Are You Ready to Die?

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Ethan can't stop thinking about Theresa, Juanita threatens Pilar, Pretty tries to hide her non-pregnancy and Julian is off the hook.

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While Ethan performs CPR on Gertrude, Little Ethan pleads with him to not let his mom die. Pilar whispers to her grandson not to let their secret out while Ethan and Gwen look confused over him calling Gertrude “mom”. Ethan says Gertrude is breathing again and then asks Little E why he called Gertrude “mom”. Pilar interjects and says that Little E has been traumatized by Theresa’s death and needs a mother figure and sees Gertrude as that. Ethan tries to call 911 to get Gertrude help, but the phone lines aren’t back up yet due to the earthquake. Pilar notices the color coming back into Theresa’s cheeks and prays that she will wake up. Ethan stares at Gertrude and Gwen asks him what’s wrong. He says he doesn’t know, but flashes back to telling Gertrude about Theresa and then him and Theresa having sex. Gwen asks Ethan to stop staring at Gertrude because it’s giving her the creeps and Ethan says there’s just something strange about her. Ethan tries to call 911 again and Gwen wonders what’s going on with him. Pilar notices Theresa’s wig coming off and panics while trying to put it back on without Ethan and Gwen noticing. She succeeds and Ethan kneels down next to Gertrude, as she opens her eyes. Ethan thanks her for saving Little Ethan’s life and she says any woman would have done the same thing. Gwen thinks to herself, “I have had it with this woman. She has got to go!” Ethan flashes back to his drug induced night with Theresa again and wonders why Gertrude makes him think about her.

Ethan carries Gertrude up to her room and puts her in bed. Pilar tells Ethan she can take care of Gertrude now if he wants to leave and Gwen say that’s a good idea. Ethan says not yet and thanks Gertrude again for saving Little E’s life. Gwen takes Ethan’s hand and leads him out of the room. Little E comes to Theresa’s bedside to make sure his mother is okay. Theresa and Little E hug over both of them being alive.


Pilar comes back to Theresa's room after putting Little E to bed and tells her how proud she is of her for protecting her son. Theresa says any mother would have done the same and Pilar says that’s how she feel about her family and Juanita. Theresa tells Pilar not to worry because she feels like she’s been protected ever since the night with the sharks, but Pilar tells her to be careful. As Theresa falls asleep, Pilar gets a feeling like someone just walked over her grave and tells her sleeping daughter that Juanita is close, maybe closer than she thinks.

Ethan and Gwen go up to their room and discuss Little E referring to Gertrude as mom. Gwen makes jokes about Gertrude’s appearance and Ethan says it’s obvious Little E needs special attention right now and he’s glad they didn’t send him to boarding school. Gwen tells Ethan she wants to fire Gertrude and Ethan is shocked she wants to get rid of her after what she did tonight. Gwen thinks she’s becoming too obsessed with the children and is suspicious of her. Ethan just thinks she a good person. He doesn’t want to get rid of her, but he will tell Gertrude that Gwen doesn’t like her undermining her. He says that’s as far as he will go and the matter will be closed afterwards.


Ethan goes to Gertrude’s room and sees that she’s sleeping. He sits down on the bed and asks, “What is it about you?” He asks why he’s so drawn to her and kisses her on the lips. Theresa wakes up and says, “Ethan” in her real voice and then covers using Gertrude’s accent.


Juanita and her henchman go to a bookstore because that’s the address that came up when they traced Pilar’s call. News of the earthquake in Harmony comes on the radio and the cashier says aloud that she hopes her friend Pilar is safe. Juanita overhears and asks if she has a friend named Pilar. The woman says yes and then calls her to make sure she’s all right. Juanita tells her henchman this woman is the key to Pilar. After the woman leaves Pilar a voicemail, Juanita pulls a gun on her and tells her that she will answer every question she has about Pilar or she will die. They tie the woman up, but she won’t tell Juanita anything. Juanita tells her henchman to search the store for something that will lead them to Pilar. The henchman finds phone records indicating Pilar had her phone hooked up to the store and that’s why it came up on their trace. Juanita hits the woman for delaying her search for Pilar. They aren’t sure which town Pilar lives in though and they wait for Pilar to return the woman’s voicemail. Juanita instructs her man to look for paperwork revealing Pilar’s address and waits for Pilar to call back.

Pilar goes downstairs in the Crane mansion and sees that her friend called her. She calls back, but worries that she shouldn’t be making the call. Juanita answers and asks if Pilar is ready to die.


In her room, Pretty tries on a fake baby bump, while Luis and Fancy run the Crane halls, so Luis can make sure Pretty and his baby are okay after the earthquake. Luis pounds on Pretty’s door and she panics thinking he’ll find out she’s not really pregnant. Pretty tells them to wait a minute while she puts on her baby bump and Luis tries to open the door thinking she sounds panicked. The door is jammed, so Luis starts breaking it down. He gets through and Pretty covers up her bump. News of Sheridan being pushed over Niagara Falls comes over the radio and they learn she has been taken to the hospital. Fancy and Luis are shocked, as Pretty is dismayed she didn’t think of it. Luis and Fancy want to go to the hospital to check on Sheridan and want Pretty to come too so they can check her and the baby out. Pretty tries to protest, but Fancy and Luis insist. Pretty wonders how she’s supposed to hide her “bump”.


At the hospital, Sam reads Julian his rights, as Eve thinks she can’t let Julian go to jail for Alistair’s murder since it was her idea in the first place. Esme and Viki burst in the room asking if Alistair is really dead and Julian says, “Absolutely and I’m the one who killed him.” Esme wants to make sure he’s really and truly dead and asks if they drove a stake through his heart. Ivy admonishes her for being so callous, as Esme rejoices over Alistair getting killed. Sam gets a call from the station and then takes the handcuffs off of Julian because the gun Julian shot Alistair with was filled with blanks. Julian wonders if it wasn’t him who mortally shot his father, who killed Alistair? Viki flashes back to sneaking into the room and shooting Alistair at the exact same moment Julian fired his gun. Sam says Alistair’s death is probably linked to Esme’s boyfriends’ deaths and Esme asks him for guards to protect her and Viki. Sam says they don’t have the manpower and Ivy suggests sending Viki to boarding school if she wants to protect her. Viki thinks to herself, “Keep your mouth shut lady; I still have my knife.” Ivy argues the case for boarding school and Esme thinks maybe she’s right. Sam says he feels helpless and wishes he could crack this case. Ivy wonders who will be murdered next, as Viki glares at her.


Next on Passions:

Juanita tells Pilar that she’s coming to kill her and her whole family.

Pretty tells the doctor that she’s not really pregnant and she doesn’t want Luis and Fancy to find out.

Viki stabs Ivy with a syringe.

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