A Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde.

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Ethan undresses for Gertrude; Juanita finds out where Pilar lives; Pilar tries to convince her sons to leave Harmony; Eve revives Ivy; and Vincent has a proposition for Viki.

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Gwen, Ethan and Gertrude enter Gwen and Ethan’s room after celebrating their impending wedding. Ethan and Gwen are a bit drunk after drinking too much champagne and Theresa wonders how she'll be able to stop Ethan from remarrying Gwen. Gwen giddily tells Ethan they need to make plans and instructs Gertrude to measure Ethan for a new tux and hands her a measuring tape. Theresa thinks Gwen must be pretty tipsy to let another woman even touch Ethan, but it’s a job she happily accepts. As Gertrude measures Ethan, Gwen imagines it’s Theresa doing it and looks concerned. Gwen thinks she’s had too much champagne and leaves to get some paper. Out in the hall Gwen thinks she needs to stop thinking about Theresa because she’s dead and gone and won’t be able to interfere with her wedding to Ethan this time around.


As Gertrude measures Ethan, she tells him it’s hard to be accurate with his clothes on, so Ethan takes off his shirt, much to Theresa’s delight. Gwen walks in as Gertrude measures his chest and thinks she sees Theresa doing it. Gwen leaves again to get a working pen and Gertrude moves on to Ethan’s inseam. Ethan asks if she wants to measure him with his pants on or off and they laugh. Gwen overhears and thinks, “It’s good to hear Ethan laugh again, even if it’s not with me.” Ethan takes his pants off and stands in his underwear. Theresa thinks that he still takes her breath away and gets on the ground to take his measurements. Theresa gets excited while measuring Ethan’s inseam and they make playful double entendres about being firm, how every inch matters and how long he is. Gwen walks in and sees the two having fun and thinks, “First it was Theresa and now Gertrude is after Ethan.” Annoyed, Gwen asks why Gertrude is on her knees and Ethan is in his underwear! They explain that Gertrude was just doing what Gwen asked her to. Gwen brings up Theresa and Ethan asks her to stop comparing herself to her. Gwen asks him if Theresa were still alive would he be with her instead? Ethan says he would, but reminds Gwen that Theresa is never coming back. Theresa is crestfallen as Ethan assures Gwen he is committed to her and asks her not to look back anymore because he’s ready to move on with her forever.


Ethan leaves the room and Gwen apologizes to Gertrude for snapping at her. Gwen tells her about Theresa trying to steal Ethan away from her during their first wedding and says she overreacted. Gwen then asks her to go over the invitation list with her and Theresa thinks she will figure out a way to stop her from being with Ethan.


At the hospital, Sam carries Ivy into a room as Viki, Esme, Julian and Eve follow. Sam asks if she’s still alive as Eve looks for a pulse. Esme wants to protect Viki from the images of death, as Vincent pokes his head around the corner thinking he needs to team up with the young killer. As Ivy flatlines, Eve injects her with adrenaline and revives her. Sam thanks Eve for saving Ivy and Viki thinks she needs to put Ivy six feet under.


Vincent hides in a closet and overhears Esme and Viki talking in the hallway. He thinks he and Viki will make the best murdering duo since Bonnie and Clyde. Esme is worried about Viki being subjected to all this death especially after her parents just died, but Viki assures her she’s okay. Esme then goes on a rant about all the doctors she’s bedded and promises Viki she’ll eventually find a nice rich man to marry who will take care of them once the killer is caught.


Esme leaves the area and Vincent pulls Viki into the closet. Viki pretends to be scared by him, but Vincent calls her bluff saying he knows she killed Alistair and tried to do in Ivy as well. Viki asks what he wants and Vincent asks her to team up with him. He says together they can solve all of their problems. He asks her to help him eliminate all their enemies in one glorious massacre.


Ivy wakes up and Sam asks if she knows who tried to kill her. She tries to remember as Esme, Julian and Eve stand around. She says she didn’t see who did it and Esme asks if it could be the same person who killed Alistair. Sam thinks it could be and vows to find his killer and promises to get Vincent as well.

Sam tells Ivy how happy he is that she’s okay as Eve and Julian observe their closeness. Julian says he’s happy that Sam and Ivy have found their way back to each and wishes he and Eve could do the same thing. Julian then privately wishes Vincent could get the help he so desperately needs.


Luis and Fancy meet Miguel and Kay at the police station and update them on Ivy being found in the hospital closet and Sheridan getting thrown over the falls. They grab coffee and donuts as Pilar enters thinking she needs to convince them all to leave Harmony before Juanita finds them. Luis fills a stunned Pilar in on what’s been happening and they all wait for word on Ivy and Sheridan. Pilar suggests the family take a trip around the world to honor Theresa’s memory and insists they leave tonight. Luis can’t because of work and Miguel cites the wedding, but Pilar suggests the ceremony take place somewhere tropical. Kay, knowing that Harmony will soon be destroyed, supports the idea, but Luis and Miguel shoot the idea down. Pilar gets upset and Luis and Miguel wonder why she wants everyone out of town all of a sudden. Pilar just says it would be nice to go away, but the boys say it’s not a good time. Luis says they can plan a trip for next summer, but Pilar says it will be too late and she insists on going right now. Luis says then it will be without him because he has work to do. Pilar thinks she needs to find another way to leave Harmony before Juanita gets there and thinks Kay and Fancy are the key to convincing her sons to leave town. She asks the women to go back to the house for some girl talk and the three of them leave.


Pilar, Fancy and Kay sit at the mansion drinking tea while Pilar tries to convince them to take a vacation. Fancy says she can’t because of Ivy and Kay doesn’t want to get married without her dad who will have to stay in Harmony due to work and Ivy. Pilar gets angry and tells them that Juanita is coming to Harmony to kill her entire family and their loved ones!


At the bookstore, Juanita tells her henchman that the photo of Luis will lead them to Pilar because his uniform will have the town and his last name on his badge. Juanita pulls out a magnifying glass she finds in a drawer and looks more closely at the photo. Juanita sees Harmony written on his badge and as they make their way to Pilar, Juanita giddily cackles at the thought of killing all the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.


Next on Passions:

Pilar tells Fancy and Kay that they have to leave Harmony.

In disguise, Juanita holds a gun and vows to kill Pilar’s family.

Tabitha thinks that if her spell doesn’t work, then everyone in Harmony is as good as dead.

Luis pronounces Ethan and Theresa man and wife.

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