You are a True Crane.

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Sheridan is impressed with Pretty's manipulations, Esme almost kills Julian, Gwen is determined to prove Little E turned her blue and Luis tries to reassure Fancy he loves her.

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Eve tells Vincent Julian could die if he gets an erection. Vincent revels in this information, but Eve says the medication she prescribed will prevent him from feeling any sexual urges so he'll be fine. Vincent reminds her that he won't exactly be fine considering his penis is upside down. Eve and Vincent go back to her office and Eve is surprised her key still works. Eve says Julian's medication should prevent him from having an erection, but admits that Julian doesn't know getting aroused could kill him. Vincent laughs at the thought of "daddy" dying from an erection. Eve lashes out at him for laughing at his father, but Vincent thinks she should see the humor in the very thing Julian lives for, is the thing that could kill him.


Esme continues her striptease, which Julian more than enjoys. He gets excited but says it feels weird since his penis is pointing in the wrong direction. Viki watches from the hall wishing Julian dead, as Esme does her best to turn him on. During Esme's seduction, Julian screams out in pain saying it hurts. Esme thinks she's just turning him on until Julian screams out, "You're killing me!" Esme calls a doctor as Viki smiles and says, "Die. Die."


Eve and Vincent come to Julian's room and Esme tells them what happened. Eve is shocked to learn Julian was aroused because she gave Julian medication to prevent it. She tells Esme an erection could kill him, so Esme puts her coat back on and tells Julian to think of elderly nuns or something else so he doesn't die. Eve gives Julian medication to help stop the erection and Viki thinks, "She better not save him if she knows what's good for her." Eve and Esme look under the covers and see that the medication has worked. Eve says Julian should be alright and Julian asks what is happening to him. Vincent laughs and urges Eve to tell him and Eve sends Vincent out of the room. Eve tells Julian that until they perform the new surgery, he can't become sexually excited for any reason or he could end up dead. Viki lurks around thinking, "Next time Julian. There's always a next time."


Sheridan and Fancy watch as Luis and Pretty hug. Sheridan tells Fancy it looks like she's been replaced. Pretty asks Luis to repeat what he just said and Luis says that she and the baby are the most important people in the world to him. Fancy stands in the doorway and Luis turns and sees her looking at him. Pretty tells her to come in the room and throws it in her face that she's pregnant with Luis's baby. Sheridan enters and Pretty continues to gloat over the fact that she's having Luis's baby. Pretty says she's never felt so loved and asks Luis if he loves her. Luis cautiously says she is important to him and Pretty asks, "The most important?" Luis nervously says yes and Fancy leaves the room.


Luis runs after Fancy and Sheridan starts applauding Pretty. She says, "Congratulations. You are a true Crane, down to the bone." Pretty plays dumb, but Sheridan says she knows she is using her pregnancy to come between Luis and Fancy. Pretty smiles and says she'll admit to nothing, but is pleased Luis is realizing how much he loves her. Sheridan tells her not to fool herself, but does think that while Luis may still love Fancy, this could be the last straw for her niece. Sheridan is impressed with Pretty's efforts and says she will never underestimate her again. Pretty says she shouldn't because she will get what she wants, but Sheridan makes it clear she intends to win Luis for herself.


Luis explains to Fancy that he said those things to stop Pretty from having an abortion. Fancy says Pretty is coming between them and that she's using her baby to break them up. Luis apologizes for upsetting her, but says the baby comes first and if he needs to tell Pretty she's important to him so she doesn't terminate the pregnancy then he will. Fancy says Pretty will never stop until she tears them apart. Luis assures her it won't happen, but Fancy instructs Luis to not underestimate her. Luis doesn't want to talk about it anymore and tells her that he doesn't love Pretty and only said those things to protect his baby, which Pretty overhears. Luis promises that nothing will come between them. Pretty thinks it's time to turn up the heat a little more.


Ethan, Pilar and Gertrude laugh as Gwen freaks out over being blue. Gwen blames Little Ethan, but Pilar and Ethan think there must be another explanation. Gwen thinks it's proof Little Ethan needs to go to boarding school and says he's going tonight! Ethan says he's already decided Little Ethan isn't going anywhere. Gwen demands Little Ethan be sent away especially after this prank, but Ethan thinks it's too extreme. Ethan says he'll go talk to Little Ethan to get the truth, but Gwen doesn't think he'll admit to it. Gwen makes disparaging remarks about Little E and his mother and Pilar and Ethan tell her to put a lid on it.


Ethan leaves and Gertrude follows under the guise of getting Gwen a robe. Pilar and Gwen go another round over Theresa's death. Pilar says Ethan will eventually see Gwen's true colors and accuses her of sabotaging her own bath to set Little Ethan up so she can send him away. Pilar says even if Little Ethan does go off to school, Ethan will still think about Theresa because she will always live on in his heart. Gwen says she has already replaced Theresa in Ethan's heart, but Pilar says if she really believed that she wouldn't feel so threatened. Gwen goes to change and says she will send Little Ethan so far away Pilar will never see him again. Gwen turns to leave and Pilar wishes Theresa were here to stop this.

Ethan looks for Little Ethan but he's nowhere to be found. Gertrude trails after Ethan and they talk about how difficult things have been for Little E since losing his mother. Ethan tells Gertrude he has always felt a bond with him even though he's not his son. Ethan doesn't think he should be talking to her about these things, but Gertrude is glad he feels comfortable around her. As Ethan leaves to find Little E, Theresa wishes she could tell Ethan the truth.


Ethan and Gertrude come back downstairs and Ethan tells Pilar he can't find Little Ethan. Pilar asks if Ethan is still committed to keeping Little E in Harmony and he assures her he is, but hopes there's another explanation for Gwen turning blue because it'll be hard to convince her to let Little Ethan stay if it was his fault.

Gwen goes into Little Ethan's room looking for proof that he was responsible for turning her blue. She finds the chemistry set with blue fingerprints on it and says, "You think you're so funny. Let's see how much you're laughing when you're on your way to boarding school."

Gwen comes downstairs with the chemistry set and shows Pilar, Ethan and Gertrude the blue fingerprints. She says it proves he deliberately turned her blue and Little Ethan is going to boarding school tonight!


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Eve tells Julian, "You can be limp and live, or you can have one last erection and die."

Gertrude tells Gwen that she can't send Little Ethan to boarding school because she is not his mother.

As Sheridan and Fancy look on in bewilderment, Luis tells Pretty, "I want this baby. I love this baby."

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