Little Julian Is So Little!

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Julian sees the results of his surgery, Sam tries to make Julian remember who attacked him, Gwen convinces Ethan to send Little Ethan to boarding school, and Theresa tries to fool Pilar and Paloma.

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At the hospital, Sam, Esme, Ivy and Eve try to open the door when they hear Julian scream. Sam breaks down the door and Viki hides. Everyone enters the room and sees Julian curled up in the fetal position. They ask what's wrong with him and he throws the covers off saying, "Little Julian is on backwards and Little Julian is really little!" Esme freaks out over the size of it and Julian demands to know who did this to him because he's going to kill him! Eve regretfully tells him it was her. Julian is stunned and demands to know why she did this to him. Esme pipes in saying they can make his penis bigger because she gets emails all the time about enlarging the male organ, but Julian doesn't want to hear it. Eve says it was an accident and Ivy suggests she did it on purpose. Everyone questions Eve's motives and Julian wants to know if this was revenge for him sleeping with Esme and Ivy. Eve defends herself, but Julian is distraught. As everyone gangs up on Eve, Vincent (dressed as the nurse) says she can tell everyone exactly why Eve put Julian back the way she did. Still hiding in the corner, Viki thinks she needs to make her escape and sneaks out of the room. Vincent/nurse says it wasn't Eve's fault because everything happened so fast and they didn't realize someone in technology reversed the images on the screen during surgery, so they couldn't tell his penis was upside down. Vincent/nurse says Eve saved his life, but Julian still blames Eve for the mistake.

Out in the hall, Viki wonders how she can kill Julian before he remembers it was her who attacked him. Esme comes out to talk to her niece saying she's not sure how she's supposed to marry Julian now. Esme tells Viki to stay out in the hall and goes back in the room. Viki menacingly says to herself that she won't let Esme marry Julian.


Esme comes back in the room as Eve talks about reconstructing Julian's penis with another surgery. Julian fearfully asks, "You're going to slice Little Julian off again?" Esme is all for it if that means Little Julian is returned to his normal size and Julian wonders when he'll be able to make love again. Eve doesn't know and Julian grows faint. Vincent privately asks Eve if she can really fix Julian's problem and Eve says she hopes so. Sam questions Julian about who attacked him in the mausoleum and Julian tries to remember. Viki stands in the hallway and thinks if he says it was her, she'll go to jail forever. Sam again asks if Julian saw who attacked him, but Julian just says he can't be sure what happened. Sam encourages him to try and remember and Viki wonders if Julian actually saw her face. Suddenly, Julian says Viki's name.


In their bedroom, Ethan and Gwen discuss Little Ethan going to boarding school. Ethan isn't so sure, but Gwen thinks it's a great idea. Ethan seems to come around and says he just wants to do what's best for Little E. Gwen says she can call the school and make arrangements right away and Ethan is shocked Gwen already picked out a school. He wants to know if she's eager to get rid of Theresa's son. Gwen says she just wants what's best for Little Ethan and the school is the best in the country. Ethan says he will call the school and tell them he is on his way. Gwen thinks, "With any luck, we won't see Theresa's brat until he's twenty one." Ethan calls the school, but then changes his mind and tells Gwen he can't do it yet. Gwen questions him and Ethan says he wants to tell Little Ethan first before he makes any arrangements and they leave to find him.


In Gertrude's room, Theresa gets dressed as the nanny, when Pilar and Paloma enter saying Theresa's name. Theresa's back is turned to them and the women say they heard Theresa's voice and ask her to turn around. Theresa is in a robe with a towel on her head and she puts her teeth in. She avoids being seen and makes her exit to the bathroom.

Theresa comes out of the bathroom as Gertrude and Pilar and Paloma say they were wrong - she doesn't resemble Theresa at all. Gertrude tells the women she is thrilled to take care of the children and Pilar says they got all their good qualities form Theresa. Pilar tells Gertrude she needs to make sure she has the kids' best interests at heart. Gertrude tells her not to worry because she loves her children. Paloma and Pilar wonder why she called them her children. Theresa covers saying she thinks of the kids she cares for as her own.


Pilar pulls Gertrude aside so Little Ethan doesn't hear and says she doesn't think Gwen has Jane and Little E's best interests at heart. Gwen and Ethan enter and Gwen asks, "Are you talking about me?" Pilar says she was complimenting Gertrude on her child rearing skills as Gwen probably did when she hired her. Gwen says she didn't hire her, her mother did and Ethan says they need to talk to Little Ethan. Paloma leaves to go to work and Gertrude asks what's going on. Gwen tells Gertrude she's just the nanny and just started so she doesn't really need to be there and Ethan agrees. Pilar asks what Ethan wants to say to her grandson. They let Gertrude stay and Ethan sits Little Ethan down. He tries to make it sound like a great opportunity and says they think it's best if Little Ethan goes to boarding school. Pilar exclaims, "What?!" while Theresa/Gertrude, says, "Never!" Gwen tells Gertrude to stay out of it, but Pilar says Theresa would never allow this and she won't either. Little Ethan says he wants to stay and Pilar can't believe Ethan would go along with this. Little Ethan says he wants to stay in Harmony with his grandmother and Ethan. Affected by the boy's plea, Ethan says he doesn't have to go to boarding school and hugs him. Gwen thinks, "This isn't over Pilar. Not by a long shot." Theresa thinks to herself, "Ethan, I knew you'd do the right thing for our son."


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