Baby Daddy Drama

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

Jessica is in denial, Kay tries to deny her feelings, and Theresa panics that her secret is out.

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Miguel did it all for Kay

Miguel is at Tabitha's explaining to Kay that absolutely nothing happened between him and Siren. It's Kay that he loves. Kay says sarcastically that making out with another woman must have been a tremendous sacrifice. Miguel agrees very earnestly that it was, but he would do anything to protect her. Kay begins to thaw and apologizes to Miguel. She is touched by his chivalry. Miguel keeps trying his best to convince her to stop the wedding. She insists the wedding is on, between kisses. Miguel wants Kay to admit she loves him. He wants her and Maria more than anything else in the world. Tabitha eavesdrop by magic on their conversation. Kay tells Miguel he is driving her crazy.


Endora meddles with magic.

Tabitha looks for Siren. She hasn't seen her for a while. She chats away with Endora about Kay's decision. She warns Endora to chill on the magic and keep out of Kay's love life. Endora is not in agreement with her mommy.

Fox arrives at Tabitha's.

Tabitha tells Endora it is no good interfering. "It could only make matters worse. You can't use magic to settle all the problems." Endora thinks, "you wanna bet." She has a flashback to playing with Fox. In it, Fox wishes Siren was gone. So Endora makes Fox wish come true by zapping Siren back into the aquarium and out of Harmony.

Back to the present, Fox drops by Tabitha's to surprise his fiance for lunch. He gives a rose to his other favorite girl, Endora and asks for Kay. Before he can discover Kay and Miguel together in the kitchen, Endora strikes Fox with lightning. Fox runs away smoking from the lightning. He ends up at the Bennett's house where he finds Noah. Fox is acting strange. He doesn't know how or why he ended up there. Noah thinks Fox is crazy because Kay is driving him insane. Fox says he's just crazy in love.

Fox asks Noah about Fancy. He says it's over. Fox blames it on Luis. "Those Lopez-Fitzgerald men can't keep their hands off other guys' women." Noah doesn't blame Luis. It was over before Luis came into the picture. He tells Fox how Fancy agreed to be friends, the kiss of death to a relationship. When Noah sees Fox and Kay, however, it gives him hope.

Tabitha questions why Endora put the whammy on Fox. Endora did it because she doesn't want Fox to get hurt. Tabitha wants nature to take its course and let Kay and Miguel get back together. Then the she and Endora will be "safe from Charity's gruesome goodness."

Tabitha loudly announces Fox's arrival back at the house. Miguel and Kay dash out the kitchen before he sees them and end up in a kiss, again.


Chris gives Spike a warning

Spike is rifling through Chris' house, stealing various items. He hits the jackpot when he finds a diamond necklace. Unfortunately for him, Chris interrupts him with a knife to his throat. Chris threatens Spike and demands he get out of his home immediately. Next time he won't be so lucky to leave alive. Spike whines that he needs money. Chris tells him to tell it to his girls.

Chris mentions in passing that today is the big day�the day Sheridan adopts little James. Spike reminds him of the secret they share about James' real father. He warns Chris to hurry up with the money or he might blab the secret.


Simone is worried

Jessica excuses all her bruises as results of accidents. Paloma recognizes the signs of abuse. Simone guesses Spike is the cause. Jessica says she is not a statistic. She defends her husband, her happy married life. She accuses Simone of being jealous. That the reason she became a lesbian was because she couldn't get a man. Simone doesn't rise to the bait. She understands Jessica was trying to deflect the attention away from herself. Besides, if she was so happy, why is she cutting herself again. "Happy girls don't cut themselves."

Jessica denies the cutting. She begs them to stop ganging up on her. Paloma expresses her concern for her friend. She thinks Jessica may be clinically depressed. They just want to make sure she doesn't end up dead by suicide or by Spike's hands. Simone urges Jessica to leave Spike. Spike comes at that moment. He grabs Simone by the wrist and begins twisting her arm. He warns her to butt out.

Paloma warns him to let Jessica go or she will arrest him. He refuses. Paloma uses her police skills and gets the drop on him. She has him on his knees. He orders Jessica to tell them that she likes her sex rough. That's the reason for all the bruises. Jessica demands Paloma let him go. Paloma eventually does. Spike threatens to let all the secrets out if they don't keep out of his business. If he tells what he knows about the dead bodies, they will end up in jail and Jessica might get the death penalty.

Theresa and Pilar talk about the will and the letter that accompanies it. Whitney joins the two in Theresa's office. Theresa tells her about the letter and the truth it holds about Ethan's paternity. Whitney thinks she might as well go all the way and tell Ethan everything right away. Theresa can't do that. She wants the secret locked away until she's dead and buried.

Theresa believes if the secret comes out too soon, little Ethan will lose out financially. Her mom protests that he will be well taken care of. However, Theresa wants little Ethan to inherit Crane industries. That won't happen, she thinks, if Julian finds out that Ethan is the real father. Besides that, she doesn't want to lose custody of him like she did Jane. At the moment, Valerie arrives with Little Ethan. Theresa promises him they will live together forever.


Theresa promises Little Ethan

Gwen comes into Ethan's office as he is about to open the envelope containing Theresa's will. Ethan expresses disbelief. Gwen wants to read it too. After reading it, Gwen rants about the document. It makes her so upset that she wants to confront Theresa about it. They both go to Theresa with the big manila envelope. Gwen announces that her "little secret is out."

Theresa looks like a deer caught in the headlights when she realizes they are talking about the will. Gwen accuses her of letting Ethan see it on purpose. Valerie apologizes and takes the blame for the mishap. Gwen doesn't believe her. She believes it is a scheme.

Theresa is worried. She asks whether they read everything. They didn't but they're angry enough at what they read. Ethan says all she had to do was ask him to look after Ethan upon her death and not assume. So Theresa asks Ethan that very question. He agrees and advises her to be more careful with her important papers.

Theresa realizes that the letter must still be on Ethan's desk. She is panicking. She has to stop them from reading it.

Someone is doing just that. We don't see who the person is.

Theresa says this would be a good time for Gwen and Ethan to visit with little Ethan. She calls in Whitney and little Ethan. While Ethan and Gwen visit with the boy, Theresa sends her mother to retrieve the letter. Whoever read the letter, hides behind the desk. Pilar doesn't suspect a thing. She returns the letter to Theresa who breathes a sigh of relief. If that secret came out, she would lose everything.

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