Danger at Every Turn.

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Luis and Fancy discover the pilot passed out, Vincent and his baby are in trouble, Gwen grows more suspicious of Gertrude and Juanita learns Pilar's whereabouts.

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Luis and Fancy revel in their happiness on the jet as the pilot remains passed out in the cockpit. As Fancy and Luis enjoy their love fest, they feel turbulence and Luis calls the pilot on the intercom to see what’s going on, but of course he doesn’t answer. They don’t think anything is wrong and go back to smoochin’, but more turbulence ensues. They get dressed and go to talk to the pilot. They find him passed out and Luis tries to wake him up, as warning lights and buzzers go off. Luis and Fancy take the pilot out of his seat and lay him on the couch in the cabin of the plane to try and rouse him. When they can’t wake him up, Luis heads back to the cockpit to call for help as the flight gets rockier.


In Eve’s kitchen, Julian drinks from a bottle of booze in disbelief, as Eve prepares Vincent to give birth. Julian wonders if Eve reattached his brain upside down along with his penis, but she assures him she didn’t. Vincent explains how he survived his fall from the cliff, why he stayed “dead” and that he is Valerie. Julian doesn’t think it’s possible, but Vincent assures him it is and that Julian got him/her pregnant. Eve backs up Vincent’s story and Julian passes out. Eve wakes Julian up and Julian asks how long she’s known about Vincent. She explains everything while she tends to Vincent who is screaming in pain and doing his breathing exercises. Julian continues to drink in disbelief and Eve tells him Vincent is responsible for her reattaching his penis the wrong way and shrinking it. Julian tries to strangle Vincent, but Eve pulls him off. Vincent tells him he did it to avenge Julian getting his mother pregnant and then abandoning him at birth. Julian screams they thought he died at birth and he wishes he had! As Eve helps Vincent, he whips out his video camera and tapes everything for his blog. He says he bet everyone online he was giving birth and he plans to collect! He tapes Julian as he drinks and then asks him to say something nice to their bundle of joy. Julian refuses and Vincent grows angry. Vincent assures Julian he changed their names so no one will know who they are, but Julian reminds him everyone will recognize his face. Vincent didn’t think of that and wants to reshoot Julian’s scenes, but Eve says there’s no time. Vincent gets a really bad pain and says it feels different than the other ones and thinks something is wrong. Eve checks him out and says there’s a problem and they need to get him to the hospital. Both Vincent and Julian say absolutely not! Vincent worries he’ll go to jail and Julian says the Crane name can’t endure any more bad publicity. Julian pulls out a butcher knife and suggests Eve do a C-section right there. Eve insists Vincent’s abnormal situation is making it difficult and if they don’t get him to the hospital they could lose him and the baby. Julian callously asks, “Is that so?”


Gwen and Ethan open the bathroom door and find Gertrude. They wonder why she was hiding and let them break down the door. Gertrude feigns embarrassment and explains she was using the bathroom and sprays air freshener. Ethan asks if Gertrude sent him the note and she says yes. Gwen can’t understand why she would set up a seductive dinner for her husband and asks if she was trying to seduce Ethan. Gertrude explains that she felt bad about upsetting Gwen when she spoke against her regarding Little E going to boarding school, so she prepared a romantic evening for Gwen and Ethan to make up for it. Ethan thinks she’s very sweet for doing this, but Gwen isn’t as impressed. Ethan encourages Gertrude to continue to speak her mind regarding the children and thanks her for all the trouble she went to.

Gertrude leaves and Ethan tells Gwen that Gertrude really is something. Gwen says, “She is something alright,” and then thinks to herself, “The question is what?” They sit down to eat the meal and Gwen questions Gertrude’s story, but Ethan thinks she’s making too big a deal out of it. Gwen lets it go and they toast to each other and Ethan adds, “And to Gertrude for taking such good care of us.” Gwen toasts, but looks suspicious.

A sleeping Pilar is woken up by her cell phone. She learns that Juanita has escaped and thinks she has to stop Theresa from revealing she’s alive.


Theresa sees Pilar in the hall and recaps what just happened. Theresa grows frustrated that Gwen gets to be with Ethan and wonders how much more of it she can take. Pilar says one day she will be with Ethan, but there’s nothing she can do about it right now. Theresa thinks maybe there is something she can do and Pilar warns her against doing anything rash. Theresa says not to worry and takes off.


Gertrude barges in the room with dessert, interrupting Gwen and Ethan’s intimate moment. Gwen wants to go upstairs, but Ethan insists they stay since Gertrude went to so much trouble. Gertrude lights the Cherries Jubilee and Gwen accuses her of trying to set her on fire. Gwen says she has a headache, so Gertrude runs off to get some aspirin. Ethan dishes out the dessert and Gwen sees Gertrude’s fake teeth in the bowl of cherries. She notes they are the kind of teeth that people use to disguise themselves. Theresa realizes her teeth are missing and comes out of the bathroom with some aspirin using her lips to cover her teeth. Gwen holds up the spoon with the teeth in it and asks, “Looking for these?”


In Mexico, Juanita’s henchman returns from a fact-finding mission, but reports that no one knows where Pilar and her family are. Juanita is furious and grabs her gun, saying she wants Pilar and her entire family wiped out! The henchman says his people are doing everything they can to find her, but Juanita says if they can’t find the L-Fs, then his family will die too. The henchman leaves to get information on Pilar and Juanita stabs a photo of her former friend, saying she is far from finished avenging her family’s death. The henchman returns with a fax and Juanita is pleased, noting that his people finally found Pilar. She asks him to book her on the next flight to the States. Juanita looks at the photo of Pilar and says she is coming for her and her family and they are as good as dead!

Pilar sits in her room and flashes back to Juanita holding her and Theresa captive. Distraught, Pilar says she feels Juanita getting closer.


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Eve tells Julian if they don’t get Vincent to the hospital, “Both he and your child could die!”

Gwen asks Gertrude, “Who are you and what do you want?”

Luis uses the radio to call for help.

Pretty tells a stunned Sheridan, “Luis is going to die along with Fancy.”

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