Moving on with their lives

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

Sheridan becomes a mommy, Pilar asks for a divorce and Jessica's friend search for evidence to prove her innocence.

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Paloma can't ignore the evidence

Paloma and Simone discuss Spike and how he is blackmailing Jessica. They plan to find the real killer of the dead johns. Simone thinks they should start by digging up Spike's past.

Simone checks Spike's rap sheet at the station. She doesn't find anything more serious than petty crimes. Paloma figures Alistair probably helped his employee keep the bigger stuff off the records. What they can't figure out is why Spike wanted Jessica to marry him. They can't believe it was because he actually cared for her. All of a sudden Paloma wonders if what they're doing is the right thing. That maybe instead of helping Jessica, their actions may end up getting Jessica hurt.

Paloma discovers none of the johns were killed while Jessica was out of the country. It looks like Jessica really is the killer according to the evidence. She doesn't blame Jessica for the killings. Simone can't believe it. It has to be a coincidence that Jessica was out of the country when the murders stopped. She knows her as well as she knows her own sister. Paloma recites the evidence to her. As a police cadet, she can't ignore it.


Spike controls Jessica

Spike drags Jessica home. He threatens to beat her for complaining about him to her friends. Jessica denies that's what happened. She explains how they saw the bruises accidentally. She never blamed Spike. He threatens to hurt her friends permanently if she does. He scares Jessica with his talk of violence. Spike changes the discussion and tells her he really cares about her, striking her to force her to recite all the "good" things he does for her. He dangles the diamond necklace he stole from Sheridan and gives it to Jessica. He reminds her that he is the only one that loves her, not her friends.

He starts pawing her. She pushes him away. He practically raped her the night before. He is forcing himself on her again. In her daydream, Jessica stabs him to death. In reality, she pushes him off her and grabs a butcher knife. She orders Spike to leave her alone. He dares her to stab him. She doesn't but neither does she back down. He goes upstairs to take a shower and orders her to join him. Jessica cuts herself with the knife and flees the house.

At Theresa's, Kathryn remembers Fancy's lecture about her adultery. Martin interrupts her reverie. The two exchange pleasantries. Kathryn confesses she misses him. Martin explains his absence on being tied up with a new job. He is also trying to reconnect with the family he abandoned. Kathryn understands because she feels like a stranger to her family too. Martin tries to cut the visit short but Kathryn stops his exit. She wants to know if she is a bad person. Martin tells her she's not. Pilar walks in and disputes that conclusion. In fact, she believes they are both cruel monsters.


Pilar wants to love again

Kathryn thinks eavesdropping is so rude. Pilar didn't come to argue with her. She pities both of them because they don't know what decency is. She even prays for Kathryn so she won't despise her. Pilar can't decide which one is worse. Martin claims he was just trying to protect her. Pilar refuses to accept that. He has no excuse for what he did. She decides he is worse than Kathryn. At least, her excuse was her abusive husband. Pilar can't imagine why she ever wanted him back.

It makes Martin sad to see how bitter Pilar has become. Kathryn just wants to know what is she doing there. Pilar wants to talk to Martin, not discuss. She doesn't want to hear anything they have to say. She explains how she counseled her children to move on with their lives and forget the people that didn't love them back. She realized she need to practice what she preached. She wants to live again and love again before it's too late.

Martin can't believe she means that. Pilar assures him she does. She wants a divorce and annulment so she can marry again someday. She has moved on. She leaves the two. Martin calls after her but Kathryn stops him. Things are perfect. Now they can have what they always dreamed of. Unfortunately, Martin does not think so. He leaves her by herself.

Sheridan prepares for her day in courtthe legal adoption of James. She seeks approval from Chris for her choice of attire. She is very nervous. Chris reassures her. Nothing will go wrong. She's perfect. Sheridan asks if they can stop by the church and light a candle for Chris' first wife. James runs in before he can answer. He is so excited. He wants to hurry up and make Sheridan his real mommy.

Luis is taking out his frustrations about Sheridan on the punching bag at the station. In so doing, he accidentally knocks out Fancy. She comes to but he doesn't apologize. He blames it on being a little preoccupied about work. Fancy thinks it's more like repressed anger. She knows he is upset over her aunt. Luis doesn't want to talk about it. Fancy agrees not to push.

They work out together, first on the punching bag and then they move on to the treadmill. They compete to see who can go the longest and the fastest. Fancy loses when she falls off the treadmill. Luis pulls her to her feet which she turns into a liplock.

Luis pulls away first. He recites the cadet-officer rule again. He isn't going to fraternize. He showers instead as Fancy smirks.

In the judges chambers, the adoption goes forward without a hitch. Sheridan finally has the family she always dreamed of. Then she speaks the words that doom all soap opera heroines. She says finally nothing bad is looming over them. Everything is perfect. They celebrate a Christmas card moment with a photo.


Luis gives Fancy hope

Fancy apologizes for pushing Luis anyway. She just wants to know if there's a chance for them. Luis answers "who knows." He can't give any guarantees. Fancy doesn't want guarantees. She wants hope. He says there's always hope. That is enough for Fancy and she plants another kiss on him.
He changes the subject by asking her if she would accompany him to the courtroom on police business. Of course, they run into Sheridan and her new family. James is so happy. He blurts out that he was adopted. Luis tells him he got the best mommy in the world.
Fancy congratulates Sheridan. After the little family leaves, Fancy tries to comfort Luis. She knows it's got to hurt. He denies it. In the corridor, James is asking his new mommy if she is sad because she is crying. Sheridan claims they are tears of happiness but she does look sad.

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