A Beautiful Night For Flying.

Monday, May 5th, 2008

Theresa fantasizes about reuniting with Ethan, Juanita escapes capture, Paloma receives a message from beyond and Luis has another surprise for Fancy.

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At the Crane Mansion, Theresa enters one of the spare bedrooms in a green dress and thinks she planned everything just like Ethan described in his Telenovela. Ethan walks the halls wondering who sent him the note to have him meet in one of the rooms. Meanwhile, Gwen tends to Jonathan and thinks she and Ethan will have a wonderful future together without Theresa and Little Ethan in the picture.

While waiting for Ethan, Theresa gets a call from Pilar saying she gave Ethan the note. Theresa excitedly looks forward to telling Ethan the truth as someone knocks at the door. Ethan enters and the two reunite, but it is revealed to be a fantasy of Theresa’s. She starts to cry at how happy she will be and runs to the bathroom to fix her makeup. Ethan enters the room for real and sees the romantic setting, as Gwen thinks she needs to find Ethan. In the bathroom, Theresa hears Ethan and thinks all her dreams will come true. Before Theresa exits the bathroom, Gwen enters and asks if Ethan prepared the room for her. He says no and they wonder what’s going on. Theresa hears Gwen and thinks that she will ruin everything. Theresa makes a noise, which Gwen and Ethan hear and they go to investigate. Theresa panics as Ethan and Gwen knock on the door, but then thinks it’ll be okay if Gwen sees her because Juanita has been captured. Theresa walks towards the door eagerly anticipating the look on Gwen's face.


In a Mexican jail, cops come to Juanita’s cell and handcuff her so they can take her to court for her arraignment. However, her henchman is one of the cops and he kills the other one so Juanita can go free. As Juanita and her henchman sneak around Mexico, a helicopter spots her and says she’s under arrest, but they run and hide in a nearby building. Juanita orders her henchman to track down Pilar in the U.S. so they can kill her and her family.


In Tabitha’s living room, Kay cries over her wedding dress going up in flames, Tabitha thinks evil is in Harmony, and Noah and Roberto trade snarky barbs. Kay sees a candlestick and blames Noah for knocking it over when he ran into the room, thereby setting her dress on fire. Noah insists it wasn’t him and Tabitha thinks to herself that it wasn’t Noah’s fault, but the book’s. Kay wants to know why Noah rushed into the room and he says it’s because he saw Paloma and Roberto kissing. Everyone turns to look at Paloma and she tries to explain that she doesn’t know why she kissed him. A cocky Roberto pipes up and says sometimes passion just sweeps you off your feet. Noah puffs up and orders Roberto to meet him outside, but Tabitha stops time before the men can fight. She looks through her book to see what’s supposed to happen and the book starts to bleed and then bubbles. Tabitha thinks she’s got the message loud and clear and restores time, telling the men not to fight in her house. Noah lunges for Roberto, but Miguel pulls him off. Paloma asks Noah to believe that she doesn't know why she was kissing Roberto just like she believed him when he didn’t know why he was with Fancy. Noah comes around and says he trusts her and understands. Roberto glibly tells Noah sometimes old feelings bubble to the surface, but Paloma says she doesn’t have feelings for him. Noah instructs Roberto to stay away from his fiancée or else! Miguel tells Noah to calm down and chalks the kiss up to the weird things that happen in Harmony. He reminds them that they are having a wedding and that they should focus on love. The couples profess their love for each other and Miguel says love will keep them together, just as the book starts throwing objects around the room. Tabitha thinks it’s another sign the marriage is doomed and then the madness stops. Roberto wants to know if the whole town is possessed by demons and Tabitha offers that maybe it was a seismic disturbance, but no one believes her. Everyone helps to clean up Tabitha’s house and Paloma worries the broken mirror she’s sweeping up is seven years bad luck. Noah tries to make her feel better, but Paloma sees an image of Theresa running in a piece of the glass. Paloma cries and says it’s a message from the grave, but no one else can see it. Paloma grows hysterical as she sees Juanita holding a butcher knife over Theresa’s lifeless body.


Outside Luis and Fancy’s door, Pretty lets out a blood curdling scream as Luis proposes to Fancy. Luis and Fancy wonder what the noise is as Sheridan tries to calm Pretty down. Luis thinks someone needs their help and they go to see who’s outside their door. Sheridan drags Pretty away so they aren’t discovered. Pretty and Sheridan run through the hotel as Fancy and Luis try to find who was screaming. They come up empty handed and then talk about how happy they are as Sheridan and Pretty unhappily overhear. Luis tells Fancy they should go back to their room because he has another surprise for her. Pretty thinks she should tell Luis she wants to have an abortion again so she can break them up, but Sheridan tells her she can’t cry wolf again. Pretty wonders how she can stop them from getting married.


Pretty and Sheridan go to Luis and Fancy’s room to listen at the door, but can’t hear anything. Sheridan leaves to find out if Luis made dinner plans and Pretty tries to listen at the door again. In the room, Fancy goes to the bathroom to freshen up and Luis makes a call to see if the Crane jet is ready to go. Pretty panics and thinks she can’t let them leave. Sheridan returns, but Pretty’s gone. She hopes Pretty went home because she is too unpredictable. She worries that Fancy and Luis’s engagement is truly the end for her, but then thinks she needs to do something to break the couple up.


On the Crane jet, Fancy asks where they are going, but Luis says that would ruin the surprise. Pretty goes to the flight control room and thinks it will be a flight Fancy never forgets. She puts a drug in the coffee and then makes nice with one of the pilots. She fills his thermos with coffee and says she needs him to be alert tonight because he is carrying precious cargo. The pilot leaves to fly the plane and Pretty thinks it’s his last flight ever. She says, if she can’t have Luis, no one can. The pilot goes to the plane and tells Luis and Fancy it’s a beautiful night for flying.


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