She's not Dead!

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Gwen figures out how Theresa's been hiding, Esme and Tabitha try to lure Endora out, Sheridan tries to stop Pretty from throwing acid on Fancy.

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In her attic, Tabitha agrees to grant Esme three wishes so long as she reunites her with Endora. The witch explains that Endora is stubborn and doesn't want to leave. Tabby understands; she's been there for four hundred years and doesn't want to go. Esme compliments her on the work she must have had done. Tabitha reminds her that she's a witch, she doesn't get work done, and they need to concentrate and get out of Harmony before it blows. Esme gets an idea and calls to order something. As they wait, Tabitha searches for her daughter, kicking herself for asking Esme to help, someone whose tongue is as loose as her morals. Esme insists that she isn't a floozy, even if she enjoys men on a daily, if not more often, basis. As she starts looking around, she knocks over a box of old love letters to Tabitha, as well as some papyri from King Tut and a stone tablet. Getting nostalgic, Tabitha recounts how Fu Manchu used to feng her shui and giggles. They go through her other lovers: Attila the Hun, Shakespeare, Jack the Ripper... Esme begs for more details; she wants a who's who of history to fall for her too. She wonders if it was all magic. Tabby points out that magic doesn't solve all problems; she never needed or used it to get a man. "All I ever did was smile," Tabitha explains. "You are my new role model," Emse chirps. Tabitha's flattered and then remembers that they've both bedded Julian. She advises Esme to plan her own exit from Harmony. She says she will but her meds keep her in denial. They talk about Pilar's family and the danger facing them; Esme thinks they're too cute to be corpses. Tabitha wants Kay to be happy. Esme's delivery suddenly arrives. She hurries downstairs to get it and comes back with a bag. She unpacks some makeup and eyeshadow and explains that Endora is a little girl and little girls are curious about these things. She sets up the table and they wait for the little girl to take the bait. Tabitha points out that Endora doesn't need makeup when she can turn herself into a grownup whenever she wants. They make an act of leaving and hide in wait. Peeking through the door, they spot the little witch playing with the makeup. "Esme you're a genius!" Tabitha exclaims. "I might be an overly medicated, always inebriated, sexaholic, but I know what makes little girls curious," Esme says. They rush at her while she looks in the mirror.


At the mansion, Luis asks Pretty to leave Fancy's room. "I will, but first I want to give Fancy a gift that's long overdue," Pretty proclaims before throwing acid in her sister's face. Fancy begins to scream and stares into the mirror. Pretty laughs and throws more at her. "You've lost your mind!" Luis shouts, pushing her back. "Fancy's lost her looks so now we're even," Pretty laughs. As Luis calls 911, bits of Fancy's face start falling off. Fancy goes into convulsions while he tries to keep her face on. Pretty tells Luis that she looks better than her sister now so they should make love and have a baby for real. "You're sick!" he says, disbelieving. She promises that she can make him happy if he gives her a second chance. "What the hell! You're probably right," he says, shrugging and taking her in his arms. Sheridan walks in, shocked to see what's happened to Fancy's face. Pretty suddenly flashes out of this - it was only a fantasy.


Sheridan, Fancy and Luis ask Pretty why she just barged in and began making threats. Pretty hides the acid behind her back. Sheridan takes her aside. Pretty tells her to beck off: She knows that she wants her to win anyway. Luis and Fancy demand to know why they're there. Pretty wants her revenge and pulls the acid out, threatening to scar her sister like she was scarred. Fancy tells her that no one even knows she has one until she shows them: She's sick of this and demands that she get out. Luis tries to calm Pretty down and tells her that she can still lead a productive life. She shakes her head: There's no chance that she will forgive and forget. "Screw forgiveness!" she says. The only thing that matters to her is him. Fancy doesn't deserve him; she ruined her life on purpose and now she will pay. Sheridan tensely watches, half-hoping that Pretty will throw the acid, but when she tries, Sheridan grabs her arm to stop her.


At the mansion, Gwen and Rebecca have figured out that Theresa can't be dead since the letters to Ethan talk about things that have happened since she was supposed to have died. They shriek: "She's not dead!" Rebecca curses the shark. They realize that they have to find her quick and make her dead again. She survived being electrocuted, lethal injection and being eaten by a shark, Rebecca lists. Gwen feels nauseous. "Maybe she's a cockroach? I heard they were going to outlast all of us..." Rebecca wonders. Gwen starts lashing out at her mother for treating her like a neurotic mess for believing that Theresa was alive. "You are a neurotic mess," Rebecca reminds her. Gwen realizes that Theresa must have been here in the mansion and watching them all along. "But I don't remember smelling tacos," Rebecca says. Gwen reminds her that she saw Theresa in her bedroom mirror. She wonders if Theresa has been living in the attic like Rachel. "Or in the basement. It's closer to the sewer line," Rebecca adds before telling her that Ethan must think that Theresa is dead or he wouldn't have agreed to the re-commitment. He may not know she's alive, but Gwen has seen him making love to her. She guesses that he must have been drugged, like last time. They remember that when Theresa went to work with Ivy she wore a disguise. Rebecca worries that Theresa might have gotten into her costumes. Gwen suddenly remembers when Gertrude dropped her teeth in the cherry dessert. "Gertrude is Theresa!" she gasps.


Theresa paces in Little Ethan's room with the letter in her hands. She wonders how she can tell Ethan how she feels. He sticks his head in and asks her if there's something he needs to know. Theresa tells herself that Gwen poses a bigger threat than Juanita and turns to Ethan, telling him that she has a secret for him to keep. She then remembers that what she wants to say would mean doom for her children and tries to back out of it. He promises that she can trust him. Sitting on the bed, she explains that she is being kept from a very special man and she doesn't know if she can go on without him. "Maybe you don't have to," he suggests. She explains how much she wishes they could somehow end up together; she prays every day for it. It would kill her if she couldn't be with him. After listening to this, he apologizes for taking advantage of her as his "sounding board" about all things Theresa. She tells him how good and caring he is as she stares into his eyes. Taking all of her hints together, he asks her if she is in love with him.


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