If I Didn't Know Better...

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Ethan and Gertrude have a heart to heart, Gwen has exciting news for Ethan, Pretty gets her first exam, Sheridan is brought to the hospital, Valerie makes an appearance and Viki stabs Ivy.

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Theresa pretends to be shocked by Ethan’s kiss and as Gertrude, asks him why he kissed her. Ethan tells her he’s embarrassed, but explains he did it because he felt a certain familiarity when he gave her mouth-to-mouth. He says he felt like he did when he used to kiss Theresa. He asks her to accept his apology and says he doesn’t make it a habit of pouncing on unconscious women. Gertrude says she understands he’s grieving and people do all sorts of strange things when they lose someone they love. Ethan says when he was with Theresa, his heart would beat faster and no one made him feel that way again until she came along. He says if he didn’t know better he’d think she was Theresa in disguise. Ethan is grateful to her for saving Little Ethan and Gertrude says he’s the best little boy she’s ever taken care of and remarks that the two of them seem really close. Ethan says they are and that he has always loved him like his own. Ethan says he can’t believe he will never hold Theresa in his arms again and berates himself for not being able to help her in the end. Ethan says since Theresa's death, life seems pointless and he even wonders if heaven exists because a loving God wouldn’t take her away from him. Gertrude tells him he can’t lose faith in love and assures him wherever Theresa is she loves him and he is the only man in her heart. Ethan tells Gertrude she has the same fire Theresa had and it helps him to talk to her. Ethan doesn’t know if he’ll ever get over losing Theresa, but notes that he has the children to take care of. Gertrude grabs his hand and tells him not to doubt himself because he’s a good man. Affected by her touch, Ethan thanks her for putting up with him and apologizes for kissing her.


Gwen is in her room upset about Ethan and wishes she could find her mother to talk to, as Rebecca suddenly appears in a Wonder Woman outfit. Rebecca explains that she was having a private party in the boathouse with Pablo who was dressed as the Incredible Hulk when they got interrupted by the earthquake. Gwen doesn’t want to hear about it and complains to her mother that she thinks Ethan is choosing Gertrude over her. Rebecca says the only woman who could take Ethan away from her is Theresa and she’s dead! Gwen tells her that she’s been having dreams or hallucinations about Theresa and Ethan, and even Gertrude and Ethan having sex. Rebecca thinks she’s just being insecure, but Gwen thinks Ethan acts like he’s in love with Gertrude. Rebecca thinks maybe the bookcase hit Gwen on the head instead of Gertrude, because Ethan would never want anything to do with the nanny. Gwen gets a phone call and excitedly tells Rebecca she needs to find Ethan right away.


Ethan tells Gertrude he should leave and Gertrude thanks him for saving her life. They hug and Gwen enters rolling her eyes at the two of them in an embrace. Gwen interrupts them holding a couple of glasses and a bottle of champagne. Ethan says it’s not what it looks like and Gwen says she understands because she’s the one who sent Ethan in to talk to Gertrude in the first place. She assumes Ethan told Gertrude about not undermining her and was just comforting her. Gertrude plays along and Gwen says she has amazing news. She excitedly lets Ethan know that the lady from the church called and they have a date for their wedding!


At the hospital, Luis and Fancy find a nurse for Pretty who takes her to into a cubicle. After Pretty leaves, they see Sheridan being brought in on a gurney with Sam by her side. They go into Sheridan’s cubicle and then Pretty enters saying the hospital is too busy tonight and she’ll come back later. Luis insists she get checked out and wants to go with her, but is worried about Sheridan. Sam and Fancy assure him they’ll stay with Sheridan so he can go with Pretty.


Out in the hallway, Pretty tells Luis she can handle it on her own, but Luis says he’s going to make sure she and the baby get checked out. They find a doctor who says he’s free and Pretty tells Luis to stay in the hall. She urges him to check on Sheridan and after Luis leaves, Pretty tells the doctor they need to talk. Pretty shows the doctor her fake baby bump and asks him to write up a fake exam saying the baby is okay and hands him a bunch of money. The doctor agrees and Pretty leaves.

Sam and Fancy notice that Sheridan is waking up and ask her who did this to her. She’s unresponsive, but when Luis returns, Sam thinks maybe Sheridan will respond to him. Luis asks her who did this to her, but Sheridan passes out again. Luis assures a sleeping Sheridan that no one will hurt her while he’s around, as Fancy looks worried.


Pretty runs into Luis in the hallway and tells him that she and the baby are in great shape and a report will be sent to him. Luis is relieved and goes back to check on Sheridan. Sheridan starts to stir and Luis comforts her. Sheridan asks where she is and Luis fills her in on what happened. Sheridan recalls going over the falls and says she remembers everything. She tells everyone that Vincent pushed her into the water and that he just had a baby.


In other parts of the hospital, Ivy makes a call to a friend who can place Viki in a boarding school right away. Esme is thrilled because then she’ll be protected, but Viki thinks, “Enjoy your last hours on earth, busybody.” Ivy talks up the boarding school and tells Esme the security system is top notch, as Viki finds a syringe and thinks Ivy is about to die. Viki tells Esme she doesn’t want to go to boarding school, but Esme says it’s best for her safety. Esme leaves to make some calls and Viki gets out the syringe saying the cup of coffee Ivy is drinking will be her last. Before Viki can stab Ivy, Esme returns and then Ivy leaves to tell Eve about Sheridan.


Eve comes into a cubicle and sees Valerie who has come in to register the baby since Vincent can’t do it himself. Eve asks if she knows about Alistair and asks if she had anything to do with it. Valerie assures Eve neither she nor Vincent killed him. Ivy walks into Valerie’s cubicle and sees Julian’s baby and tells Eve that’s probably the last baby he’ll ever sire due to his new plumbing. Ivy tells Eve about Sheridan and leaves. Valerie is surprised and angry to hear she survived and tells Eve that Sheridan was supposed to die. Eve is outraged that Vincent tried to kill again and Valerie says if Vincent can’t kill her, then it’s up to her! Eve reminds her that she swore she wouldn’t kill again, but Valerie says Vincent promised, not her and tells Eve that Vincent wants to be the new Sheridan Crane.


Once Ivy returns and they are alone, Viki stabs Ivy in the back with the syringe and says, “That’s what you get for meddling lady!”


On the phone, Juanita tells a distressed Pilar that she’s coming to kill her and her family. Juanita tells her how she’s been tracking her and knows she’s been using the bookstore as her billing address for her phone. Juanita tells Pilar that her friend from the store is about to take a short swim in deep water and cackles. Pilar lashes out at Juanita for harming her friend and Juanita says anyone close to her is fair game. Juanita continues to threaten Pilar and says while Theresa may be dead, she knows she has beautiful sons and grandchildren and she’s coming for them. After a final warning, Pilar hangs up with Juanita and thinks that her whole family has to run away from Harmony and never look back.


Next on Passions:

Pilar tells Theresa they have to get out of Harmony.

Gwen gushes to Ethan that from now on nothing will stand in their way.

Eve asks Julian, “If Valerie didn’t do it and Vincent didn’t do it, then who did?”

Viki drags a lifeless Ivy into a closet.

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