The Lies That Come Out of My Mouth.

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Julian holds his baby, Vincent picks his next victim, Noah and Paloma's intimate moment is interrupted, Tabitha talks her way out of another tight spot and Gwen insists she saw Theresa alive.

The Lies That Come Out of My Mouth. image

Eve basks in the joy of a new baby being born and Julian reminds her of the bizarre circumstances surrounding the birth. Eve wants to hold the baby, but Vincent makes her swear to be a better grandmother than she was a mother first. Exasperated, Eve reminds him that she couldn’t be a mother to him because of Alistair, but she will do everything she can to help him be the best mother he can be. Vincent is grateful and hands his baby over to Eve. Eve then wants Julian to hold his son, but Julian pretends to be getting sick and says he doesn't want to pass it on to the boy. Eve hands the baby back to Vincent and privately yells at Julian for dismissing his grandson. Julian thinks the baby is a freak show and Eve berates him for turning his back on his grandchild. Julian asks if she is barking mad because not only is the baby his grandson, but also his child he conceived with his psycho son! Eve tries to reason with Julian telling him it’s not the baby’s fault and if the child receives love, unlike Vincent did as a child, he should be fine. Hurt, Vincent asks if Julian loves their baby and Eve demands Julian be supportive even if he has to lie. Julian walks over to the baby and takes him from Vincent’s arms. He awkwardly holds the baby and Vincent is thrilled. Julian eventually loosens up and says they need to register the baby’s birth, but Eve and Vincent yell out, “No!” Eve says if they do that Vincent will go to jail, but Julian says there’s no way to hide what’s going on and starts to call Sam. Eve reminds him he will have to admit that he slept with his son if the truth about Vincent comes out. She says the media will be all over this and threatens that they might even get their hands on his surgery photos. He hangs up the phone and Vincent hugs him. Eve says he’s doing the right thing, but Julian isn’t so sure. Eve thanks Julian for not sending Vincent to jail, but Julian worries what their psychopathic son will do next. Eve thinks he’s changed and all he needed was a show of love from his parents and Julian not calling Sam did the trick. Eve thinks he will never do anything evil again, but Vincent quietly tells his son that while mommy and daddy are off the hook, Sheridan has to die.

Upstairs in Tabitha’s house, Paloma recounts the vision she had of Juanita stabbing Theresa. Noah wonders if it was just her imagination playing tricks on her due to stress. Paloma isn’t sure what happened and Noah thinks she’s making too much out of her vision. Paloma caves and agrees and Noah flirtatiously suggests they find a way to alleviate her stress and they kiss. Noah starts to undress Paloma, but she reminds him they are in his sister’s room. Noah says Kay won’t be back for hours and kisses her again.


Tabitha sees an image of Noah and Paloma in her book and says that every page in the Book of Disasters is focused on Harmony and notes that Paloma’s vision is of the future. She says if Juanita makes it to Harmony, she will kill everyone in the L-F family, including Paloma. Tabitha sees Noah and Paloma kissing and disgusted, closes the book. She wonders what it is about the couple that bothers her so much and thinks it’s all the gushy romance. She would however like to watch Paloma with Roberto because that would be hot! She recalls an interlude she had with Zorro and then makes herself a drink. The book then starts to spin around, sparking and giving off black smoke. Tabitha is curious to see who the next victim will be and the book shoots a bunch of sparks to the ceiling which makes Tabitha nervous.


Noah and Paloma kiss, undress and fall back on the bed but the sparks shoot straight through the mattress. Freaked out, they leave the room and run downstairs draped in sheets. Noah demands an explanation and Tabitha just laughs at him, saying the tea he made for Paloma earlier was left over from the Summer of Love in the 60’s and was drugged, so they were just hallucinating. They chastise her for leaving drugged tea around where the kids could get into it and Tabitha assures them she will throw it out. Noah and Paloma head back upstairs and the book starts to spark again. Tabitha says, “Sometimes the lies that come out of my mouth amaze even me.” She thinks Noah shouldn’t worry about the tea so much, but should be concerned about the grim reaper.


Pilar calls a government agent for word on Juanita, but he tells her he hasn’t heard anything. After he hangs up, Juanita and her henchman follow him thinking he is the key to finding Pilar. The agent hears a noise behind him and pulls his gun on Juanita saying she’s under arrest. The agent’s phone rings and Juanita takes off. A chase ensues and Juanita gets the upper hand. She points a gun at the agent’s head and asks if he will take her to Pilar or he will die?


Ethan and Theresa continue to get intimate while Gwen walks in and though blurry-eyed, thinks she sees Theresa having sex with her husband. Gwen tries to focus and wonders if it’s just a vision from her guilty conscious punishing her for her crimes, or if Theresa is really alive. Theresa sees Gwen and panics, but then realizes Gwen is drugged out of her mind and goes back to kissing Ethan. Confused, Gwen leaves the room and Theresa concentrates on Ethan.


Pilar sits in the Crane living room and worries about Juanita finding her, as well as Theresa’s plan to drug Ethan and Gwen. Pilar recalls warning Theresa about drugging Ethan and Gwen, but Theresa assures her the drugs won’t harm either of them. Pilar frets that Gwen will walk in on Ethan and Theresa, just as Gwen stumbles in the room. Gwen tells Pilar that Theresa is alive! Pilar tells her that Theresa is dead and it’s all her fault. Gwen insists Theresa is upstairs having sex with Ethan right now, but Pilar tells her she’s just drunk. Gwen offers to show her, but Pilar again insists Theresa is dead. Gwen thinks Pilar is in on it with Theresa because she didn’t act surprised when Gwen said she was alive and goes to find Theresa. Pilar tries to stop her from going back upstairs, but Gwen says she’s going to kill Theresa herself and pushes Pilar out of the way.


After they have sex, Ethan sleeps and Theresa thinks he won’t remember it when he wakes up, but she will remember it for the both of them. Ethan wakes up with a shocked look on his face and says, “Theresa you’re here and you’re alive!” Ethan starts to pass out again and Theresa is relieved the drugs are still in his system. She tells him it’s just a dream and they start kissing again. They profess their love and Theresa says she will remember this forever.


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Gwen angrily tells a stunned Ethan that Theresa was there and he was having sex with her!

Vincent says, “I’m coming for you Aunt Sheridan.”

Luis, Fancy and Pretty look on as Sheridan holds a present and yells, “Oh my God it’s ticking. It’s a bomb!”

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