Life In Harmony Will Change Forever!

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Edna and Norma are back, Esme tries to keep Julian from being aroused, Theresa and Pilar have a heart to heart, Gwen tries to keep Ethan's mind off Theresa and Juanita is captured!

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Esme watches Julian resting from the hallway and washes some medication down with Jack Daniels. Viki comes up behind her and asks about Julian. Esme tells her that Julian will be alright as long as he doesn’t get aroused before he has surgery to fix his penis. Viki looks in Julian’s room and notices that he is getting aroused by a dream. Viki smirks and suggests she and Esme go get a snack. She says to herself, “Dream on Mr. Crane.” Esme wants to see if Julian wants something too and walks in his room, much to Viki’s dismay. Esme sees his erection and yells out, “Shades of Bruce Willis, Julian is going to die hard!” She runs to get some water and pours it on him. Julian wakes up and demands to know what she is doing. Esme explains and reminds him he’ll die if he gets an erection. Julian gets distracted by her cleavage and Esme leaves the room to change clothes. She comes back dressed as an old woman and sits by his bedside reading the phone book so they can be together without her turning him on. Viki enters and notices that Julian is getting aroused by the sight of Esme’s knee. Viki thinks, “Oh Julian, I know how to get you now.” Viki tells Esme Julian is looking at her knee and Esme gets up to leave so she can put on something less sexual. As she gets up, Viki “accidentally” pulls Esme’s outfit off revealing a sexy outfit. Julian sees Esme and gets excited. Esme and Viki run out in the hall and Esme calls someone for help.


Edna and Norma have breakfast at Tabitha’s kitchen table and discuss booking their next gig. Tabitha enters and Edna makes her some tea. Norma reads the paper and points out all the strange things that have been happening in Harmony like a cat giving birth to puppies and a dead person turning up alive. Tabitha asks to see the paper and then gets out her book of disasters. Edna wants to know if the book includes NBC’s programming decisions like extending the Today show to four hours and thereby canceling a hit soap! Tabitha says if all the strange occurrences are true, then happily ever after is not in the cards for Harmony. Norma and Edna are distressed by this, as Edna wants to keep a vacation home in Harmony. Tabitha then says the papers are just trying to sell papers with sensational stories and Edna and Norma are relieved.


The ladies head upstairs for “dessert” and Tabitha looks at the paper again. She sees the story regarding the person coming back from the dead and learns that the grave had been dug up from below. She says, “Evil really is coming to Harmony.” Suddenly her kitchen table catches on fire and Tabitha thinks that the signs are real. She says life in Harmony will change forever!


Alone in his hospital room, Julian wishes he had some company and Edna and Norma burst in dressed as candy stripers. He wonders how they knew he was there and Esme enters gloating that she told them. Julian is less than thrilled, but Edna and Norma say he’s lucky to have two performers of their caliber give him a private showing. Julian thinks he needs a sedative, as Edna and Norma start to do a striptease. Norma Vogues, Edna strips and Julian cowers under his covers.


Fancy comes up to her room and finds Luis waiting for her. They kiss and Luis tells her he wanted to spend some time alone with her without Pretty or Sheridan around. However, Sheridan is listening at the door and Pretty is right behind her. Fancy and Luis have another conversation about Pretty, and Luis assures Fancy that they will be together forever. They start to kiss and Pretty and Sheridan are disgusted by their affection. Pretty wants to break it up, but Sheridan stops her saying she needs to be patient and calculating. As Luis and Fancy start to have sex, Pretty gets an idea and they take off. When Pretty and Sheridan return, Pretty puts a cage of bats in their room, but quickly realizes Fancy and Luis have left. The bats get out of their cage and come after Pretty and Sheridan. The women run around the mansion and finally find respite in Luis and Fancy’s room. They fret over not knowing where Luis and Fancy are and worry that they aren’t able to stop the couple from growing closer.

Luis brings Fancy to a candle lit room telling her he wanted to show her how much she means to him. Luis says all of their dreams will come true and pulls a ring out of his pocket.


Back at the Crane mansion, Theresa tells Pilar how she survived the shark attack and why she is disguised as the nanny. They hug and Ethan walks in. Surprised, he asks if everything is okay and why Pilar is hugging Gertrude. Before Pilar can answer, Gwen comes into the room after she washed the blue dye off. She asks if Ethan spoke to Little E, but Ethan hasn’t been able to find him yet. Pilar says she was telling Gertrude about Theresa and she got emotional, so Gertrude hugged her.


After Gwen and Ethan leave, Pilar says she wishes Theresa could tell Ethan she was alive. Theresa does too, but as long as Juanita is out there she has to stay disguised. They both hope that Juanita is caught so Theresa can be with her family. Pilar thinks it's only a matter of time before Ethan catches on to Theresa being Gertrude and says she has to leave Harmony before it’s too late. Theresa says it’s killing her to see Ethan with Gwen, but she can’t allow Gwen to send Little E to boarding school so she has to stay. Pilar begs Theresa to be careful so Juanita doesn’t find out she’s alive. Theresa believes once Juanita is caught her and Ethan will live happily ever after.


Gwen brings Ethan up to their room and seduces him. Ethan is taken aback, but turned on by her aggressiveness. Gwen thinks, “I will do whatever I have to, to send Little Ethan to boarding school.” Afterwards, Ethan marvels at Gwen’s behavior in bed and Gwen tells him she plans to spend the rest of her life pleasing him. Gwen gets up to “recharge her batteries” and Ethan looks at a photo of Theresa and says “Theresa I’m never going to get over losing you.” Gwen sees and privately wonders what she has to do to make him get over her. Gwen pretends she didn’t see the photo and asks if he’s ready for another round. Ethan wants to rest, but Gwen convinces him otherwise. As they have sex, Ethan thinks about Theresa and says, “I will never stop loving you.” Gwen realizes he’s talking about Theresa and thinks, “When will your love for her die?”


Juanita sneaks around Mexico trying to elude the Federales who are working with the Americans to find her. A cop comes up to her with a pulled gun and calls for backup. Juanita knocks the gun out of his hand and runs. The cop follows and a searchlight shines on her. The cop tells her that she is under arrest. He handcuffs her and Juanita hisses, “No!”


Next on Passions:

Tabitha warns, “The wind is going to blow evil through Harmony.”

Pretty and Sheridan worry that neither one of them will win Luis.

Luis proposes to Fancy.

Pilar tells Theresa that she got her miracle - Juanita has been captured.

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