Lose the Battle, but Win the War!

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Pretty's lies are exposed, Eve and Julian confess everything to Sam and Ivy, Pilar convinces Ethan to let Gertrude and Little E come on the family trip, and Vincent and Viki make their mass murdering plans.

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At the hospital, Sam issues a shoot to kill order on Vincent just as Eve enters Ivy’s room and overhears. Eve yells that he can’t do that because Vincent is her son! She begs him to take it back as Julian comes in. Sam wants answers because he believes they know where Vincent is. Eve asks if they tell him everything, will he take off the shoot to kill order? Sam agrees and Julian says they will tell them everything, but that they won’t believe it. Ivy says they already know Vincent’s an insane murderer and wonders how much worse it could be. Julian chuckles that it’s just the tipping off point. Julian and Eve delicately explain the whole story to a very confused and horrified Sam and Ivy. Sam says it’s truly unbelievable and Eve asks, “Why do you think I started drinking again?” After Ivy and Sam wrap their minds around what they just heard, Sam says they still have to find Vincent. Eve asks him to not hurt him and Sam says he’ll do his best, but Vincent has killed a lot of people and needs to be brought in before he does it again.


Vincent and Viki make their lists of who they’d like to kill at the rehearsal dinner. Viki gets excited at the idea of mass murder and hands Vincent her picks for a quick messy death. Vincent shows her his list as well and they make plans. Viki then wonders what happens if there is no rehearsal dinner? She worries that all of their beautiful plans will be for nothing. Vincent suggests that Viki convince Esme to throw the party. Viki likes the idea and thinks she’ll have a blast doing it, that is until the bodies start piling up. Viki calls Esme and convinces her to throw the party saying she’ll be the “Hostess with the Mostess”. Viki suggests she charge everything to Julian and then offers her help to plan the party so she can repay the people of Harmony for all of their kindness. She gets off the phone and says Esme will throw a huge dinner party right before the wedding, but Vincent says there won’t be a wedding because everyone will be dead! Vincent and Viki toast to mass murder and then discuss how they will go about killing everyone. Viki suggests guns or knives, but Vincent thinks people could fight back and there’ll be too much blood. Viki asks what’s the alternative and Vincent says, “Wait till you hear. It’s perfect.”

Luis, Fancy and Sheridan bring Pretty to the hospital, but she insists she doesn't need a doctor. Fancy snarks that Pretty's pains are awfully convenient and Luis goes to find a doctor pulling Fancy along with him. After they leave, Sheridan marvels at Pretty’s scheme. Sheridan says she better hope the doctor doesn’t find out she’s faking her pains and Pretty thinks to herself that she’s got bigger things to worry about, like Luis finding out she’s not pregnant at all! Pretty is pleased with herself for stopping the wedding, but Sheridan thinks it’s only temporary because once Luis finds out the baby is out of danger he will marry Fancy. Pretty thinks she will always be able to think of a reason to break up their marriage as long as she’s having his baby.


Fancy and Luis argue about Pretty, as Juanita and her henchman listen in on their conversation. They go a few rounds with Fancy thinking Pretty is faking her pains and Luis wanting to make sure the baby is okay. They argue about the wedding and Luis suggests they get married on their trip. He thinks maybe his siblings will go along with it as well. Fancy likes that idea and Luis walks away to check on Pretty. Fancy says to herself that Pretty may have won the battle, but she will win the war because Luis is hers. Juanita tells her henchman that Pretty is ruining all of her plans by stopping the wedding, so “the pregnant woman and her unborn child are slated to die tonight!”


Luis and Fancy return to Pretty, and Luis tries to get her in to see a doctor. As Pretty tries to stall, Juanita tells her man to cause a distraction so she can bump into Pretty and pretend to fall. Through the confusion she will stick her with a needle and Pretty will die. The henchman makes a noise causing Sheridan, Luis and Fancy to turn as Juanita grabs Pretty. The women fall backwards and Pretty’s fake pregnancy bump goes flying across the room, landing at Luis’s feet. Luis, Fancy and Sheridan are all shocked as Pretty panics that it’s all over. Luis picks up the baby bump and yells at Pretty. He calls her a sick freak for pretending to be pregnant with his child and threatening to have an abortion.

Luis later runs into Juanita and hugs her. Luis is overjoyed and thanks her for outing Pretty’s lie, but Juanita pretends to be embarrassed and leaves. Fancy says that woman was an answer to their prayers. Luis tells Fancy that she was right about Pretty, but Fancy can’t believe she would stoop so low. Luis tells Fancy there is nothing standing in their way of getting married now and kisses her as Sheridan watches and looks sad.


Juanita is upset Luis is so happy because she wants Pilar’s son to be miserable. Her henchman reminds her that at least the wedding is back on so she can still blow up the church. She hopes that Pretty has the nerve to show up to the wedding because she wants her dead too for making her look like a fool.


At the mansion, Ethan and Gwen discuss their wedding and Gwen says they should head upstairs to celebrate. Ethan tells her to go ahead and he’ll be right there. Gwen realizes that he's looking for Theresa’s letter and is relieved she got rid of it. Gwen distracts him from trying to find the letter by kissing him and he falls for it.

In the corridor, Theresa complains to her mother that if Ethan goes through with the vow renewal ceremony she will have lost him forever. She vows to never give him up, but Pilar adamantly tells her to think about what’s at stake, namely her kids. She urges her daughter to go on the trip with the rest of the family so they can elude Juanita. Theresa tearfully tells her mother she’s right, she can’t put her children’s lives in danger and will protect them even if it means giving up the man she loves. She asks if Pilar talked to Ethan about taking the children on the trip and Pilar says not yet. Little Ethan runs downstairs and asks if their charade will end sometime soon. He says he loves his mother so much and wants her to be happy. Theresa says she wants to be happy too and that she loves him as well.


As Ethan and Gwen kiss, Pilar, Theresa and Little Ethan enter and Ethan tells Little E that he and Gwen are moving their wedding date up. Little Ethan is less than thrilled and Pilar asks Ethan if she can take Jane and Little E with her on her family trip. Ethan is taken aback because he’s not sure he wants to be separated from the kids, but Gwen thinks the timing is perfect so they can go on their honeymoon. Ethan isn’t sure, but Gwen convinces him it’s a good idea. Ethan tells Little E that the trip sounds like fun, but Little E yells that he won’t go and runs out of the room.


Theresa goes to check on Little Ethan who tells her he doesn’t want to be away from her. He wonders what will happen if she gets caught while he’s gone. Theresa tells him not to worry because she is coming with him. Little E is happy, but sad that his dad won’t be with them. He asks if there’s a way for them all to be together and Theresa regretfully says not right now.

Little E comes back in the room agreeing to go on the trip, but wants Gertrude to go with him. Everyone eventually agrees and Gwen is happy that she and Ethan are getting married. Ethan says, “This time it’s for keeps.” Theresa looks devastated, but Pilar tells her that they won’t be gone forever. Theresa tells Pilar that she will go on the trip and never return to Harmony.

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Pretty insists to Sheridan that Luis loves her and that they will be together forever, but Pilar tells her that they won’t be gone forever. Theresa tells her that she will be because she will go on the trip and never come back to Harmony.

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