You Killed Roberto?

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Tabitha has to find a home for Fluffy, Endora vanishes, Paloma thinks Noah's killed Roberto, Pretty plots her revenge, Luis is forgiving of Pretty.

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In her attic, Tabitha is packing up her things while Endora hides in her old crib, not wanting to leave. Tabitha reminds her that she's already spent time in Hell so nothing can be scarier than that. Endora still isn't happy and tells her mother to go away. Tabs tells her about how they can visit with nurse Precious and play with alligators. After promising her sweet pea that things will look better in the morning, she wonders how she can get her daughter to snap out of this. They have to leave whether she likes it or not. Suddenly, the Hourglass of Destruction materializes to countdown to the end. "That is the darkest warning the dark side has ever sent us," Tabs cringes. As she continues to pack, she finds some of Timmy's clothes and tearfully recalls the doll-boy. Timmy's spirit shines down on her for a moment before vanishing. In the distance, she can hear Fluffy growling. She had forgotten all about her pet. "I can't take her to see nurse Precious. Orangutans are an endangered species," she realizes. Where could she find a temporary home for Fluffy? Conjuring up a magical phone, she starts to call around, regaling people with tales of how they ate pilgrims together. She catches herself and claims to only be joking and then conjures up her old photo album and faxes the animal shelter a picture. As she sends it, she promises her pet that she will pick her up again as soon as this is over. Once the fax goes through, the person on the other end starts to scream and hangs up. She continues to call around, but the only person who will take her pet is a witch doctor on Skull Island. "Be careful who you eat," she warns her pet. After giving her a little pat on the claws, she sadly sends her off. Turning, she panics again about getting away and worries that nothing will be left standing. As soon as she packs her bag, the house starts to shake. She pleads with the spirits not to let the evil come just yet. The shaking stops. Immediately, she tries to wake Endora but the little witch has vanished.


"That darling man!" Paloma coos as smells a rose from a box that was sent her. When Noah walks in, she hurries over and thanks him. He's confused he didn't send these long stemmed roses but has a pretty good idea who did: Roberto. He reads the love note that Roberto sent with the flowers. Paloma tells him not to lose his temper. He does. As he rants about Roberto, Paloma tells him again to calm down; Roberto can't help loving her. Noah is too furious and storms off, vowing to kill him. She catches him and reminds him that she loves him, not Roberto. Noah thinks Roberto has been looking for a killing and runs upstairs. Paloma paces and worries that they'll kill each other. She would intercede but is afraid it will only make things worse.


Upstairs, Noah goes into Roberto's room. He discovers that a romantic dinner has been set up. He begins banging on the bathroom door and calling Roberto to come out. Soon, Paloma can hear what sounds like someone being thrown out the window. She runs upstairs but finds the room trashed and empty with the window open. Noah walks out of the bathroom with a towel on his hand. "You killed Roberto?" she asks.


Luis and Fancy return to her room at the mansion. She's relieved that Pretty isn't pregnant, but now she knows that her sister is capable of anything. Luis is sad that there is no baby. Fancy repeats that Pretty has nothing over them now and can't come between them. She never wants to see her sister again. Luis doesn't hate her for what she's done; "Hate always ends up being a two way street," he says. This answer doesn't comfort Fancy. He urges her to look at what is the source of Pretty's problems. She assumes he means her and is furious. He calms her down, reminding her that Pretty is in pain she might never recover from. She was tortured by Alistair for years while he treated Fancy like a princess. Fancy blames her sister for everything and won't forgive her; she just hopes that she and Sheridan leave them alone forever.


When Sheridan arrives at home, she's disturbed to find Pretty there. The scarred heiress had nowhere else to go. Sheridan thinks she should have gone a lot farther than her cottage, like maybe the bottom of a volcano. "You're as crazy as Luis' ex-girlfriend Beth and we all know what happened to her!" Sheridan shouts as Pretty paces. She repeats that she has no chance with Luis now and she has only proven that she is ugly on the inside. Pretty screams that she is wrong and no one can stand in her way. "You're delusional... you had nothing. He had sex with you because father forced him too," Sheridan points out. Pretty protests; her time with Luis was pure magic and he made her feel beautiful. Sheridan knows what that's like. Pretty says the difference between the two of them is that Sheridan wallows in memories while she will do anything to get Luis back. Sheridan becomes more worried as an exasperated Pretty starts talking about blowing up Fancy's plans. "I have the perfect way to get Fancy out of Luis' life forever!" she laughs. Sheridan thinks her fantasies are getting out of control. Pretty explains that she won't do anything lethal, just something "deliciously perverse". She takes out a vial of acid and explains that she will destroy her sister's life exactly the way she destroyed hers.


At the mansion, Theresa is packing up, unable to face seeing Ethan and Gwen getting married. Ethan walks in and glumly walks across the room. Theresa suggests that he doesn't seem too excited about the wedding. He's not; Gwen is marvelous but Theresa will always be the woman in his heart. She tells him that a love like Theresa's doesn't disappear even if she is in Heaven or someplace else... Ethan wonders how she can know such mystical things and asks her how she can know so much about Theresa. "It is so clear now," he starts. She always seems to understand him but how can that be since his love is gone and will never come back? He starts to babble; he doesn't know how he can marry Gwen when he knows they can't have the life he wants. He's sure that Theresa would want the children to have a mother though. "Any mother?" Theresa asks. He talks about how much Theresa loved her children and how good a mother Gwen is. Theresa suggests that he's wrong. He doubts it. Remembering the letter, he starts searching for it so he can read it. As he walks off to search, Theresa wonders how she can tell him what she wants now that Gwen has destroyed the letter.


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