And to All a Good Night!

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Eve tells Pretty she's pregnant, Fancy is suspicious of her sister, Paloma comes to Roberto's rescue, and Theresa's plan works like a charm.

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At the hospital, Eve tells Pretty and Luis that Pretty's pregnant, as Fancy enters the room. Fancy asks who the baby's father is and Pretty says it's Luis because he's the only person she's ever been with. Fancy refuses to believe Pretty got pregnant the only time she had sex, but Eve assures her it's possible. Fancy continues to lash out at her sister, as Pretty gushes that she can't believe she's having Luis's baby. Fancy accuses her of getting pregnant on purpose and trying to ruin her relationship with Luis. Pretty insists she didn't mean for it to happen and Luis defends her to Fancy, saying it's Alistair's fault. Fancy gets angry and Luis tells her to calm down. Pretty pretends to cry and Luis goes over to comfort her, as Fancy looks miffed.


Fancy and Luis go out in the hall so Eve can check Pretty's vitals. Luis tells Fancy the baby won't change things between them, but Fancy thinks it will. Luis promises they will still be together, but Pretty overhears and says to herself, "We'll see about that." Luis says he is more determined than ever to work things out between them and asks Fancy to trust that he loves her. Eve comes out saying Pretty wants to talks to Luis. Luis tells Fancy to come with him and they enter Pretty's room. Pretty says she wanted to talk to Luis alone, but he says Fancy is his fiancée so she stays. Pretty tells them that she decided to do something that will be fair to everyone and says she is going to terminate her pregnancy.


Paloma and Noah go to the police station to bail out Roberto. Paloma sees her ex handcuffed and asks why he was arrested. Sam tells her Roberto was picked up at a club that was raided for drugs. Paloma asks why Roberto was there in the first place and Roberto flashes back to Noah telling him the club was safe. He tells Paloma that someone told him the club was fine and she asks who it was. Noah admits he was the one who assured Roberto the club was okay. Paloma is shocked and asks why Noah would tell him such a thing when he knew the club was known for drugs. Noah didn't think it was that bad and Roberto says it's not Noah's fault because he didn't send him there on purpose. Paloma asks Sam if bail has been set because she will pay for it. She tells Noah he can go home, but he wants to stay. Sam tells everyone that due to homeland security rules, he must report that a non-citizen was arrested, which means Roberto may be deported. Paloma blames Noah and then tells Roberto she will take care of everything.


As Paloma and Roberto talk, Noah laments to Sam that they look like they are a couple. He says he really didn't think the club was such a bad place and just wanted to get Roberto out of the house. Sam tells his son it looks bad, but he doesn't think he set Roberto up. Noah can't believe he did the one thing he didn't want to do - bring Paloma and Roberto closer together.


In their bedroom, Ethan and Gwen try to relieve the itching and Ethan trips over the table of food sending everything flying. Little Ethan tells them Jane is crying and Theresa laughs in the hallway over how well her plan is working. Little Ethan asks if Gwen and Ethan are going to help Jane and Gwen snaps that she'll get to her when she can. Ethan tells Gwen to ease off Little E, but Gwen continues to be a diva about the situation. Jane stops crying and Gertrude comes in the room saying she got Jane back to sleep. She asks why they are itching and why food is all over the floor and Ethan says it's a long story. Gertrude tells Gwen she'll clean up the mess so she can shower and Gwen is grateful. While Gwen showers, Ethan continues to itch and Gertrude offers to help by scratching his back. Ethan is relieved and asks, "What would I do without you?" Theresa thinks to herself he will never have to find out because she's back and here to stay.

Theresa puts Little Ethan to bed and he asks how she's going to make it so Ethan isn't with Gwen anymore. Theresa doesn't know, but reminds him that for now everyone needs to think she's just the nanny. She promises that one day they will all be a family together and kisses him goodnight.

Theresa goes back to Ethan's room (as Gertrude) to help him clean up and Ethan apologizes for Gwen saying he's never heard her raise her voice to Little E before. Ethan starts to talk about Theresa and says she's the great love of his life, but asks Gertrude not to tell Gwen he said so. Gertrude asks if he'd like to talk more about Theresa and he goes on to describe how wonderful she was. Gertrude says she will finish cleaning up the room if he'd like to go say goodnight to Little E. He tells Gertrude how fantastic she is and says he feels very comfortable around her. He leaves to check on Little E and Theresa says to herself she wishes she could tell Ethan the truth, but can't because of Gwen.


Gwen comes out of the shower and asks where Ethan is. Gertrude says he went to calm Little Ethan down because he was upset that she yelled at him. Gwen defends herself saying she didn't mean to yell, but the situation got the best of her. Gertrude tells Gwen she changed the bedding and now she will have clean sheets to sleep on. Gwen looks perplexed and asks how she knew they were in bed when they started itching and needed clean sheets. Gertrude covers by explaining she was cleaning up the bed and her hand started itching so she thought she should change the sheets. Gwen accepts this and Gertrude starts to leave, but Ethan returns. He tells Gwen that Little E is okay, but she needs to be more careful with the boy because he just lost his mother. Gertrude says it sounds like Theresa was an amazing woman and Ethan says she was and hopes that Little Ethan never forgets how wonderful she was and how much she loved him. Gwen gets irritated at the mention of Theresa's name and Gertrude assures Ethan she will do her part to keep Theresa's memory alive. Jonathan starts to cry and Gwen leaves to check on him. Theresa also leaves, but once she's in the hallway she thinks back to a night she shared with Ethan and says, "I love you so much Ethan," and vows to not let Gwen rob her of a future with him.


Ethan exits the bathroom in just a towel and Gwen is ready to pick up where they left off. Gertrude barges in saying she took care of the kids and will tend to them if they cry. They thank her and she leaves. Gwen wants to get back into the clean sheets and kisses Ethan, but Ethan thinks about Theresa. He says it's late and they should get some sleep. Listening at the door, Theresa smirks and says, "And to all a good night."


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Noah sees Paloma and Roberto eating together and says to himself, "Every time I turn around I catch Roberto with my girl."

Pretty yells at Luis, "Don't tell me what I can and cannot do. This is my body!

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