Secrets Uncovered

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Julian gives Fox advice about women, Theresa is ready to tell the truth, Jessica's friends worry about her, and Valerie makes a big mistake.

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Jessica is covering up

Jessica, Paloma and Simone are poolside at Theresa's. Paloma and Simone dish dirt about Eve and Julian while Jessica dozes. Simone and Paloma are worried about Jessica. She has been so depressed lately. She tells them she is just tired because of her marital nightly duties. Simone says if she wasn't already, the idea of having sex with Spike would turn her gay. Jessica used to be so happy go lucky. Spike changed all that. Paloma and Simone can't believe she married him. They decide to trick her into getting into the pool. They pull her clothes and all.

Jessica is not amused. She wants them to leave her alone. They apologize and offer to help her get out of her wet clothes so she can dry off. She tries to avoid letting them see her unclothed. She is unsuccessful. Jessica is bruised all over her body.

Julian is back to his old evil ways. He is threatening harm to anyone that stands between him and his money. Fox walks into his office. Julian senses that something is troubling him. Fox confides in him about the incident at the bridal shop. Julian picks up the scent of infidelity. He knows Ivy is good at picking it up too so it must be true. Fox doesn't believe it anymore. He trusts Kay now. With his history and recent break-up from Eve, Julian doesn't trust any woman. He advises Fox to marry Kay right away.

Fox is not in that big of a rush to marry Kay. He can wait a few days. He believes his father is just projecting his problems with Eve on to him. Julian keeps digging at him about Miguel and Kay's past history. Julian doesn't think Fox is acting like a Crane. A Crane lets no one stand in his way.

Fox demands his father to just chill with all the suspicions. Julian warns him to be careful and leaves him alone in the office. Some of the talk must have gotten to him because Fox decides to call Kay. He offers to take her to Paris to get her a new wedding gown. She turns him down. She's sure she can find one in Harmony. The call reassures Fox of Kay's love. After she hangs up, Miguel begs her not to marry Fox. She will be making a mistake.

Julian returns to his office to find Fox still there. Fox informs him that he has taken care of everything and both the business and his love life are fine. He is past his trust issues. He is on his way to surprise his fiance with lunch. Julian hopes the surprise isn't on him.


Tabitha worries about Kay

Kay and Tabitha are in Tabitha's kitchen, talking about Kay's love life. Miguel walks in after hearing his name. Tabitha tells him his name came up because she was suggesting that he be included in Kay's wedding. She wishes to herself, that his role would be as bride groom. Tabitha praises Miguel. To her, he will make some woman a perfect husband,

Kay doesn't want to hear it. She gets rid of Tabitha but not before Tabitha tells her to give Miguel another chance. Kay tries to get rid of Miguel too. She begins to argue with him about Siren. She accuses him of having sex with her and to think she almost gave up Fox for him.

Miguel explains the reason he was making out with Siren was to protect her once again. He did not have sex with that "woman."

Chad has stopped in to talk business with Ethan. Chad is trying to throw some Ethan's way but Ethan isn't in a business frame of mind. All he can think about are the recent steamy kisses with Theresa. Chad has his latest sexual rendezvous on his mind too. Ethan leaves Chad to go check on Jane in daycare. Valerie stops by with paperwork. Chad and her chat. She thanks him for last night. Just then Whitney comes in. She spies them exchanging glances. Whitney is very suspicious of the two. She wants to know what they're doing. Valerie explains she was just business and leaves.

She runs into Jared and voices her belief about Whitney's distrust of her. Ethan is also suspicious. He thinks Valerie and Jared are spying on him for Crane Industries. She explains she just dropped off some papers and leaves. A shadow crosses the doorway. Someone is watching Chad bond with Whitney and his son. It can't be Valerie. Or could it?


Theresa writes it all down

Theresa is making out her last will and testament. Pilar has stopped by to check up on her. Theresa complains to her about her love life. She explains that she is drawing up her will to provide for her children in the event of her death. Pilar questions who she has decided to have custody of little Ethan if she dies.
Pilar is afraid Julian will have custody of little Ethan. That's the worse thing that could happen, in her opinion. She wants Theresa to tell Ethan the truththat he is little Ethan's father.

Theresa is afraid that if she does that, little Ethan will lose all the advantages of being rich. Pilar pleads with her for the sake of her grandchild to give him the advantage of having the love of his real father. Theresa finally agrees with her. To prevent Julian ruining her son's life, she will tell the truth.

Theresa can't tell him in person nor while she is still alive. She believes that Ethan would sue for custody and take her son away from her. Instead, she writes him a heart-felt letter explaining the true paternity of little Ethan, her reasons for lying about it and her love for big Ethan. She attaches it to the will. He will find out over her dead body.

Theresa gives Valerie the will with the letter and asks her to put it in the Crane safe right away. She then gives her paperwork about the lawsuit. She asks Valerie to deliver it to Ethan.

Valerie goes to Ethan's office first. Jared rushes in and hurries her out. There is a business emergency. In all the confusion, Valerie inadvertently leaves the wrong envelope on Ethan's desk. It's the will with the letter from Theresa!

Ethan returns. He sees the envelope and decides to open it up immediately.

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