Everybody's talking about Theresa's will

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

Theresa's will is on everybody's mind, Jared warns Chad to be careful, and Tabitha predicts doom for someone close to Kay.

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Gwen understands Sheridan's pain

Chris, Sheridan and James arrive home. It is set for a party. Ethan and Gwen are the guests at the celebration of the adoption. While talking to Gwen about how happy she is, Sheridan misspeaks and calls Marty's name in place of James. Of course, Sheridan is thinking about her own son. Gwen thinks about her Sarah, too. The boys, big and small, interrupt briefly with kid's play. They take it outside while the women remain inside discussing who else Sheridan is thinking about. Gwen guesses it is Luis.

Sheridan doesn't deny it. She confesses that Luis is always on her mind and everywhere she turns. For example, there was the chance meeting at the courthouse after the adoption. It was a bittersweet moment running into him. It reminded her what might have been. And every time they run into each other, Luis sees how much she still wants him in her eyes. However, she is committed to her new husband and son. Gwen knows that has to be tough. Sheridan says she loves Chris enough to stay with him and she loves being James' mother.

She changes the subject to Jared and Theresa. This makes Gwen talk about the will and how much it shocked her. She could see Theresa was shocked too, that they read it. Sheridan agrees it was strange. Gwen mentions seeing a letter with the will. She is sure it has the answers to why Theresa did what she did. Sheridan offers that if it hadn't been for Ethan's true paternity be disclosed, he would be running Crane Industries anyway. Gwen nervously lies that it was Theresa's fault that secret came out.


Ethan doesn't get it

Outside Chris and Ethan talk about James and Sheridan. They move on to Chris' new job. That brings up Theresa's name. Chris apologizes for that. Ethan says it does get weird at times since they work in the same building. He mentions what happened with the will. He can't figure it out. It makes no sense to him. But he does think of little Ethan like a son.

The two ladies join their husbands. The subject of the will comes up again. Sheridan notes that it couldn't have been a ploy to break up Ethan's marriage to Gwen. Besides, the will is no consequence. Theresa probably won't be dying anytime soon. That doesn't matter to Gwen. She is convinced Theresa has an ulterior motive.

At Crane's, Chad and Valerie discuss Theresa and the incident with the will. Valerie mentions how freaked out Theresa became over her mistake. She wonders if the letter she saw addressed to Ethan had something to do with Theresa's anger.

Chad doesn't get is why Theresa would make Ethan the trustee for little Ethan, especially since he's not a real Crane. They discuss the different logical choices she could have made which makes her choice of Ethan even more illogical. Chad comes to the conclusion the reason is in the letter Valerie saw.


Chad offers to help Valerie

Chad offers to put in a good word for her with Theresa. She rejects his offer but hugs him in gratitude. Jared witnesses this embrace. After Valerie leaves, Jared quizzes him on what he calls himself doing. It would look really bad if Whitney had walked in on them. Jared warns him to be careful. Chad confesses that he doesn't want to lose Whitney. He will keep whatever is going on separate from his life with Whitney.

Jared brings up the will too. Chad questions if it bothers him that Theresa chose Ethan. Jared isn't worried.


Theresa has a bad feeling

Theresa and Whitney are discussing the letter when Jared walks into her office. They look very guilty. It makes Jared nervous that every time he comes into a room with the two of them, they clam up. Theresa covers it up with a silly woman excuse. She quickly changes the subject to business. Jared leaves to tend to it.

After he leaves, Theresa warns Whitney that they have to be more careful. Whitney doesn't understand why she won't confide in her new boyfriend. Theresa flat out refuses to do that. Then Whitney suggests telling Ethan. Theresa may be wrong about his reaction. Theresa is judging Ethan by what he said in Rome. She's sure he would stay with Gwen and sue for custody of his son. She can't risk losing her son. He's all she has.

Whitney points out that Ethan and Gwen will probably keep trying to figure out why she made him trustee. In the end, Ethan may find out all on his own. Sooner or later Ethan will connect the dots and come up with the truth. The thought makes Theresa hyperventilate. Whitney reminds her no matter how well intention she may be, things always go wrong. Theresa makes her promise to explain to Ethan why she made her decision--that she did what she thought was best. Whitney promises but she is sure there is no need. Theresa isn't about to die. Or is there something she's not telling her. Theresa says she just has a feeling that she needs to get her house in order, just in case.

Theresa tries to change the subject to her friend. She asks when is the wedding. Whitney doesn't think there will be a wedding. She believes Chad is cheating on her with Valerie. Theresa offers to fire Valerie for her friend. Whitney rejects her offer. She is not 100% sure about Chad and Valerie.

She doesn't know why she is so insecure. She knows Chad loves her. Maybe it's all the talk about wills and dyingdoom and gloom. She asks Theresa again, what gives. Theresa confides in her that maybe it was her near death accident in the steam room. Whatever it is, she feels like someone is walking over her grave, like something bad is going to happen to her.

Tabitha, Fox and Kay are tasting wedding cake in Tabitha's kitchen. The wedding is fast approaching. Kay has lots of decisions to make. One of them is who she should be wedding.

Miguel joins the three of them in the kitchen. He asks what they're doing. Fox informs him that they just selected their wedding cake. When Miguel finds out that they picked marzipan, he points out how much Kay hates marzipan. Always have. Fox asks Kay why did she pick it then. She just wanted him to have his favorite. It wasn't that important to her what cake they chose. Miguel shows off his history with and knowledge of Kay which upsets Fox. He leaves. Tabitha warns Miguel he is playing with fire. Miguel responds he can't help it if he knows Kay better than her fiance.Miguel is outside, looking very sexy shirtless, shooting hoops. Fox joins him and challenges him to a one on one game. Miguel accepts.


Kay can't make up her heart

Kay tells Tabitha that being able to pick her favorite cake isn't a sign that she should marry Miguel. Tabitha says she doesn't have to have special powers to discern Kay's indecision over the two men. Kay is following her gut and her gut tells her Fox is the one. Tabitha thinks Kay should follow her heart instead. That's the problem, Kay tells her, both men are in her heart.

Kay accuses Tabitha of not wanting her to marry Fox. It's not that. Tabitha is just worried about her. They decide to consult the magic bowl for answers. Tabitha becomes disturbed. She sees the church full of people but it isn't for a wedding. It's for a funeral. Someone close to Kay is going to die.

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