Nice Shot!

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Gwen plans her wedding, Theresa is ready to tell Ethan the truth, Kay and Fancy persuade their men to leave town and Juanita finally comes to Harmony.

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Gwen asks Gertrude to call on the invitations for her wedding and Theresa thinks that she is the one who should be planning a ceremony with Ethan. Ethan enters the room with a box of wedding stuff for Gwen. She asks him to make some calls for the wedding downstairs so she and Gertrude can pick out her wedding gown. Gwen tries one on and asks Gertrude if this is the one she should marry Ethan in. Gertrude blurts out, “No!” and Gwen asks if she liked the other one better. Gertrude says no, but maybe she shouldn’t marry Ethan. Gwen wants to know why she’s against it and Gertrude makes something up about Gwen being overwhelmed right now and how she should enjoy planning the ceremony. Gwen changes out of her dress and says all she cares about right now is recommitting to Ethan and starting their life together. Gwen asks Gertrude to hang up her dresses so she can go talk to her mother and leaves.


Gertrude looks at the dresses and says, “Damn you Gwen. I should be getting ready for my wedding to Ethan. Not you.” She picks up one of the dresses and holds it up to her in the mirror. Theresa has a fantasy that her and Ethan get married and Luis, who is an “Officer of the Peace”, officiates. In the fantasy, Gwen comes in to object and Theresa grabs Luis’s gun and shoots her. Luis says, “Nice shot”, and then pronounces Ethan and Theresa man and wife.


After her fantasy, Theresa says to herself, “I love you Ethan”, as Gwen enters asking what she just said. Gertrude says she would love to find a man who loves her as much as Ethan loves Gwen. Gwen tells her not to give up hope. Ethan returns and Gwen tries to cover up her wedding dress. Ethan assures her he didn’t see a thing and they kiss.


Gwen leaves to talk to Rebecca and Ethan asks Gertrude for her advice on what he should get Gwen for their recommitment ceremony. She tells him that a day at the spa for two would be lovely, which reminds him of when he did that for Theresa. He says that day was a little too special and one of the best days of his life and he can’t recreate that with Gwen. Theresa thinks, “Just what I wanted to hear.” She asks if he still thinks about Theresa a lot and he nods his head saying it hasn’t been that long. Gertrude asks what he would do if she ever came back. Ethan says she’s not so there’s no point in thinking about it because he can’t let himself dream the impossible dream. He adds that his heart doesn’t feel that she’s dead, but thinks it’s just his grief talking because if she were here she would be with him and they would be planning their ceremony together, not him and Gwen. Ethan can’t believe he’s thinking this way, but says he would leave Gwen to be with Theresa in a heartbeat if she were really alive. Ethan adds that when he recommits to Gwen that’s it and he wouldn’t be able to go back to Theresa even if he wanted to. Gertrude tries to make him reconsider, but Ethan says if Theresa turned up alive it would be great but awful at the same time because then they’d have to live apart.

Theresa watches as Gwen and Ethan sit on the bed and go over wedding details. She thinks to herself that if he recommits to Gwen she would rather be dead. She thinks she needs to tell Ethan she’s alive before it’s too late.


At her house, Tabitha hopes to stave off the impending doom the Book of Disasters predicted and casts a spell, but can’t get the book to reveal its plan. She casts another spell and the book gives off a red glow, which means an evil entity has just arrived in Harmony. Tabitha wonders who it is and what they are up to. Tabitha asks the bowl to show her what new evil has arrived in Harmony, but nothing comes up. She hears a noise and goes to check it out. After she leaves, the bowl shows an image of Juanita. Tabitha returns, but misses seeing Juanita in the bowl. She casts another spell to delay the devastation that is coming to Harmony.


Juanita and her henchman arrive at a motel in Harmony and Juanita goes to ask the desk clerk if they know anything about Pilar and her family. She returns with news on one of Pilar’s sons who lives with his girlfriend and illegitimate daughter. Juanita dons a brown wig and glasses so the L-F’s won’t recognize her while she searches Harmony for them. Juanita tells her henchman to get the car because they are going on their first kill. As they try to leave, the doorway fills up with specs of gold light that prevents them from leaving. Juanita yells at the light to get out of her way and it vanishes.


After the spell wears off, Tabitha says the evil is stronger than she thought because the spell isn’t easy to break. Tabitha covers up her bowl because her spells aren’t working. She gets a cold chill that means the evil that’s coming to Harmony is closer than she thought. The doorbell rings and she opens the door to a disguised Juanita who is holding a gun behind her back.


In the Crane Mansion, Fancy and Kay ask why Juanita would want revenge on her. Pilar spills the whole story as Kay and Fancy listen in disbelief. Fancy asks why she didn’t tell her sons the truth and Pilar says she was worried they would want to stay and fight Juanita. Luis and Miguel enter asking what the women are talking about. Pilar says they were talking about the trip and Luis and Miguel tell her now is not a good time to leave town. Pilar sends the boys into the kitchen to get coffee and cookies and Pilar tells the girls that Juanita is more vicious and cruel than Alistair ever was and that they have to get them to leave town. Fancy gets an idea and whispers it to Kay. They tell Pilar to leave it up to them because they will have them packed in no time. Fancy and Kay take their men and tell them they should go to bed. The foursome leave and Pilar prays that whatever they have planned, it will convince them to leave Harmony before Juanita gets here.


Fancy and Luis go up to her room and she tells him that going on a trip is in fact a good idea. Luis says he’s heading up two criminal investigations, but Fancy thinks he could get someone else to do it. Fancy goes in the bathroom and returns in a sexy outfit to convince him to go away with her. She promises to wear something similar every night that they are away and asks if that will convince him to leave. Luis says as tempting as it is, he can’t leave right now, but he wants to take advantage of her “sweet” outfit. Fancy starts to dance for him and asks if he’d like to see her dressed like this more often and he of course says yes. He still says no to the trip, but Fancy tells him she won’t have sex with him until he agrees. She starts to strip and Luis finally agrees to leave. He grabs her and passionately kisses her.


Kay and Miguel return to their home and Kay seduces him while saying that going on a trip is a good idea after all. She says he can have her lips on him anytime anywhere if he agrees to go on the trip. Miguel asks if she’s using sex to get him to leave town and she says yes. He tells her he can’t and she says he will be sleeping on the sofa from now on then. He gives up and says he will pack in ten minutes. He then grabs her, kisses her and they fall back on the bed.


Next on Passions:

Pilar angrily tells Theresa that Juanita is probably already near Harmony.

Juanita tells Tabitha that she needs a place to live.

Fancy tells Luis they need to leave town in order to escape from Juanita.

Vincent says, “I know the truth Viki. You killed your parents.”

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