The Mad Scientist Strikes Again!

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Little Ethan has a surprise for Gwen, Ethan reconsiders letting Little E stay in Harmony, Julian tries out his reattached organ, Viki sabotages Julian's recovery and Luis confronts Pretty about having an abortion.

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In Julian's hospital room, Sam asks who stabbed him and Julian says Viki's name, but only because she is standing in the doorway. While everyone is relieved to hear he's not accusing Viki of the crime, Vincent notices Viki looked scared and he wants to find out why. Julian can't remember who attacked him, but is more concerned about his penis, especially since he has to go to the bathroom. Everyone leaves so Julian can pee, except for Eve and Vincent. Vincent (as the nurse) brings Julian a bedpan and helps him out of bed. They tell him to aim straight down, but Julian says, "I make no promises." It seems to be working, but then Vincent and Eve get sprayed by Julian. Sam, Ivy, Esme and Viki return and get sprayed as well. Julian stops peeing and asks if they all enjoyed the show. Eve sends everyone out of the room and since he's a "nurse" now, tells Vincent to stay behind and clean Julian and the room up.


Out in the hall, Eve tells a nurse to put Julian on six medications. She points out that the most important one will help him suppress his sexual urges because if he gets an erection it could be fatal. Viki overhears and thinks, "Death by erection. How appropriate." Viki steals medication off a nurse's cart and says that's just step one. She then wonders how she can make sure Julian gets a fatal erection. Viki goes to Esme and manipulates her into trying to arouse Julian. Esme changes her clothes and tells Viki she's going to make Julian feel like a man again. She enters his room and talks baby talk to him and starts to undress, revealing a skimpy outfit. She plays some music and starts to do a striptease. Viki lurks in the hallway waiting for Julian to die.

At the Crane Mansion, Fancy calls Luis because he took off without her knowing where he went, but he doesn't pick up.


After Ethan tells Little Ethan he doesn't have to go to boarding school, Pilar tells Gwen that she failed and that Theresa will always be in Ethan's heart. Gwen tries to talk Ethan into sending Little Ethan away, but Ethan says he didn't realize how unhappy it would make Little Ethan. Fancy enters and asks if anyone has seen Luis. Ethan says he looked upset and was heading to the hospital. Before Fancy leaves, Little Ethan thanks her for the chemistry set she gave him. Ethan tells him he needs to be careful with it because it could be dangerous and Little Ethan goes off to play with it.


After Little Ethan leaves, Gwen tries to push Ethan into sending Little E to boarding school, but he doesn't think it's a good idea anymore. Pilar pipes in and wonders how they could even think that sending Little Ethan away is a good idea. She thinks at a time like this he needs to be around people who love him.


Little Ethan returns with his chemistry set and Gertrude tells Ethan she thinks the best place for a child to be during a crisis is at home. Gwen says it's not Gertrude's decision, but Gertrude continues to guilt Ethan into keeping Little Ethan around. Gwen tries to make nice with Little E and talks up the boarding school, but Little E isn't interested. Gwen then tells Gertrude to keep her opinions to herself and reconsider whose side she is on because she can have her fired. Gwen leaves to take a bath and Pilar tells Ethan that he can't send Little Ethan away.


Gertrude, Ethan and Pilar step out in the hallway and Ethan says the child expert made strong arguments for sending Little Ethan away. Ethan heads downstairs so they can finish their conversation. Pilar and Gertrude hang back and Pilar says maybe together they can convince Ethan to keep Little Ethan in Harmony. She also says she feels like she's known Gertrude her whole life.


In Gertrude's room, Little E plays with the chemistry set and Theresa tells him that she won't let Gwen send him to boarding school. Little Ethan wonders why Gwen hates him, and Theresa says he just makes her nervous because she wants Ethan all to herself. Theresa goes to talk to Ethan and tells Little Ethan to put the chemistry set away because it's dangerous to play with by himself. After Theresa leaves, Little E thinks maybe he can come up with a surprise for Gwen.


While Gwen soaks in the tub with cucumbers on her eyes, Little Ethan sneaks in with a test tube filled with liquid and pours it in the bath. Gwen asks if someone is there and Little Ethan crawls away. Gwen sees him as he leaves, but she doesn't think anything of it and goes under the water.


Gertrude heads downstairs and joins Pilar and Ethan in the living room. They have the same argument and Ethan eventually gives in and says he won't send Little Ethan away. Little Ethan eavesdrops and says to himself, "Thanks dad." Suddenly they hear Gwen yell out, "Oh my God!" as she runs down the stairs with blue skin. Little Ethan says, "The mad scientist strikes again," and runs off so no one finds him. Gwen blames Little Ethan for her predicament, while everyone tries to muffle their laughter.

Luis goes to the hospital and finds Sheridan in Pretty's room. Sheridan tells him that Pretty is probably already done with the abortion. Pretty returns to her room and Luis says, "What have you done? You killed our baby!" Luis demands to know why she made this decision without consulting him. Sheridan tries to stick up for Pretty, but Luis is furious. Pretty asks why Sheridan is even there, because it's between her and Luis. Sheridan tells Luis she's there for him if he wants to talk and leaves.


Pretty tells Luis she didn't terminate her pregnancy because she wants to keep their baby. Sheridan listens at the door and Fancy comes up to her. Sheridan tells Fancy that she's lost Luis forever because Pretty is playing Luis like a piano and both of them will end up out in the cold. As Luis tells Pretty how happy he is she didn't have the abortion, a nurse comes in and says she needs Pretty to sign forms indicating the procedure was a success. Luis is confused, but Pretty covers saying the nurse meant that the produce wasn't performed. The nurse privately tells Pretty her tattoo removal went just fine. Pretty shoos her out of the room and Luis brings her some water. Pretty asks Luis if he'll be there for her and the baby. Luis assures her that they are the most important people in the world to him right now.


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Sheridan tells Pretty, "I've got to hand it to you, you are a true Crane."

Fancy cries to Luis, "Pretty is coming between us already."

As Esme continues to turn Julian on, Viki thinks that without the pills Esme will be the death of him.

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