The New Sheridan Crane!

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Vincent has plans for Sheridan, Fancy fantasizes about her and Luis's wedding night, Eve tries to kill Alistair, and Gwen and Ethan decide to send Little E to boarding school.

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In her bedroom, Fancy asks Luis if she’s dreaming, but he assures her she’s not and that nothing will stop him from marrying her. They lie in bed and Fancy asks what their future will be like, but overwhelms Luis with questions. Luis says they don’t have to decide it all tonight, but Fancy says she likes thinking about a future with him. Luis wants to focus on the wedding first and Fancy has a fantasy about their wedding night. After her fantasy is over, Fancy worries that real life doesn’t usually work out for them, but Luis assures her he will make her dreams come true and they have sex.


Eve walks into Alistair’s hospital room with a knife and tells him she’s going to kill him. Alistair says she can’t because no one in Harmony ever succeeds at killing him. She says he is at her mercy now and he will pay for what he did to Vincent. Alistair taunts Eve about what a freak Vincent is and Eve starts to cry. She blames Alistair for how he turned out and she runs at him with the knife. Alistair jumps out of the way before Eve can stab him and then gets the upper hand by getting a hold of the knife. He holds it to Eve’s neck and Eve spots a syringe. She grabs it and stabs him in the leg with it. He falls to the floor and Eve pulls out a gun from her bag. Alistair says there must be something they can do to work this out and offers to set her and Vincent up some place far away so she can give him everything he needs. Eve says he can’t buy his way out of this because the only that will make her happy is to see his heart stop beating and fires the gun, but misses. She says she won’t miss again and points the gun at Alistair.


Gwen gets a phone call in her and Ethan’s bedroom and tells Ethan that the driver is ready to take Little Ethan to boarding school. Ethan lashes out at Gwen for making the arrangements and says it’s not what Theresa would want. Gwen says she thinks the child psychologist was convincing and that sending him to boarding school is the right thing to do. She thinks Ethan should listen to his wife instead of Theresa’s ghost and demands he make a decision between them right now.


Dressed as Gertrude, Theresa tells Pilar she wants to live openly with Ethan, but Pilar tells her that’s impossible. Little Ethan barges in saying Gwen and Ethan are going to make him go to boarding school tonight! Theresa doesn’t understand how Ethan could do this and Pilar says its all Gwen’s doing. Little Ethan asks Theresa if there’s anything she can do to stop him from leaving, but Theresa says if they find out she’s alive they will all be killed. Ethan and Gwen enter and ask what she’s talking about. Gertrude says they were talking about how Little E’s mother wouldn’t want him to go to boarding school. Pilar says she thought Ethan wasn’t going to send Little E away, but Ethan says Gwen is his wife and they are going to make the decision together. Gertrude appeals to Ethan’s love for Theresa and Gwen says it’s not her place to discuss the situation and sends her out of the room. Pilar pleads with them not to send Little E away, but Ethan says he grew to love boarding school and he has to trust Gwen’s judgment on this.


Pilar pulls Gwen aside and accuses her of sending Little E away in an attempt to get Theresa out of Ethan’s heart. Gwen admits she’s just trying to smoke Theresa out because she knows she saw her upstairs with Ethan. Pilar insists she’s dead, but Gwen thinks she’s alive and would never let her little boy go off to boarding school. Gertrude runs in the room saying there’s something she needs to tell Ethan about Theresa and her. She says she was going through Theresa’s things because after hearing everything about her, she started to identify with her. She says she found a letter she wrote about Jane and Little E and that Ethan should read it before sending the boy away. Ethan looks at the note that is dated before she went to Mexico, which says if something should happen she wants Little E and Jane to stay in Harmony close to their family. Gwen thinks the letter is a little too convenient, but Ethan says they should respect Theresa’s wishes. Gwen says the handwriting isn’t Theresa’s and accuses Gertrude of writing it. Pilar pulls out a letter that Theresa wrote her when Antonio died that she always keeps with her. She asks them to compare the handwriting and Gwen begrudgingly says they match. Ethan says he will never go against Theresa’s wishes and that Little E doesn’t have to go to boarding school. Pilar pulls Gwen aside again and asks if she’s convinced Theresa is dead. Gwen says yes and Ethan takes Little Ethan to get a midnight snack. Little E looks back at Theresa and gives her the thumbs up sign. Gwen can’t believe that even in death Theresa always wins.


At the cottage, Vincent holds a gun on Sheridan who nervously congratulates him for coming back from the dead. They discuss how it’s a family talent and Vincent tells her it’s time for her to be punished. Sheridan tries to apologize saying she had to save Spike instead of him so she could get Marty back. He doesn’t want to hear it, but starts to cry before he can pull the trigger. Vincent apologizes for breaking down and Sheridan tries to console him. She sits down next to him, but Vincent points the gun at her. He says he wants her to be afraid like he was on the cliff. Sheridan again tries to explain why she chose Spike over him by saying a mother will do anything for her child and asks if Vincent can understand that. Vincent says he understands because he would do anything for his son who he just gave birth to. Sheridan looks at him strangely and cautiously gets up to make them some tea. Before she can leave the room, Vincent shoots at her, but purposely misses and says, “You’re not going anywhere Blondie.” Sheridan pleads for her life by appealing to his maternal/paternal instincts and Vincent lowers the gun saying the moment his son took his first breath was the best moment of his life. As Vincent talks about this son, Sheridan grabs for the gun and a struggle ensues. Vincent prevails and points the gun at her again. Vincent wonders why he couldn’t grow up with everything like Sheridan did, because he’s a Crane too. He thinks it’s because he’s not a blond like all the other Crane women, but that will all change. He puts the gun down and puts on a blond wig. He picks up the gun again and says he’ll take care of Marty after she’s dead because he’ll be Marty’s mother. He says he’s going to be the new Sheridan Crane. Sheridan gets angry and says he can’t become her by popping on a wig. She keeps yelling at him and Vincent starts to look nervous. Vincent tells her to turn around so he can shoot her and she tells him a real Crane wouldn’t shoot someone in the back. Vincent puts the gun away and chloroforms Sheridan instead. He says a bullet in the back is too good for her and he has a better plan in mind. Vincent brings a barrel into the room and says they are going to have “a barrel of fun together”. Vincent drags Sheridan’s body into the barrel and asks if she’ll like going over the falls to her death.


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Sheridan yells for Vincent to let her out of the barrel, which is in the back of a van that a blond wig wearing Vincent is driving.

Eve tells Alistair, “This is where you pay for what you did to Vincent.”

An earthquake hits Harmony and Pilar tells Theresa if this doesn’t kill them Juanita will!

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