Death and J.T. are coming to Harmony

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

Miguel and Fox battle over Kay, Luis goes undercover, and J.T.'s back in town.

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Tabitha sees death

Tabitha tells a doubtful Kay that she was sure it was a funeral she saw in the magic bowl, not a wedding. Kay asks if they can stop it. Tabitha doesn't think so. Death is coming to Harmony.

Kay takes it figuratively. She thinks it's just a sign she should be marrying Miguel. Could Tabitha see who was in the coffin? Tabitha didn't see because it was a closed coffin but whoever died is because of who Kay married. Kay wants Tabitha to cast a spell to stop the death. Tabitha doesn't have enough power to do that even if she wanted to. Kay wants Endora to help her. Tabitha refuses but Endora pops in and obliges. In a flash, unicorns and butterflies are flying around the room.

Unfortunately, Endora's magic fails. In fact, Tabitha informs Kay that it probably speeded up the death.

Fox and Miguel are playing a fierce game of one on one basketball. Fox is determined not lose to Miguel on or off court. Chad and Jared show up to install some security gates. The are invited to watch the guys play to see whose the better man. Fox pushes Miguel to the ground. He declares he is the better man.

Miguel jumps and lunges at Fox. The two are kept apart by Chad and Jared. They decide to return to their game to battle it out. Chad correctly figures out it's over Kay. Jared thinks if they keep it up, someone is going to get hurt bad. Miguel goes up for a basket and knocks Fox to the ground. He is unconscious.

Jared rushes in and tells Kay and Tabitha that Fox is hurt bad. As he dials 9-1-1, Kay rushes to his side. He lays in a pool of blood. Tabitha thinks the magic bowl was showing her Fox's funeral.


Fancy is worried

Luis has been assigned to go undercover. Fancy wants to help. Luis refuses. No way. It's too dangerous. Paloma explains to Luis they are just interested in what he's doing. Nothing else. He feels okay enough to share with them the details of the undercover job. A mobster has just moved to Harmony and he is trying to move his illegal operations into town. The feds have set Luis up to infiltrate the mobster's operations.

Fancy worries about him. That prompts him to tell her that's why they need to keep their distance. He doesn't want her to worry about him. Against his advice, Fancy takes this personally. She doesn't understand then why he said there was a chance of them getting closer. Luis reassures her that could still happen if she is patient but they must play by the rules. Besides, the feds have his back at the club.

Luis is at the strip club. He meets Lester, the mobster. His cover is a numbers runner. Back at the station Sam gets a call that Luis' back-up's cover is blown.

Fancy is frantic. She wants to help. Sam trusts Luis' to get out of it okay. He tells Fancy just to wait. Luis will be fine. Fancy doesn't buy it. She is going to give him the back-up he needs. She asks Paloma to help. She will take the blame if they get into trouble. Paloma reluctantly agrees to help.

The two thugs tell Lester about the fed's plan. He sends them over to Luis to "take care of him." Luis believes his cover is blown. Lester just wants them to shadow him since he heard about the feds. Luis can't shake the thugs. He wonders where his back-up is.

All of a sudden, Fancy appears on stage. She is dancing suggestively. Luis smiles at first until he realizes it's Fancy. He approaches the stage. Fancy tells him she's his only back-up. Lester is upset that they're acting so chummy.

Sheridan and Ethan talks about her big day. They briefly touch on her feelings for Luis. She admits she's had a pang or two but she's okay. Ethan isn't convinced. Sheridan changes the subject to Theresa's will. She points out that he would have been running Crane Industries anyway if it hadn't been exposed that he wasn't a real Crane. Ethan still doesn't get her move to make him trustee especially now that she has moved on with Jared.

Sheridan calls it "incongruous behavior." She explains that if something unexpected happened to a person, it makes them do something unexpected. She asks if that fits Theresa's behavior. Giving up on them was abrupt and unexpected behavior to Ethan. Sheridan thinks if they figure out why she did that, maybe it will explain things.

Sheridan asks why did Theresa give up on them. Ethan explains how it happened in Rome. She thought J.T. Cornell had proof that Rebecca was the source of outing Ethan's real heritage. Theresa tracked J.T. to Rome. Then she suddenly changed. He wonders if maybe J.T. knows something. It makes no sense that Theresa let him go missing after she got control of Crane Industries' resources. He lets it slip that he suspects Rebecca is connected to J.T. Sheridan realizes Ethan doubts his wife. On the contrary, Ethan believes his wife doesn't have anything to do with the tabloid expose. However, Rebecca is a different case. And if Rebecca was involved, Gwen probably knew about it. J.T. is the key to everything. He wonders where he is.


Theresa fears the worst

Whitney wants to quit the doom and gloom talk. Theresa is not going to die. And Rebecca and J.T. are not going to tell Ethan the truth. As they talk, Theresa gets an email. It's from a private investigator keeping her updated on the whereabouts of J.T.

Whitney wishes Theresa would just tell Ethan the truth. Look what happened to her when her secrets came out. This touches on her fear that Chad and Valerie has hooked up again. She will try not to worry until she gets real proof. Theresa offers to hire the private investigator to look into it. Another email comes from the investigator. The news upsets Theresa.

Rebecca has been babysitting Jane, sort of. She takes a swig from her flask. Someone text messages her. It's J.T. Cornell. Gwen sees the look on Rebecca's face. She wonders why her mother looks like she just got the shock of her life. Rebecca lies that it was a wrong number. She asks about Sheridan. Gwen fills her in. It makes her think about Theresa and her obsession with Ethan. She had hoped it was over but now she's not so sure. The will made her suspicious. Rebecca suggest getting a private reporter to snoop out why she made Ethan the trustee in her will. J.T.Cornell, Rebecca suggests. "Are you insane," Gwen answers. He is the only person who could destroy her marriage. J.T. is her kryptonite.

Rebecca still thinks using J.T. as the investigator is a good idea. Gwen won't hear of it. Rebecca receives another text from him. She lies to Gwen again about who it is. Gwen leaves to get some coffee. Rebecca text him back. She asks where he is. He's in Harmony! He invites her over to see him in the flesh.

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