The Room Stinks Long After She's Left.

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Pilar convinces Pretty and Sheridan to come on the trip, Miguel and Kay talk to Noah and Paloma about leaving, Juanita plans for maximum destruction.

The Room Stinks Long After She's Left. image

Pilar goes to Sheridan's cottage to visit her and Pretty. She tells them about the family vacation around the world. Both women remind her that they need Luis around; he's the father of their children. Pilar tells them that they have to come with her. The women suspect there is something she's not telling them. "If we don't leave Harmony right away, we're all gonna die," Pilar informs them. She will give them the details once they're worked out. She leaves and Pretty wonders if things can be as bad as she thinks. Sheridan is sure that they are, if not worse. The women decide that they are not going to let Luis go off around the world with Fancy. They are both determined that he will wind up married to them.


Luis and Fancy are packing her many things. He hates to "run from some whack job" like Juanita. Fancy says they have to obey Pilar's wishes, for once. She then reminds him that he needs to keep his promise and keep the truth from Pilar; she can't know that he knows. "Why not? You broke your promise to mama?" he says. It's hard for him to leave. "Even after the workout I put you through," she lewdly remarks, admiring his member and telling him he'll have a hard time getting it through airport security. "It won't fit in the overhead compartment either," he says. She says it's a big problem and offers to solve it. They get into bed. After sex, she tells him that she'll do whatever she has to do to keep him committed. Pilar knocks on the door. They get dressed in their robes and let her in, covering up the saddle by the bed which they were using for non-horse related activities. Pilar informs them that Sheridan and Marty will be coming. Luis confronts her about her fears and she repeats that she won't let her family be murdered. Sheridan and Pretty arrive next, they watch from the doorway before coming in. Fancy tells them they're all leaving right away. Pilar is relieved that everything is working out and leaves to tell everyone downstairs that things are settled. Taking her aside, Pretty vows to Sheridan that Luis will never marry her sister.


Juanita is in the church looking at Pilar's family tree and plotting all of their deaths. "What a beautiful family! It's a shame they all have to die!" she laughs. Her henchman soon arrives, wearing a disguise. He tries not to show how annoyed he is by her bad mood. As she tells him about killing the spouses of all of Pilar's children, he curses her in his mind. She tells him how easy it will be to kill all of Pilar's family, and whoever else is around. "Their huge wedding will end up a mass funeral," she laughs. Although her henchman fails her so often, she knows that he's an expert in explosives and tells him to find a place to bomb the church for maximum impact. He imagines putting dynamite in her mouth, shocked that she wants to kill everyone in a church. She laughs as she imagines it. Pilar will suffer more than anyone: She will have to watch as her family is blown up, wiped out in an instant. Then she will be forced to dig through the rubble to her children's bodies. Juanita laughs.


At the mansion, Rebecca tells her daughter to find a way to relax and asks her if she needs some batteries. Gwen doesn't; she's just worried about Theresa. Rebecca reminds her that she is dead and Ethan will soon make a commitment to her that he will have to keep. Gwen can't shake the feeling that something will go wrong. Rebecca repeats that nothing will change her and Ethan being together forever. The only thing coming between them now is Gwen herself. Gwen still can't shake her ominous feelings. "I understand. Theresa is like garbage. The room stinks long after she's left," Rebecca says. But Theresa is dead and not coming back, she adds. Gwen seems convinced.


Kay and Miguel meet with Paloma and Noah in the foyer of the mansion. They tell them that Pilar wants to take them all on a trip around the world but they have to get married sooner so they can leave. Noah is all for getting married sooner, but he's about to go to med school and he can't just run off. "There's no time like the present," Kay perkily says, ignoring his concerns. The other couple is still not convinced. Whispering, Kay tells them that Juanita is on the way to town to kill them all. Noah wants to stay and fight, but Miguel tells him to realize that Pilar can't take anyone else getting hurt and they have to do this for her. "I'm not sure," Noah says, refusing to go. "What do you mean you can't leave? We'll be getting buried not married if we stay," Paloma says. Noah is unconvinced. Miguel understands but Kay put some pressure on him that finally convinced him. Noah wonders if Miguel will try putting pressure on him. "No," Miguel says. Now they need to talk to Gwen and Ethan. They turn around and Gwen and Rebecca are standing in the doorway. They ask if Gwen is willing to move up the wedding date. "The sooner the better," Gwen smiles.


In the attic, Ethan reads the note that Theresa just left for him in her diary begging him not to recommit to Gwen. He soon stops reading it though because he's so overcome by emotion. Theresa watches and starts to worry. If he doesn't finish reading it, he won't know not to commit to Gwen. He stands up. Maybe he'll finish reading it after the pain has dulled... He walks to the door but turns around and takes the letter up again. Theresa prays that he will get to the end, but before he can, Gwen walks in and asks him what he's doing. He tells her he's reading a letter from Theresa. She wonders if it's like that other letter that mysteriously appeared, stopping her from sending Little Ethan to boarding school. She informs him that they've been asked to move the wedding date ahead. "I can't think of a reason why not to," he says. He wants to stay up there, but she won't leave him alone with Theresa's things. They go downstairs and Theresa starts to plot again.


The three couples, and Rebecca, gather in the main room of the mansion. Theresa spies on them as they go over their plans. Paloma walks out into the hall and tells Gertrude the news. "You can't do it... you need to call the whole thing off!" Theresa blurts out, revealing herself to her sister. Paloma faints at the sight of her dead sibling. Noah hurries out and asks Gertrude what happened and why Paloma was mumbling Theresa's name. Theresa covers and Noah runs off for water. Theresa wakes her sister up and they embrace. She begs her sister to stop the wedding. Meanwhile, Gwen tells Rebecca that she caught Ethan going through Theresa's things and found another letter. Rebecca tries to talk her panicking down. Gwen has a strange feeling about that letter. Rebecca offers to get champagne for them all. Gwen spots Ethan holding the letter and tries to distract him from reading it.


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