He's All Boy.

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Vincent gives birth, Pretty tries to sabotage Sheridan's efforts to help Luis and Fancy, and Theresa drugs Ethan and Gwen.

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Eve wants to take Vincent to the hospital to give birth, but Vincent and Julian are opposed to the idea. Vincent pleads with his mother to make sure he and his baby make it through alive. Eve says his female parts are too small to let a baby pass and Julian suggests she give Vincent a lot of booze and use a butcher knife to perform a C-section. Vincent yells at Eve to safely deliver his baby and demands that Julian tape the birth so he can win the bet from his fellow bloggers. Eve tells Vincent the baby may not be able to come out and encourages him to breathe and push. As Vincent screams and yells, Julian videotapes, drinks and makes snide comments about Vincent. The two men trade barbs and Eve sees the baby’s head. Julian comes to the end of the table and looks on in horror at Vincent’s genitalia. Eve thinks if Vincent pushes really hard they can get the baby out, but Vincent passes out from the pain. Eve says they need to wake Vincent up so he can continue to push, so Julian shakes Vincent’s head and yells at him. Vincent wakes up and grabs Julian’s hand to give one final push. The baby comes out and Julian prays that the baby is either a male or female and not a mixture of both. Eve assures both men that the baby is a healthy boy. Julian and Vincent get snarky with each other once again, but Eve tells them to be quiet so they can savor the moment. She gives the baby to Vincent and Julian finds a new bottle of booze to drink from. Julian wants reassurance that the baby is okay and Eve says the baby is all boy.

At the Crane Mansion, Pretty callously rehashes why the pilot, Luis and Fancy had to die on the plane and looks for word on her phone about the crash. She doesn’t receive any news, but thinks she should warn Sheridan about Luis dying so she can help Marty through it.


On the plane, Fancy thinks the plane is going down and that they will die. Luis tries to reassure her that they will survive and goes to the cockpit to call the control tower for help. No one answers when he calls and Luis and Fancy buckle themselves into the pilots’ seats and snip at each other while under duress. Luis thinks they should get a hold of Sheridan because she knows how to fly and maybe she can help get them down. Fancy calls Sheridan on her cell and Luis gets on to ask for help. Sheridan nervously offers to do what she can, but is clearly rattled. She tells them to look for a runway and Fancy spots one.


Sheridan starts to talk Luis through a landing when Pretty enters instructing her to hang up the phone because she won’t let her save Luis and Fancy. Sheridan is shocked and Pretty reveals that she is the one who got them in the predicament in the first place. Sheridan tells her niece she won’t let Luis and Fancy die, but Pretty tries to grab the phone from her. Luis starts to panic when Sheridan stops talking to him, as Pretty and Sheridan fight over the phone and send it flying. After a struggle, Sheridan punches Pretty out and grabs the phone, but Luis doesn’t answer. Sheridan thinks the worst, but Luis starts talking to her again. Sheridan talks him through the steps and he safely lands the plane. Sheridan is thrilled, as Luis and Fancy celebrate that they are alive. Luis tells Sheridan they will take the pilot to the hospital and then they will come to thank her in person. Sheridan says she loves them both despite their problems and is happy they made it. Luis hangs up with Sheridan and tells Fancy they will have a wonderful future together because nothing and no one will keep them apart. Pretty comes to and throws Sheridan a right hook saying she ruined everything!


Back at the mansion, Gwen shows Gertrude the fake teeth she found in the dessert and asks what she’s up to. Ethan tries to defend Gertrude, while Theresa tries to cover up her real teeth with her lips. Gwen accuses Gertrude of setting them up and wants to know who she really is and what she really wants. Gwen thinks she’s wearing the teeth as a disguise, but Gertrude explains that she wears them to make her own teeth look better. Gwen and Ethan are shocked that the fake teeth could possibly look better than her real ones, but Gertrude insists they do. Ethan of course buys the story and thinks they should forget about it. Gwen hands Gertrude her teeth back and she puts them back in. Gwen dismisses Gertrude so she and Ethan can be alone.

Theresa goes out in the hall and laments that she was supposed to be with Ethan tonight, not Gwen. She says Juanita’s escape ruined everything, but then thinks, “Or did it?” As Gwen and Ethan get intimate, Theresa drugs a couple of drinks and knocks on their door. Ethan answers and Gertrude gives him the after dinner drinks to make up for ruining their dessert. Gwen and Ethan thank her for them and after Gertrude leaves, they toast to a wonderful night. Theresa thinks the sooner they drink up, the sooner she will get to be with Ethan.

Gwen and Ethan lie passed out after drinking Gertrude’s beverages and Theresa enters in a sexy negligee. She wakes Ethan up and helps him out of the room. She brings him to another bedroom and while Ethan’s still groggy, they start to kiss. Theresa undresses him and they head to the bed and have sex.

Gwen wakes up and wonders where Ethan is. She hears a woman’s voice yell out Ethan’s name and groggily goes to investigate. Gwen hears the voice again and wonders why it sounds so familiar. She enters their room and while trying to keep her eyes focused, sees Ethan and Theresa having sex. She says, “Theresa? Oh, my God! She’s alive?”


Next on Passions:

Vincent shows his baby a photo of Sheridan and says she has to die.

A cop pulls a gun on Juanita and her henchman and says she’s under arrest.

After they have sex, Ethan says to Theresa, “You’re here and you’re alive!”

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