Let the Games Begin!

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Sam arrests Eve for Alistair's death, Kay and Tabitha try to save Harmony, Theresa and Little Ethan get trapped under a bookshelf, and Juanita makes her way to town.

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Before the earthquake hits, Gwen tells Ethan she wants to fire Gertrude because she constantly undermines her. Ethan defends the nanny, but Gwen holds her ground. The quake hits and Gwen worries about the children, but Ethan thinks Gertrude is keeping them safe and calm. Gwen says after the quake, Gertrude has to go! Ethan says they’ll talk about it later and while the earthquake is still going on, they get up to make sure everyone is okay.

Downstairs, Pilar and Theresa take cover and Theresa worries about her kids. Pilar tells her to stay put because if something happens to her the kids will be at Gwen’s mercy. Little Ethan appears in the doorway and says he’s scared! Theresa tells him to stay where he is, but Little Ethan tries to make it across the room. Theresa sees that a bookshelf is about to fall and jumps to protect her son, but the shelf falls on both of them. Pilar cries and tries to lift the bookshelf off of Theresa and Little Ethan.

At the hospital, Kay and Tabitha try to figure out a way to save Harmony from the disaster that’s being unleashed. Sam and Ivy enter and Kay tells them Alistair has been shot and they think he’s dead.


In Alistair’s hospital room, Eve covers his body and tells Julian that Alistair is dead! Sam and Ivy enter the room and Eve and Julian say they found him like this and there was no saving him.


Kay tells Tabitha there must be something they can do to stop the quake and Tabitha casts a spell. Kay and Tabitha shoot bolts out of their hands and the earthquake stops. Tabitha says all they’ve done is delay the inevitable because Alistair was killed for revenge and Harmony will be destroyed another time. Kay thinks maybe the book of disasters isn’t as powerful as she thinks, but Tabitha assures her Harmony’s fate is sealed and the sea will rise up and take what’s hers. Kay gets a call from Miguel who tells her that he heard reports of people seeing fish with legs walking out of the ocean onto the beach. Tabitha says, “Soon all of Hell will break loose in Harmony!” Kay gets back on her phone and sees a report that people are seeing statues come to life and walking around. Kay worries that everyone she loves will die and Tabitha tells her there is still time to tell them to get out of town, but Kay doesn’t think anyone will believe her. Kay then thinks she can have a destination wedding, which will get everyone out of Harmony. A nurse wheels a dead body in the waiting area that Kay and Tabitha are in and leaves him there. The dead person comes to life and talks to a shocked Kay and Tabitha. He asks where he can get a good burger and they direct him to a nearby restaurant. He leaves and Kay says they should stay in Harmony and find a way to divert disaster.


Ethan and Gwen come out of the kids’ room and marvel that Jane and Jonathan slept through the quake. They go downstairs and see Pilar trying to pick up the bookshelf. Pilar tells them that Gertrude and Little Ethan are trapped under there and Ethan runs to help Pilar, as Gwen thinks at least she won’t have to fire Gertrude now. Ethan hears breathing and says they are still alive and Pilar tries to call for help, but the phones are down. Ethan lifts up the bookshelf and he and Pilar tend to Gertrude and Little Ethan. Ethan can’t believe Gertrude would sacrifice herself for Little Ethan and calls her incredible. Pilar carries an unconscious Little Ethan to the couch and Ethan realizes Gertrude isn’t breathing and says he can’t feel a pulse! As Ethan gives Theresa mouth to mouth, he flashes back to the night Theresa drugged him and they had sex. Ethan stops and looks confused for a moment, but then goes back to trying to revive Gertrude. Pilar worries that Ethan will realize Gertrude is really Theresa, while Gwen wishes Gertrude would wake up or die already. Little Ethan comes to and sees Theresa passed out on the floor and yells out, “Don’t let mommy die!” Ethan wants to know why Little Ethan called Gertrude mommy.


Alistair’s body is taken to the morgue and Ivy says she can’t believe he is really dead. Sam assures her Alistair is gone for good this time. He holds the gun that has been bagged for evidence and asks Eve and Julian what they know about Alistair being shot. Julian and Eve remain mum and Sam gets a call regarding the earthquake. While Sam attends to police business, Ivy tells Eve and Julian that Alistair deserved to die and says everyone would know they shot him in self-defense. She asks which one of them did it, but they insist it wasn’t them. Sam gets off the phone and again asks them who shot Alistair and why. When Eve and Julian remain quiet, Sam calls to find out who the gun is registered to. He learns that the gun belongs to T.C., but since he’s out of town, Eve is the only one who had access to it. Sam tells Eve she is his prime suspect in Alistair’s murder and reads Eve her rights. After Eve is handcuffed, Julian says he won’t let her do this, but Eve says she came here to kill Alistair and now he’s dead. She tells Julian, “I’ll be proud to be known as the woman who killed Alistair Crane.” Julian tells her he loves her with all his heart and he won’t let her go to jail for a crime she didn’t commit. Julian tells Sam he is the one who killed Alistair. Eve insists it was her, but Julian says he shot his own father. Ivy looks at Julian and says, “You really did it didn’t you? You killed Alistair.” Ivy tells Julian she’s never been more proud of him and Julian demands Sam arrest him!


Juanita and her henchman are in a car driving and Juanita flashes back to the night Pilar killed her husband. She says, “I’m coming for you Pilar now that I finally know where you live.” Juanita asks her assassin if he left the federal agent where he won’t be a problem and he assures her he did. On the drive to Pilar’s, Juanita plots the many ways she can torture Pilar and her family and her henchman thinks to himself that Juanita is crazy. They finally get to “the town Pilar and her family call home” and Juanita says, “Let the games begin!”


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Esme and Viki come to Alistair’s hospital room and Esme asks, "Is that animal Alistair finally dead?” Julian says yes and that he killed him, but Sam insists there is no way Julian could have killed Alistair with that gun.

Ethan puts a still unconscious Gertrude to bed and asks, “Why am I so drawn to you?” Ethan kisses her and she wakes up saying his name.

Juanita and her henchman pass a woman who hears a report of the earthquake in Harmony and says, “I hope Pilar is alright.” Juanita asks the woman if she said Pilar’s name.

Luis runs to check on Pretty after the earthquake because she’s carrying his baby and Fancy follows him. He knocks on Pretty’s door as she’s trying on a fake pregnancy bump. Pretty panics that Luis will find out she’s not really pregnant.

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