As Emotional as a Snake.

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Valerie watches Viki in action, Sam questions Eve and Julian about Vincent, Pilar gives Ethan and Gwen her blessing, Theresa refuses to leave Harmony and Juanita gets one step closer to Pilar.

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Pilar panics over Juanita coming to kill her family, as Gwen, Ethan and Gertrude come downstairs. Gwen tells Pilar she and Ethan are renewing their vows and Theresa quietly tells her mother that watching them get remarried will kill her. Pilar tells her, “Lots of things can kill you.” Theresa tells Pilar if they go through with their vow renewal, she will never have a chance with Ethan because he told “Gertrude” that even if Theresa were alive, if he renewed his vows with Gwen, he would never leave her. Theresa asks Pilar how she’s supposed to live without him, while Gwen and Ethan sit on the couch and discuss details of their ceremony. Theresa wants to tell Ethan right now that she’s alive, but Pilar tells her she can’t. Theresa says she won’t spend the rest of her life as Gertrude, while Gwen tells Ethan the ceremony will be a fresh start for them. Theresa looks on and wonders if after everything she’s been through, she’ll have to watch Gwen and Ethan spend their life together. She imagines life many years down the road when she’s old and gray and confined to a wheelchair and is forced to watch Ethan and Gwen live happily together.

Gwen wants to continue making wedding plans, but Ethan asks Pilar if the ceremony upsets her, because if it does, he will postpone it. Gertrude pipes up and says maybe they should wait awhile since Theresa just died. Gwen tells her it’s none of her business and says that they are joining Kay & Miguel and Paloma & Noah’s ceremony because that was the only date that was free. She points out if they can move on so soon after Theresa’s death, then her and Ethan should be able to as well. Ethan says if Pilar is uncomfortable with it, he will put a stop to it because he doesn’t want to disrespect her feelings. Theresa hopes Pilar will put the kibosh on it, but Pilar tells Ethan and Gwen she hopes they will be happy and gives them her blessing. Ethan and Gwen are surprised, but pleased and they thank her.


Ethan tells Gwen he thinks it’s odd that Pilar is so happy for them especially with all the tension between the two of them. Gwen wonders if he’s looking for a way out of the ceremony and asks whey he even cares what Pilar thinks. Ethan assures her he wants to go through with the wedding, but wonders why Pilar suddenly changed her mind. Gwen tells Ethan that Pilar supports them so they should put Theresa behind them and start over.


As Gwen and Ethan discuss the ceremony, Theresa asks her mother how she could betray her like this. Pilar tells her that Juanita called her and that she’s coming to kill them all. Pilar fills Theresa in about her friend at the bookstore and says that their whole family needs to leave Harmony before Juanita finds them and slits their throats. Theresa doesn’t think being on the run is the best solution, especially for the children, but Pilar thinks they will die if they stay. Theresa thinks the government will help them, but Pilar reminds her that they haven’t caught Juanita yet and says they have to run or they will all die. Theresa doesn’t think her siblings will go along with the plan and says without Ethan she doesn’t care if she lives.


Juanita and her henchman look through the bookstore to find information on Pilar. The henchman brings out a new box of papers and Juanita finds a photo of Luis in his cop uniform. Juanita recognizes him from Mexico as Pilar’s son and says she will kill Pilar’s children one by one right in front of her.


At the hospital, Viki drags Ivy into a closet, as Valerie watches from another room while holding her baby. Viki tries to stuff Ivy in the closet, but has a bit of trouble. Valerie thinks Viki is clever and calls her a sweet-faced murderer, as Viki succeeds in stashing Ivy away. Viki starts to leave the area, but drops her purse. Valerie sees a gun fall out and wonders if Viki killed Alistair and all of Esme’s boyfriends.


With Luis and Esme beside him, Sam wants to question Julian and Eve about Vincent, but they insist Vincent is dead. Sam tells them that Sheridan named Vincent as the person who drugged her and pushed her over Niagara Falls. Julian says Sheridan is losing her grip on reality, but Luis defends Sheridan’s statements. Eve and Julian pretend to be shocked that their son could be alive, but say it’s impossible. Sam asks if they are sure they know nothing about Vincent’s return and tapes their statements for future reference. Julian doesn’t understand why Sam believes Sheridan because he doesn’t think she’s very stable. Luis insists she was very sure of herself, but Eve says Sheridan is prone to flights of fancy. Sam and Luis go to question Sheridan more in depth and Esme stays behind. Esme remarks that even the dead pop up to murder people and then goes to find Viki to make sure she’s safe.


Esme comes looking for Viki and calls out her name. Ivy falls out of the closet and Viki panics that Esme will find out what she’s done. Viki pushes Ivy back in the closet before Esme spots her. Esme tells Viki she needs to keep a close eye on her because a murderer is on the loose and they walk away. Valerie tells her baby that they could use some of young Viki’s talents.

Eve and Julian panic over what to do now about Vincent and wonder if he’s the one who killed Alistair. Eve tells Julian that Valerie is at the hospital and that she swore neither she nor Vincent had anything to do with Alistair. She then tells Julian about Vincent wanting to be the new Sheridan Crane. Julian is stunned and Eve says Vincent/Valerie vowed to kill Sheridan no matter what it takes. Eve then wonders if their son didn’t kill Alistair, who did?

Sam and Luis come back from seeing Sheridan and tell Eve and Julian that she’s sleeping so they couldn’t question her. Julian and Eve are relieved and Julian says Sheridan is crazy for thinking Vincent is alive. Luis says Sheridan is as sane as anyone and that people come back from the dead all the time in Harmony.


Esme and Viki and then Valerie and her baby come to find the rest of the group and Sam wonders where Ivy is. Viki innocently says she hopes nothing bad has happened to her and Valerie thinks, “That child is as emotional as a snake.” They go in search of Ivy and Julian spots a trail of blood, which leads to the closet Viki put her in. Sam opens the door and Ivy falls out. Eve rushes to her and Esme says, “The killer struck again!” Sam asks if Ivy will be all right. Eve looks upset and Sam says, “No! She can’t be dead!”


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Gwen walks in on Ethan in just his shorts and Gertrude on the ground and asks Gertrude, “Why are you on your knees?”

Vincent asks Viki to team up with him.

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