A Ticking Time Bomb.

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Sheridan thinks Pretty is trying to kill Luis and Fancy again, Vincent has a surprise for his Aunt Sheridan, Eve has plans for Alistair, and Gwen bursts into Theresa and Ethan's room.

A Ticking Time Bomb. image

While Theresa and Ethan have sex, Pilar tries to prevent Gwen from going into their room. Gwen bypasses Pilar and bursts into the room, but no one is there. Gwen insists she saw Theresa there earlier, as Theresa hides under the bed recalling that she hid Ethan and cleaned up the room before Gwen came in. Pilar tries to get Gwen out of the room, but Gwen won’t leave until she finds Theresa. Ethan enters dressed only in a towel and Gwen tells him she saw him having sex with Theresa. Ethan doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but flashes back to a hazy memory of him being with Theresa. Ethan is confused and he and Gwen argue. Pilar suggests that maybe Gwen was hallucinating, drunk or having a dream. Gwen vehemently denies these accusations and yells out she’s not having a nervous breakdown due to her guilt over Theresa’s death! Ethan wants to know what she means by that and Gwen covers, saying she feels guilty because Theresa’s death gave her everything she ever wanted. Ethan hugs her saying she doesn’t need to feel guilty because she had nothing to do with her death.


Ethan and Gwen leave the room and Pilar closes the door. She finds Theresa coming out from under the bed and yells at her for taking such a huge chance. Theresa says she won’t play dead for another minute and that she would do it again if it meant she could spend more time with Ethan. Pilar reminds her of the danger, but Theresa runs out to tell Ethan she’s alive. Pilar stops her at Ethan and Gwen’s door and Theresa cries because she can’t be with the man she loves. Inside their room, Ethan tries to reassure Gwen that he will keep his commitment to her and that they will be together forever. Theresa overhears and cries. Pilar reminds her she needs to play dead until Juanita is captured. Ethan promises Gwen that he’s not going anywhere and says he loves her, which Theresa also overhears. Pilar instructs her daughter to worry about more important things, like Juanita finding out she is alive. Theresa thinks that Juanita will never find them because she doesn’t know Pilar’s last name or where they live.


Juanita and her henchman tie up the government agent and bring him back to their hideout. She asks him where Pilar is, but he won’t tell her. She threatens torture, but he doesn’t budge. Juanita looks through his wallet and finds photos of his wife and children, as well as his address. She threatens his family if he doesn’t tell her where Pilar is. The government agent says he doesn’t know where she is because Pilar just calls in and he doesn’t even know her last name. Juanita becomes furious, but then thinks of a way to find Pilar. Juanita puts a device in the agent’s phone so they can track where Pilar’s next call comes from. The agent agrees to cooperate in order to save his family.


In Eve’s kitchen, Vincent tends to his baby, Eve looks on in pride and Julian privately calls him a psycho. Julian tells Eve if Vincent kills again it’ll be their fault for not turning him in to the police. Julian then tells Eve he wants absolute proof that the baby is his and if it’s not, that will change everything. Meanwhile, Vincent shows his baby a photo of Sheridan and says he’s waited a long time to get revenge for her letting him fall off the cliff, but now it’s pay back time! Julian tells Eve that Vincent is sick for seducing his own father, but Eve defends Vincent, blaming Alistair for his warped mind. Julian thinks there comes a time to take responsibility for one’s own actions, but Eve vows to stand by Vincent, believing that he’s turned over a new leaf. Vincent excuses himself saying he needs rest. He asks Eve and Julian to watch the baby and Eve happily takes the boy. Vincent leaves the kitchen and says he’s coming for Sheridan and that she’s as good as dead!

Julian holds the baby and Eve is pleased that Julian can still find room in his heart to love his child. She wonders how Alistair could be so evil that he turned his own grandchild into a killer and thinks that Alistair will pay for what he did to Vincent. Eve tells Julian with any luck the baby will turn into a strong honorable man, but with the wrong upbringing, who knows what could happen to him and points to Vincent as an example. Eve thinks Vincent is different now that he has a baby and wants to protect him. She tells Julian she’s going to the hospital to get a DNA kit and leaves him with the baby. Julian says hurry back and Eve says of course, but once outside thinks, “Not before I kill Alistair.”


In the mansion, Fancy and Luis prepare a thank you treat for Sheridan, consisting of her favorite foods and champagne. Before Fancy calls her to come to the house, Luis gets in a little nookie.


At the cottage, Sheridan walks into her living room in her robe and Pretty enters. Pretty yells at Sheridan for saving Luis, because if she can’t have him no one will! Sheridan rails at her niece for trying to kill Luis and Fancy and tells Pretty that she will kill her before she lets anything happen to Luis. A verbal battle ensues over who loves Luis more and the phone rings. It’s Fancy, who invites Sheridan to come up to the main house and Sheridan accepts. Sheridan warns Pretty to leave Luis alone and goes to get ready. Pretty vows to never let Luis marry Fancy.


Sheridan comes to the mansion and Fancy and Luis surprise her with their thank you. Luis pours champagne and Fancy and Luis tell her they are engaged. Sheridan feigns happiness for them and offers her congratulations. Pretty enters and says she has a present for the happily engaged couple. Sheridan grabs the gift and panics saying it’s ticking and that it’s a bomb! She puts it in a bowl and pours champagne on it to diffuse it. Pretty acts innocent as Sheridan accuses her of trying to kill Luis and Fancy. Sheridan opens the gift and finds a crystal clock. Embarrassed, Sheridan congratulates Luis and Fancy again and leaves. Luis wonders what that was all about and Pretty says learning of their engagement pushed Sheridan over the edge and that she needs some help. Fancy agrees with Pretty, but Luis says they’re being hard on her. Pretty worries Sheridan could hurt herself and thinks they need to find a way to help her. Luis thinks maybe she’s right.


Feeling stupid, Sheridan goes back to the cottage and Vincent comes out with a gun. He tells her it’s time to find out what death feels like and lashes out at her for letting him fall off the cliff. Shocked, Sheridan tries to defend what she did, but Vincent prepares to pull the trigger.

Eve stands outside Alistair’s hospital room and says his reign of terror is over. She holds up a knife and thinks he needs to die for turning her son into a psychopath.


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Eve holds up the knife and says, “I’m going to kill you Alistair!”

Sheridan and Vincent struggle over the gun.

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