Too Late?

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Gwen destroys Theresa's letter, Theresa continues to frustrate her mother, Juanita's plan may have hit a snag, A panicking Pretty fakes pregnancy complications.

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In the church, Juanita continues to go over her plot to destroy Pilar and the whole Lopez-Fitzgerald family. After flashing back through the violent incident that began the whole feud, she becomes giddy as she runs through the gory details of her plot again. Her henchman sighs and rolls his eyes as she imagines forcing Pilar to watch as her children are brutally killed when they blow up the church. Juanita will then force Pilar to dig them out of the rubble one by one before she finally kills her. During this exposition of ghastly deeds, the henchman realizes that Harmony hospital is close by and rescue workers would likely get in the way of her plans. This possibility is enough to cut her maniacal laughter short. She grunts and wonders how to get around it. Her henchman realizes that he better find a way and suggests they stake out the hospital and find out how efficient the local paramedics are and how they can jam their frequency. An annoyed Juanita threatens that this plan better work.


At the mansion, Luis asks his brother if he and Fancy can take part in the triple wedding, making it a quadruple affair. Miguel, of course, is happy to invite him along. Sheridan and Pretty listen and cringe as Fancy and Luis babble about their upcoming wedding. Sheridan is sure that her deformed niece will take the hint that Luis isn't interested in her but Pretty is still confidant that she can win him for herself. As they listen to the wedding chatter, Pretty has a brainstorm and decides to start faking abdominal pains. Luis goes into instant panic and rushes to her side. Hyperventilating, she claims that the stress of listening to the wedding plans is just too much. Maybe it would be best for the baby if they waited until after it was born to get married? Fancy is furrowing her brow, miffed and instantly accuses her sister of faking her pains. The accusation doesn't stop Pretty from playing up the act even more and begging Luis to reconsider his wedding plans. He decides that she should be going to see the doctor immediately. That really doesn't sit right with her and she begins pulling out excuses to avoid it. None work and Luis remains insistent.


Downstairs at the mansion, Gwen and Ethan discuss their wedding plans. She's eager to push things ahead and regales him with glowing visions of marital bliss. All the while, Theresa eavesdrops and bites her lip, wishing that Ethan would just read the letter she wrote him telling him not to recommit to Gwen. Knowing that Ethan still has a letter from Theresa in his pocket, Gwen convinces him to take of his jacket and leave the room for food and champagne. The second he's gone, she sits down at the desk to read it over, astonished that Theresa still seems to be destroying her future with Ethan from beyond the grave. She's nauseated at Theresa's declarations of love for Ethan and vows not to let a dead woman control her future.


In the hall, Theresa is distracted from her eavesdropping by her plotting. She repeats to herself that Ethan only needs to read the letter in order to put and end to the ceremony. Her thoughts are interrupted by her mother. Pilar starts telling her daughter again how important it is that they pack up and leave town before Juanita can kill them. Theresa continues to refuse, unable to leave Ethan behind and repeating that life without Ethan is worse than death. Pilar continues trying to reason with her, pointing out that staying won't just mean death for her, but for everyone she cares about. Theresa continues to refuse, sure that, once Ethan reads the letter, her problems will be solved. Pilar doesn't think that's going to happen. Glancing over, they see that the letter is in Gwen's hands. "I think it's too late," Pilar concludes. They watch as Gwen tears up the pages of Theresa's letter and disposes of them before Ethan can return.


As Ethan walks down the hall with food and champagne, he runs into Pilar and Gertrude. He tells them of he and Gwen's plans to move up their re-commitment ceremony. Theresa hides her horror, Pilar congratulates him and puts on a happy face. He assures her that he will always miss her daughter and she will always be in his heart. As he passes by them to return to Gwen, Theresa's heart breaks as she watches the couple toast to their wedding. This is enough to finally decide things for her and she agrees to leave. Pilar is relieved, but not for long. Theresa's mind twirls and she quickly backtracks, deciding that she can still stay and fight for the man she loves. Pilar is infuriated and reminds her daughter that such a choice might not only cost her life, but the life of Little Ethan as well. Theresa refuses to listen, adamant that she still has a chance to win Ethan back.


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