figures out that they are planning to send her off to the loony bin. She accuses her sister of ruining her life and scarring her soul. When Fancy tries to console her, Pretty pulls out a gun. She demands a jet and passage out of the country. Luis leaves to arrange it but comes back and grabs her, wrestling the gun away. Pretty is taken out in a straitjacket.


Downstairs, Rebecca asks Gertrude to tell Ethan everything she knows about Theresa. She realizes that Rebecca's figured something out. Ethan still hasn't and asks what's going. Gwen listens to her mother bad mouth Gertrude and figures out that Ethan will dump her when he discovers that Theresa is actually alive. She wonders how to shut her mother up before she can reveal the truth and decides to punch her out before her mother can say anymore. Ethan clings to the unconscious Rebecca, confused, while Theresa wishes she had landed the punch. Rebecca puts her arms around Ethan, calling him "Pablo", and kissing him. Gwen explains that her mother is drunk and she was just stopping her from making a scene. Ethan is unconvinced. Gwen explains that her father used to knock Rebecca out with a rubber mallet when she got drunk. Gertrude asks Gwen why Rebecca was asking so many questions to her about Theresa. Gwen repeats her excuse and imagines that keeping this a secret will let her torture Theresa for years to come. She tells Ethan how she feels like she always comes in second place to Theresa. Ethan hugs her and assures her that Theresa is only a fading memory.


Rebecca wakes up and Gwen asks for some time alone with her. Gertrude follows Ethan as he goes upstairs. Rebecca asks her daughter why she hit her. Gwen explains the situation and how Ethan would never go through with the ceremony if he knew Theresa was alive. Theresa has to stay Gertrude as long as Juanita is still free. This means they can torture her for a long time, but they have to make sure she can't ruin another wedding.


"Weddings are complicated," Ethan explains to Gertrude as they go into his room. He had no idea. He hands Gertrude Gwen's "to-do" list and asks her to get to work: Gwen deserves the best, he says. Gertrude thought he still loved Theresa. He says he has to keep that locked up in heart. Theresa wonders if she's going to be forced to watch Ethan re-commit to Gwen. "There is no way out," she decides, forcing a smile. As Ethan goes through the wedding instructions, Gwen interrupts, telling Gertrude she doesn't want her involved with this. Theresa is disturbed by this and wonders what she's up to.


Rebecca wanders by the docks looking for a bar when she bumps into "Mrs. Hernandez". Juanita asks if she's alright. Rebecca isn't. "Have you ever hated a woman so much you wanted to kill them?" Becs asks. Juanita knows the feeling. They giddily talk about hating someone enough to kill them. "These kids today... what do they know about hatred and revenge," Rebecca complains. Juanita understands and tells her that there will be much death in Harmony. Rebecca smiles uncomfortably.


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