I Learned From the Best.

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Little Ethan plays a trick on Gwen, Luis and Miguel agree to leave, Kay discovers that Tabitha is moving.

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At the mansion, Gwen and Ethan enter the main room followed by Gertrude. Little Ethan has called them down to meet him. They look around and see that he has had a special dinner set out for them: He wants to help them celebrate their re-commitment ceremony. Gwen and Ethan are shocked and thrilled. They thank him as they sit. Theresa takes her son aside and asks him how he can do this when he knows that the re-commitment is breaking her heart. Gwen and Ethan ask what to do next. He explains that he's set the bar up for them (Julian taught him how). As they pour drinks, Theresa repeats to her son how hurt she is and how betrayed she feels. She holds back her tears and babbles until he tells her to stop talking and listen. "If you just have a little patience, you'll see it's all for you," he explains. Meanwhile, Gwen is confused, recalling how the kid recently turned her blue. Ethan shrugs, assuming that kids just go with the flow. Gwen is still suspicious. Little Ethan announces that dinner is ready and tells them the menu. Both Theresa and Ethan are surprised that he is serving all of Theresa's favorite foods. They sit down and the boy says grace before they start. The entire meal reminds Ethan of Theresa.


After eating, the boy announces that he has a presentation for them. Once they make their way over to the TV, he starts playing Ethan's song with Theresa. Gwen become agitated as a DVD Little Ethan made of Ethan and Theresa's life together starts to play. Theresa finally figures out what her son was up to. Gwen breaks down and shuts off the TV. She accuses the boy of trying to sabotage her re-commitment ceremony. Ethan tells her she's acting like a fishwife. Little Ethan explains that he was just including all of Ethan's history and Gwen was coming up next. Gwen assumes that he's lying. She sits at his laptop to check if there are any pictures of her. The boy worries that Gwen will try to send him away again. Gwen asks him if he planned this whole evening just to make her feel bad. Suddenly, a slide show of her and Ethan comes on. Gwen is shocked. The boy explains that he had to get most of the pictures from Rebecca and the country club. He never knows how to make Gwen happy; she's always blowing up at him and doesn't seem to like being a mom. She apologizes for being a jerk and thanks him for everything. Ethan decides it's time for dessert. "You little devil," Theresa whispers to her son. "I learned from the best," he smiles. They sit down to dessert. Gwen tells Gertrude that she still suspects that the kid planned to make her lose it in front of Ethan; that kid is "the child of the devil", she asserts. Theresa stifles her anger and uses a napkin ring to tie Gwen's shirt to the tablecloth. She gets up and suggests to Ethan that he ask Gwen to dance. When he does so, she stands up and pulls the meal with her as she falls to the floor covered in chocolate. Ethan helps her up, though he bursts into laughter. She stomps away to clean up, leaving him laughing with Gertrude and the boy.


Kay wanders into Tabitha's house and finds the witch stuffing boxes. She assumes she's just redecorating and is happy to see it. Tabitha corrects her: She's not redecorating, she's moving out. Kay asks why, though that's not much of a question considering the doom on the way. Kay argues that they can use magic to stop the trouble coming. Tabs disagrees. She even did a tarot card reading and it told her that death is coming to her front door. Mrs. Hernandez (Juanita in disguise) strolls in with some groceries. Kay is still in denial: Pigs will fly before Tabitha Lenox moves out of Harmony, she says. Tabitha points out that some did at the local ranch that afternoon. Juanita explains how happy she was to have talked Tabs into selling the house. She introduces herself to Kay and asks about Miguel, saying how eager she is to meet him and his family. Once she leaves to put her groceries away, Kay wonders how Tabby can sell her house. She needs to protect Endora, the witch explains. Kay seems heartbroken. Tabitha already has plans for where to go. She quickly calls nurse Precious and tells her the news. The monkey ooos and ahhhs as Tabitha fills her in and asks if she and Endora can come visit. The monkey is happy, but disappointed to hear that she won't be bringing Luis along.


Juanita returns and asks Kay for details about her upcoming wedding. Kay isn't in the mood to talk about it; she still can't get her head around Tabitha leaving. "She's an institution in this town like the bank or the Cranes or the loony bin," she explains. She asks to talk to Tabs alone. Juanita walks out, deciding to go upstairs and search Kay's room for information on Miguel. Kay continues to ask Tabitha why she's leaving. Tabitha admits that it hurts her to leave, but she has no choice. Nothing is going to survive: Not the human, supernatural or in-between. Kay informs her that she is leaving town soon too. As she explains her plans for a trip around the world with Pilar's family, Juanita stands in the hallway and eavesdrops. She smiles as her plans for mass murder comes into focus. Kay continues telling Tabitha not to go. Tabs reminds her that Harmony won't even be around for much longer. Bats from the attic file through the living room, followed by the skeleton that normally babysits Maria. All of the bags and ghouls go to the door, announcing that they will go to New York where no one will notice them. Kay doubts that Mrs. Hernandez will be letting her stay either. Before the ghouls can leave, they reminisce with Tabitha about torturing Puritans and eating soldiers during the Revolutionary War. After they leave, Tabitha tells Kay again that she can't stay either: "Doom is coming!" Juanita returns and tells Kay she understands why she is so reluctant to leave. All the while, she smiles and thinks about how death is coming to them all.


Pilar goes into Fancy's room at the mansion and worries about Juanita. Fancy tries to calm her. Luis and Miguel walk in: They have something to tell her: They've all decided to go on the trip around the world with her. She's thrilled, embracing them and crying in joy. She takes Fancy aside and asks her how she convinced her stubborn son. It took a lot of convincing, she says. After the men walk off, Pilar repeats how evil Juanita is, far worse than Alistair ever was. Fancy tries to tell her how wonderful this trip can be... even if they no longer have Theresa. Meanwhile, Luis and Miguel are talking about how their girlfriends are manipulating them, blackmailing them with sex to force them into taking the trip. "Are we going to let them get away with this?" Luis asks his brother. Miguel assumes that Kay is up to her old tricks. They decide that they have to be tough men who can't be manipulated by sex. They quickly cave though and decide that the best thing to do is to go along just so they can make sure they get what their girlfriends have promised them. They return to Fancy and Pilar and they toast to how wonderful this trip can be.


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