Destruction Hits Harmony!

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Alistair gets shot which sets off an earthquake, Tabitha and Kay try to prevent Harmony's destruction, Juanita finds Pilar's whereabouts and Vincent throws Sheridan over the falls.

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Pilar praises Theresa for writing the letter stating that said she didn’t want Little Ethan and Jane to go to boarding school. Theresa just bemoans the fact that she can’t be with Ethan and that she has to watch him with Gwen.

In her hideout, Juanita waits for Pilar to call and demands to know why she hasn’t yet. The tied up government agent named Henderson says they don’t have a set schedule and he doesn’t know when she will call again. Jaunita's henchman says it will only be a matter of time, but Juanita says she has waited decades and she wants Pilar and her family dead now! Henderson’s phone rings and it's Pilar asking for news on Juanita. Henderson hesitates and tells Juanita he can’t put Pilar in danger. Juanita threatens that he will if he wants his family to live. The henchman tells Henderson to keep Pilar on the line so he can trace the call. He tells Pilar that the lead he had on Juanita proved to be false and then stalls by trying to console Pilar over her situation. He asks her where she is at and Pilar wonders why he asks. He covers and Pilar tells him that she is in the northeastern part of the U.S, but Juanita probably already knows that. Henderson tells Pilar he’ll keep her posted on Juanita and hangs up.


Pilar tells Theresa that something sounded different in Henderson’s voice and it sent shivers down her spine. Theresa tries to make Pilar feel better, but Pilar thinks something is wrong.

The henchman tells Juanita that something went wrong with the Internet connection and he couldn’t get Pilar’s location. Juanita blames Henderson and wants to kill him, but the henchman reminds her they need him to talk to Pilar when she calls again. Juanita instructs Henderson to call Pilar saying he has news on Juanita and then hang up so she will call back and they’ll be able to trace the call.

Henderson does as Juanita instructs and after the call goes dead, Pilar tells Theresa they got disconnected. Theresa tells Pilar to call back, and against her better judgment she does. Henderson tells Pilar that they tracked Juanita to Hawaii and the henchman says they successfully traced the call. Henderson hangs up and Juanita asks her henchman where Pilar is, but the computer hasn’t shown a location yet. Juanita gets on the computer and finds Pilar’s whereabouts and says she will finally have her revenge! Pilar tells Theresa that Henderson sounded weird and she doesn’t think it makes sense for Juanita to go from Mexico to Hawaii.

All dolled up in a sweater set, skirt, short blond wig and makeup, Vincent puts Sheridan in the barrel without even chipping a nail! Vincent puts the barrel in a van and drives to an unknown place. Sheridan wakes up and yells for Vincent to let her out! Vincent hears and says, “Vincent’s not here. I’m Sheridan. The fabulous Sheridan Crane.” Vincent stops the van, pulls the barrel out and pushes Sheridan over some falls.

As Vincent looks forward to taking over Sheridan’s life, Sheridan realizes that Vincent threw her into the water. She tries to figure out where Vincent took her and realizes that she was thrown over Niagara Falls. Sheridan screams as the barrel tumbles over the falls.


At her house, Tabitha drinks a Martimmy and the book of disasters starts sparking. Kay enters, as the book shoots fire and asks what’s going on. Tabitha says Harmony is about to be destroyed along with everyone who lives there. Tabitha tells Kay the predictions in the book will destroy them all. Kay thinks that since they are witches they can’t die. Tabitha corrects her by pointing out that she and Endora are true witches and therefore immortal, but Kay is a mortal with supernatural powers destined to die at some point. She then rethinks her statement and says it may not matter, because death and destruction will come to everyone, human or otherwise. Tabitha tells Kay that legend has it humans have stolen so much from nature that nature will take back everything and more by having the ocean rise up and kill all of human kind starting in Harmony. Kay says they have to stop it, but Tabitha says there’s nothing they can do because every time she tries to sneak a peek at the book to find a way to stop it, the book zaps her. Kay thinks they should try again and the witches zap the book together. The book stops throwing fire and Tabitha looks through the book. She finds a page that says a revenge killing of the most hated person in Harmony is what is going to set off the destruction of their town. Tabitha and Kay realize Alistair is the most hated person in Harmony.

Eve points the gun at Alistair and says it's payback for ruining Vincent’s life. Alistair runs around the room trying to protect himself, as Julian enters and insists Eve not kill Alistair. Alistair thanks Julian for trying to save him, but Julian says he’s just trying to save Eve from going to prison for killing him. Julian stands in between Eve’s gun and Alistair and Eve begs Julian to let her pay him back for everything he did to their son. Julian agrees that Alistair has to die, but not at the cost of Eve going to prison for the rest of her life. Eve cries and gives the gun to Julian. Julian points the gun at Alistair and the elder Crane laughs. He taunts Julian about his upside down penis and calls both him and Eve pathetic and weak. Julian says he didn’t want Eve to kill him because he wanted the pleasure himself.

The book of disasters starts to spark and shows Tabitha and Kay an image of Julian shooting Alistair. The book suddenly slams shut and won’t let Tabitha open it back up. Tabitha and Kay try to call for help to prevent Alistair from dying, but both their phones are dead. Tabitha says they need to go to the hospital themselves to save him or else everyone in Harmony will die.

Alistair laughs and Eve exclaims that Julian shot him! Alistair points out that he’s still standing, but then notices blood coming from his chest. He starts to fall to the ground and Julian says he should have done this years ago. Julian lists all the awful things Alistair has done over the years and he and Eve say goodbye and good riddance! Alistair begs for help, but Eve and Julian just stand there expressionless watching him gasp for breath and then Alistair keels over.

Kay and Tabitha arrive at the hospital and hope they aren’t too late, but an earthquake hits and Tabitha says Alistair must be dead! Theresa and Pilar feel the earthquake and Pilar says if this doesn’t kill them, Juanita will!


Next on Passions:

In bed, Gwen tells Ethan she wants Gertrude replaced.

During the earthquake, a bookcase falls on Little Ethan.

Tabitha says, “Soon, all Hell is going to break loose on Harmony!”

Sam asks Eve and Julian what they know about Alistair’s death.

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