Pretty's big Secret.

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Sheridan reveals the truth about Pretty, Gwen and Rebecca are ready to get Theresa, Viki and Vincent start to prepare their poison.

Pretty's big Secret. image

In Tabitha's attic, the witch and Esme close in on Endora while she plays with the makeup that Esme set out to catch her. Trying to swarm in doesn't work and she escapes. "Give yourself up. I've given myself up plenty of times. It can be fun if whip cream is involved," Esme calls to the little witch. Tabs doesn't want to hear the sordid details and wonders why she asked her to help. "I know some things, most of them involve lubricants, but I still remember what it's like to be a little girl," Esme reminds her. They hear a noise in the corner and begin begging the little witch to make herself visible again. They try grabbing her but have only grabbed thin air. They chase her around but she runs down the stairs.


Tabitha and Esme search around the house without luck. It doesn't help that Esme has so many voices in her head distracting her. They slump in the living room and decide to have a drink. Tabs conjures up some martimmis and they drink them down. "It's so nice to have a witch for a friend. It's almost as nice as having a pharmacist for a friend," Esme laughs. Tabitha asks her if she has any children. "Not that I know of," she says, explaining that she never even thought she was motherly until Viki came along. She doesn't even take her lithium until she drops Viki off at school. She worries about all the chaos surrounding her little niece and how much horror she's seen. Tabitha bites her lip, knowing that Viki is the cause of most of it. She wonders if the girl actually has something to do with the disasters coming. As Esme gets drunker, Tabitha starts to fill her in on Viki. "She's a serial killer," she explains. But Esme has passed out on the couch and missed this detail. Tabitha laughs. "For a party girl she sure can't hold her martimmis," she quips before zapping her off to her own bed and zapping Brad Pitt in bed beside her. Tabitha sits down and, tired, calls for her daughter again, begging her to come before the disaster "eight years in the making" hits.


In Fancy's room, Pretty pulls out the acid and accuses her sister of being smug. Sheridan watches, realizing that Pretty could ruin Fancy and Luis by destroying her young rival's face, but when Pretty tries to throw the acid in her sister's face, Sheridan rushes to stop her. The acid flies and Fancy screams and covers her face. Sheridan runs off to call 911. Luis covers Fancy's head in a towel. Pretty is giddy while she watches acid eat through the top of a table and imagines it doing the same to her sister. As she mumbles about how her sister will now be like her, Fancy suddenly looks up and reveals that she's okay and the acid didn't touch her. She smugly smiles at her sister while Pretty begins to scream.


Sheridan calls off 911 as Pretty paces and mumbles to herself. She runs over and tries pulling Luis away from Fancy. As she cries fanatically, Fancy's jaw drops. Pretty doesn't know how she could have missed. Luis explains that Sheridan hit her arm and saved Fancy; Sheridan is a hero. Pretty says that Sheridan is nowhere near as innocent as they think: She knew exactly what she was going to do all along and was alright with it. Sheridan claims that she didn't think Pretty was serious. Luis and Fancy are forgiving, but this only makes Pretty angrier. "She is just as bad as me!" she whines, tearing at her hair. As she rants to herself, they wonder what to do with her. Fancy almost cries at how pitiful she looks. "Pretty please listen to me," Fancy says, trying to calm her sister. They tell Pretty that what she did was wrong. She starts to rant, claiming that she deserved to get her revenge. Sheridan steps in and explains that Pretty has been keeping a big secret and it's time for Luis and Fancy to know the truth. "Honesty is the only way to find peace. Lies are always wrong," Sheridan says. Pretty tries to run out but Luis stops her. "I'll show you Pretty's huge secret," Sheridan announces. "You can't play the victim anymore," she continues. "Your mental illness goes deeper than anyone thought possible." she grabs her niece by the face and tears her scar off, revealing that it has been a fake all along. Fancy and Luis stand in disbelief.


In Little Ethan's room, Ethan asks Gertrude if she's in love with him. She thinks this over and tells herself that she can't reveal the truth. "Why does love have to be so difficult?" she cries. He repeats his question but she says she doesn't love him. He begins apologizing but she tells him he's amazing and any woman could fall in love with him. "Maybe in another place and another time, things could be different..." she says. He leaves and she repeats to herself that no one can discover that she's alive. She packs her bag and flashes back to thoughts of Ethan. Stopping herself, she calls her mother and asks her why she can't have a happy ending with Ethan.


"Theresa has to be Gertrude," Gwen concludes downstairs. She thinks back over all the hints and assumes that Little Ethan must have known the whole time. Rebecca is convinced. They repeat Theresa is Gertrude over and over again. "She is going to wish the sharks had eaten her," Gwen says. As Rebecca pours a drink, Gwen tells her that this is all her fault: She's the one who hired Gertrude. Rebecca tells her that she should be mad at Theresa, not her. Gwen apologizes and wonders what to do next. Rebecca gets a flash: "Call Juanita immediately." Gwen can't do that; she can't be responsible for the children dying. Rebecca says they can keep the children safe but this is the only way to deal with Theresa. "Deal with Theresa? What are you talking about?" Ethan asks, walking in. Before they can say anything, Gertrude arrives. Ethan explains to her that Gwen and Rebecca are talking about dealing with Theresa and he needs to know what it means. Rebecca suggests that Gertrude can answer all of his questions about Theresa.


Vincent and Viki carry some sacks down to the wharf. She knows that they're planning to kill everyone, but how? "Poison," he says. "A horrible way to die, but so fun to watch." To poison everyone, they need mushrooms. She sarcastically asks them if the bags they are carrying are for shopping at a new age market. He says they are going to pick them. She can't imagine where and starts calling him stupid for suggesting this. He points out that mushrooms can grow anywhere there is organic material. Picking through some abandoned wood, he finds a pile of mushrooms and throws her a sack. Kneeling, she apologizes for snapping at him. He says that what's important is that they stick to the killing. They will be making a mushroom sauce for the fillet mignon, he says, licking his lips and filling the sack. Soon, they will be living legends.


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