Macho Gorilla.

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Roberto runs away, Esme and Tabitha make a deal, Theresa needs a fresh idea, Pretty goes after her sister, Gwen and Rebecca realize Theresa is alive.

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Theresa paces around Little Ethan's room talking to herself about how Ethan will never read her letter. Ethan walks into the room and explains that the letter from Theresa has suddenly vanished. He thanks her for being there to talk to; he feels so close to her. "I'm here for you anytime," she blushes. He explains that he really does love Gwen... you just can't compare her to Theresa. But Theresa is dead and the kids need a mother. Marriage doesn't have to be exciting: It can just be nice and produce children who are productive member of society. Theresa suggests he wait and see if anyone else comes along. "Any other woman would pale in comparison to Theresa," he says before walking off. She decides to write the same letter and plant it again. After she writes it, she realizes that Gwen might find it and realize that it's a duplicate. Since this won't work, she'll have to come up with something new.


At Sheridan's cottage, Pretty smiles at the vial of acid she holds in her hands. She giddily imagines turning her sister's face into a "seething mass of scar tissue". Sheridan is disturbed, but Pretty is sure this is the only way to get the man she loves. After threatening her aunt, she storms off. "What am I going to do?" Sheridan worries. She realizes that Pretty is right though. Luis won't stay with Fancy if she's disfigured and, since he won't go with Pretty either, that will leave him for her. That's what she wants, but she can't go along with this... or can she? She's not the one throwing acid in Fancy's face... Her moral questioning is interrupted when Ethan walks through the front door. "What's the matter? You look like you just lost your best friend," he says. He guesses this is about Fancy and Luis; he knows just how she feels, even if he still has Gwen. He admits he's still in love with Theresa. She advises him to keep that to himself. At least he has someone... she has no one: Luis is with her niece. Ethan reminds her that she married another man and she needs to accept that Luis has moved on. "He still loves me and he will realize it once..." she stops herself. He asks her to explain, sensing that she is hiding something that she knows is wrong. "Love only happens when there's honesty," he says. Theresa's lies destroyed his love for her and ended up causing her death. She tells him his lecture is misguided. He leaves, sure that she'll do the right thing


At Tabitha's, Paloma searches for Roberto in his room before turning to Noah. She's about to slap him, assuming that he killed her former boyfriend. Noah stops her and explains that he didn't kill him, he just yelled at him. Roberto started a fight and then jumped out the window in nothing but a towel. Paloma sticks her head out the window and starts to call for him. No luck. She turns back to Noah. He tells her that Roberto had everything set up to seduce her and he had to do something. "What about me? What about my feelings?" she asks. He assumes she must have feelings for Roberto. She insists they are just friends and she can handle things. She doesn't need him "turning into some macho gorilla". With those words, Noah suddenly does turn into a gorilla. "When I see Roberto sniffing around you, it drives me bananas," he says, scratching himself. Paloma bites her lip. After rubbing her eyes, he turns back into a person. She changes the subject and asks him if they should start looking for somewhere else to live. Noah apologizes if he's overreacted. She agrees that Roberto was out of line. They suddenly take off their clothes and have sex. As they bask in bed, he wonders if he can really leave town and med school behind. She worries about Juanita: She's already killed her sister, aunt and cousins. They hear a noise and become scared. He gets out of bed to check. He looks around with no luck and returns. They talk about love and jump back into bed for another round.


Tabitha is in her attic searching for her daughter and panicking that they won't be able to get out of town before the great disaster. She worries that the Dark Side may have kidnapped her again. As she calls out to the forces of Evil, Endora suddenly announces herself: She's turned herself into a stuffed bunny. Tabitha picks her up and demands that she materialize right away. The little witch refuses and won't go anywhere. She turns herself into a stuffed dog and continues to refuse. Tabitha argues with her but she jumps from one stuffed animal to another. Tabs decides to cast a spell that turns all of the non-Endora stuffed animals into gorillas. This lets her corner her daughter. She grabs her and grounds her for life. Before they can go, Endora zaps herself off. She floats and continues to defy her mother. "Not even you can fight the Evil that is coming to Harmony," Tabs insists. Endora is sure she can fight off anything and begins throwing things around the room.


As stuffed animals float in the air, Esme walks in. She's shocked and begins popping pills. "How do you do it? Are you on the same prescriptions I am?" she asks the witch. Tabitha says it's not what she thinks. Fireworks go off and the ghosts of Esme's dead lovers float by. Esme reminds Tabitha of all the strange things she's heard about. "I know exactly what's going on!" she gasps. Tabs shrugs and admits it, after all, they could all be dead soon. Esme is excited: She sometimes thinks she's a witch when she gets her prescriptions mixed up. She asks if Endora is a witch too. Tabby admits it. Esme gets an idea: She wants three wishes granted in exchange for her help in finding Endora. The witch cringes and wonders why she should make a deal. Endora teases her mother and Tabitha agrees to Esme's help. She asks for a perfect man, one with all the parts connected properly and a little kinky. Annoyed, the witch agrees, but Esme won't get anything until they get Endora back. They shake on it.


At the mansion, Luis and Fancy relax in bed. This is the first time in months that she's felt safe. They wonder where Pretty may have vanished to and hope she left the country. "Nothing's going to come between us. Not now. Not ever," Luis smiles. They start making love when Pretty arrives, spoiling the mood. The couple gets dressed and tells her to leave. Fancy lashes out at her "sick" sister and wonders how she thought she could have gotten away with such a crazy plan. "I want nothing to do with you for the rest of my life," Fancy says. That's what her sister wants too. They go over the past again and Fancy tells her that if she hates her scar so much, she should just cut off her head. Luis tries to calm her but Fancy only becomes more outraged and blames everything on her sister, calling her a list of names and listing her various crimes. Pretty warns her to watch her mouth. Fancy says she's finally getting what she deserves. "So will you," Pretty says before splashing the acid in her sister's face. She smiles while Fancy screams.


In the main room of the mansion, Gwen and Rebecca can hardly believe that another letter from the great beyond has materialized and this one told Ethan not to recommit to Gwen. "How selfish is that? Hasn't she ever learned to share?" Rebecca asks. These letters all seem a little too convenient. She suggests that Pilar may be behind the letters, but Gwen is sure that the handwriting is Theresa's. Rebecca searches for handwriting samples to check. She soon returns with a letter Theresa sent her about her activities with stable boys. She compares the handwriting in the two letters and they're identical. Gwen recounts all of the letters that have appeared and Rebecca gets an idea: How can Theresa write about details that happened after she died? They put it together and leap up. "She's not dead!" they shriek. If she's still alive, they need to make sure that she's dead again and quick.


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Gertrude tells Ethan that she can't live without the man she loves.

"I know where Theresa is," Gwen concludes.

Sheridan discovers Fancy with acid burns on her face.

Tabitha tells Esme they have to blow Harmony before Harmony blows.

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