The Whine Festival.

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Miguel unwittingly tells Juanita everything she needs to know, Rebecca gives Gwen some advice, Theresa comes up with a new plan to stop Ethan from recommitting to Gwen.

The Whine Festival. image

As Miguel walks into Tabitha's living room, Kay informs him that Tabby has sold the house. His jaw hangs open. "Close your mouth or you'll be catching flies," Tabs quips. Harmony will be dull without her, but they'll have to get used to it. Miguel wonders who could have bought the place. The disguised Juanita walks in and announces herself, shaking Miguel's hand. She seems remarkably familiar to him. Juanita downplays the remark but Miguel finally announces that he knows where they've met before. She turns her back and takes a gun from her bag. "At the church fun fair. You were the lady in the dunking booth," he says. She puts the gun away and turns around to tell him she's never been in the town before. He accepts this and welcomes her to town. Juanita says to herself that this would be the perfect chance to kill him, but she's waiting to kill him with his entire family.


Tabitha continues to pack up her things. Kay reminds her that she's always full of doom and gloom; why should now be so different? The Book of Disasters lights up. Tabitha carries a box out of the room, repeating that this time the disaster will be huge. Kay walks over to Miguel and tells him that she is going up to check on the kids. Juanita tells Miguel that he and Kay are very lucky. He agrees, telling her that they, and their daughter, are very happy. He asks her if she has any children. "My children were taken from me," she says, bottling in her rage. He tells her that she should talk to his mother; she knows how hard that is. "You, Miguel, will know what it's like when Maria is killed before your eyes," she thinks to herself.


Kay continues trying to convince Tabitha to stay in town. Tabitha reminds her that she and Endora have tried everything without luck. Kay wishes she knew where the threat was coming from. The Book of Disasters flips open and turns red. "That's the hottest page I've seen since Jackie Collins took up a pen," Tabitha says. She turns and stares at Juanita. Pushing past Kay, she tells Miguel that she just learned something and needs to talk to him. When she asks to speak to him alone, Juanita asks what she has to say that she can't say in front of her. Tabitha asks Miguel if his brother knocked up another Crane. Miguel says that's old news. Even Mrs. Hernandez has heard it. They start talking about Alistair and then Juanita, who he says is even worse. Juanita asks to hear all about her. Miguel explains that she has a vendetta against his mother and they are planning a trip to escape from her. Juanita tells him he should be worried. Miguel thinks his mother is overreacting and wonders if he should just get her some tranquillizers. He and Kay remember that they still have to invite Paloma. Juanita listens as they go over the wedding details. She slips away to talk to her henchman about all her new information. She's sure that this will be a spectacular bloodbath. After hanging up, she offers to do whatever she can to help. Kay and Miguel ooze about the wedding while Juanita listens with a grimace. Tabitha sits at her desk and looks down at the Book, wondering why she got a warning flash about Miguel and Mrs. Hernandez. Opening the Book, she sees a picture of a black wedding cake bursting into flames. Tabitha realizes that this is a clear omen of doom.


At the mansion, Gwen is yelling for Little Ethan when her mother strolls in and begs her to stop. As Rebecca prepares a little hair of the dog, Gwen complains about how Little Ethan spent the previous evening reminding his father of his love for Theresa. As she details what happened, even Rebecca thinks she's overreacting. "Foiled by a child! You should be ashamed of yourself," she says. Gwen continues her complaints and Rebecca gets bored listening to the "whine festival". She knows that Ethan loves Theresa, so she needs to stop complaining and make him forget it. Gwen doesn't know how to compete with a dead woman. Rebecca tells her to move on and get realistic. Gwen feels like Theresa is still in the house and nothing has changed. Rebecca advises her daughter to pray: Bless you shark! "As usual, you have mishandled the situation," Rebecca says. What's left of Theresa is an "ooze" off the coast of Mexico. Gwen better start acting like the winner here or she really will be a loser. Gwen is getting tired of listening to lectures from her mother. "There is nothing a man hates more than a woman who is needy and insecure," Rebecca points out. She tells her daughter to get a backbone, but Gwen starts to worry that Little Ethan will ruin the ceremony. Gwen repeats her worries about Theresa. Rebecca tells her to change the channel. She's heard this a million times and she needs to stop worrying about shark food girl. Gwen still thinks Theresa is as powerful dead as alive. Rebecca toasts to getting an exorcist.


Ethan goes up to the attic to look at old photos of Theresa. He remembers and misses her. Theresa sneaks around in the shadows watching him. "It was so good," he tells the photo. It's getting hard for him to hide his grief from Gwen; he can't let her know how much he misses Theresa because it would hurt her. He's just trying to make the best of a terrible situation. Theresa watches, wishing she could say something but unable to do so while Juanita is still on the loose. He continues to recall their past and all the things he loved about her. Theresa cries, sure that Fate will bring them together. He goes through a box of Theresa's things, finding her diary and reading it. "I would do just about anything to have you here in my arms right now," he says as he reads over her account of their first meeting. They recall her version of their first meal together and how good he made her feel. Ethan prays for a sign from the dead Theresa that he is doing the right thing by going back to Gwen. Although he feels perverse reading all of her private thoughts, but he continues. "I gave you my heart for all eternity... don't you ever let it go," he says. He's glad that he has her diary to look at when he misses her. As he says that, she gets an idea. She can use her diary to stop him from renewing his vows! Ethan continues going through the boxes and the many objects from their past that she stored. In the corner, Theresa writes a note for Ethan in which she promises to come back to him from the dead. As he looks around, she sneaks up and sticks her new note into the diary before sneaking off again. He turns and picks it up, opening it and finding the note.


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"I have to know what she wrote to me," Ethan says as he opens Theresa's note.

Theresa reveals herself to Paloma.

Pilar tells Luis again that they have to be gone before Juanita gets there.

Juanita plots with her henchman to turn the huge wedding into a mass funeral.

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