New Disguises, Same Schemes.

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

The Demon Elf thinks of a new plan to sabotage Noah and Paloma, Theresa dons a new disguise, and Luis tries to convince Pretty to keep their "baby."

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Noah bartends at The Blue Note as Paloma and Roberto enter. Paloma is snippy with Noah for sending Roberto to the club where he got arrested. Noah sincerely apologizes and Roberto defends Noah, but Paloma thinks Noah is just jealous of Roberto and could have sent him to a nice place like The Blue Note instead of that dive bar. Noah tells Paloma and Roberto that he talked to Sam and he is going to straighten the mess out so Roberto doesn't get deported. Paloma is relieved and says she forgives him, but forgiving him is getting old. Noah tells her he loves her with all his heart and they will be able to get though anything. They kiss and the Demon Elf pops up and is sickened by Noah and Paloma's closeness. Noah tells Roberto and Paloma to sit at the bar and he will fix them his specialty drink, but Paloma says they need space and goes off to sit in a booth with Roberto. Noah is miffed and the Demon Elf is happy, but says it's not enough!

In the booth, Roberto and Paloma discuss Noah. She tells Roberto she loves Noah and can't wait to spend the rest of her life with him. Roberto thinks to himself that he needs to work harder in order to break the two of them up. Roberto says he's glad for her, but then glares in Noah's direction. Paloma tells Roberto she hopes he meets the right girl someday and he thinks, "I already have."


The Demon Elf sits at the bar and thinks he should bring someone from Noah's past around in order to speed up his and Paloma's break up. He thinks the Fancy card has been played too many times and wonders who else he can conjure up. He tries to get inside Noah's head to grab a memory of a past love, but the only woman Noah is thinking of is Paloma. The Demon thinks there must have been at least one woman who has come into the bar that's turned Noah's head and Noah thinks about a brunette in a red dress. The Demon Elf zaps himself to look like the woman and kisses Noah!

Roberto and Paloma talk about Paloma finding Noah with Fancy. Roberto calls her naïve for believing Noah's excuses and wonders why she's not worried. Paloma says he didn't cheat on her with Fancy and he never would. Roberto sees Noah kissing the woman and asks, "What do you call that?"

In their bedroom, Gwen tries to convince Ethan to sleep with her, but Ethan begs off saying he's tired. Theresa listens at the door and gloats over her plan working and says she's just getting started. Gwen complains to Ethan that the night is still young and he suggests they go out to The Blue Note. Ethan comes out in the hall to find Gertrude. He tells her he and Gwen are going out and Gertrude tries to dissuade him from doing so. He's undeterred and asks her to watch the kids and goes back into his room. Theresa thinks that she won't let him and Gwen have a good time together and gets an idea.


Ethan and Gwen get dressed up to head to the Blue Note while Theresa is in Little Ethan's room without her Gertrude costume on. Little E asks if it's a good idea to be out of her costume and Theresa tells him she has a plan. She changes into a new disguise so she can go to The Blue Note and spy on Gwen and Ethan. She puts on a blond wig and little black dress and asks Little Ethan if anyone would recognize her. He assures her that he almost didn't recognize her!


Gwen and Ethan come to The Blue Note and dance as Theresa enters in her wig. Theresa thinks she can spill a drink on Gwen so she'll have to go home immediately.


The Demon Elf notices that Paloma saw Noah kissing another woman and breaks off the liplock. Noah realizes that Paloma saw him and rushes over to explain. While he goes over to Paloma's table, he bumps into Theresa and spills her drink. Theresa avoids Noah recognizing her and then sees Gwen and Ethan sitting down to dinner. The waitress sets down a tray of food and Theresa thinks she should put hot sauce in Gwen's meal because she's allergic to it and then they'll have to go home. When the waitress hands out the food, Theresa realizes she put the hot sauce in the wrong person's dish as flames shoot out of an older woman's mouth. At their booth, Ethan tells Gwen that since they entered the club, he hasn't thought about Theresa once and Gwen kisses him. Theresa thinks to herself that she's losing him. Ethan and Gwen dance as Theresa looks on crying that she misses him.


Noah goes over to an icy Paloma and says he can explain. She demands to know why he was kissing that woman and Noah says she was a regular who used to flirt with him. Roberto tries to stick up for Noah, but Paloma says she's had it and needs some time apart from him. The woman comes over and flirts with Noah, making it seem like they had a past together. Noah tells her Paloma is his fiancée and the woman walks off. Paloma angrily tells Noah they'll talk about it tomorrow. Noah returns to the bar and the Demon sits down dressed as the woman taunting Noah about Paloma and Roberto.


At the hospital, Luis and Pretty argue over whether or not she should end her pregnancy and Fancy sides with Luis. Pretty plays on Luis's sympathies saying she doesn't know how to be a mother and will be ostracized even further in society as a single mother. Luis tries to convince Pretty to keep the baby, saying he wants it to live so he can raise it and love it. Pretty pretends to be swayed by his argument and agrees to keep the baby. They hug and Pretty thinks this is easier than she thought. Luis asks Fancy if she's alright and she points out that he'll have a son with Sheridan and a newborn with Pretty and asks when will he have time for her? Luis says she's the only woman in his heart and one day they will have lots of kids. He thinks he can make it work and Fancy says she'll do anything she can to help. Luis tells Pretty he's happy she's keeping the baby, but Pretty has an about face, saying she'll keep the baby only if Luis can tell her he was genuinely happy to hear she was pregnant. Luis is confused and Pretty says she needs to be convinced he will be a good father. Luis admits he wasn't happy at first because everything is so complicated, but he vows to do anything in the world for this baby and for her.


Luis and Fancy step out of the room so a nurse can take Pretty's blood pressure. Luis tries to assure Fancy things will be okay, but she wonders if they'll ever have time just for the two of them. As Luis hugs her, Pretty steps out and watches them with a disgruntled look on her face. Luis assures Fancy they will be happy together because they love each other. He thinks they just need to figure out a way to make it all work and Fancy tells him she loves him. They walk back into Pretty's room and see her about to sign papers. Luis asks what they are for and Pretty tells him she's decided to have an abortion.


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