Plans Are Put In Motion.

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Roberto's intentions towards Paloma are revealed, Pretty plots to win Luis, Rebecca struggles with Julian's new organ, and Theresa sabotages Gwen's seduction.

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At the police station, Noah comes to see his dad. Sam fills Noah in on Julian's predicament and Noah says it makes his problem seem trivial. He tells Sam about Roberto being back and says he doesn't trust him. Sam suggests that Noah stay close to Paloma so Roberto sees that he's not going anywhere.


Roberto comes to Paloma's room half dressed and kisses her. Paloma says she knows she shouldn't, but she can't help kissing him. Alas, it's all a fantasy of Roberto's and he knocks on Paloma's door. She answers and he assures her that he won't do anything to jeopardize her relationship with Noah, but that doesn't mean he doesn't still have feelings for her. He hopes they can still be friends though and Paloma wants the same thing. Paloma says she'd like him and Noah to be friends as well, and he thinks to himself, "If that's what it takes to win you back."

Later, Paloma is alone in her room trying to fix her window dressing that's fallen. She climbs on a chair to do so and Roberto rushes in to catch her as she falls. Noah enters and asks what's going on. Paloma tells him what happened and then goes downstairs to get them a snack. Alone, Noah and Roberto discuss Roberto's plan to go to a club on the wharf. Noah wonders if the wharf is the safest place for Roberto to go. They talk a bit more about the wharf and Roberto leaves.


Paloma returns with a tray of food and finds Noah naked in bed. As they kiss, they discuss how wonderful it is that there are no distractions, but then Paloma gets a call from Roberto. He's been arrested at a club on the wharf and needs someone to bail him out. She tells Noah she has to go help Roberto, much to Noah's irritation and gets out of bed.


At the hospital, Luis and Fancy bring a passed out Pretty into the ER where a nurse takes her vitals. Luis and Fancy step out of her cubicle and Sheridan meets them asking about Julian. They tell her he's out of surgery and fill her in about Pretty. In her cubicle, Pretty "wakes up" and tells the nurse everything is going according to plan. The nurse smiles and Pretty asks if she knows what to do next. The nurse leaves and Luis, Fancy and Sheridan go into Pretty's room. Pretty says she is afraid of doctors and cries in Luis's arms. Sheridan and Fancy believe she's truly scared and they feel bad about being mean to her before.

In Julian's room, Rebecca passes out from seeing Julian's reattachment. After being woken up by Eve, Rebecca slaps her asking how could she do what she did to Julian's penis. Eve is flabbergasted at getting slapped and Rebecca accuses her of attaching some other man's "member between his legs." Eve assures her she reattached the right penis and thinks maybe Rebecca is mistaking someone else's organ for Julian's. Rebecca pulls back the covers and instructs her to look, whereupon Eve asks, "What the Hell is that?!" Rebecca says Julian is much larger than that and Eve explains that she had to take a little off so the reattachment would be smoother. Rebecca then points out that it's upside down and Eve is mortified. Eve gets paged and rushes off to the ER because they are short staffed, leaving Rebecca to mourn Julian's old penis.


Eve comes to check on Pretty and Sheridan nervously asks if she's back on staff. Eve says she was the one who reattached Julian's penis and Luis wonders if she's sure she should be working right now. Eve insists she's fine and Fancy asks how Julian's surgery went. Eve stutters a bit, but then says it's too soon to say and tells them that it's possible his body could reject the reattachment. Luis wants to question Julian in hopes he can ID who attacked him, but Eve says he's still under sedation.


Eve checks Pretty out who tells her she feels dizzy. Eve gives Pretty's blood samples to the nurse so she can take it to the lab. Pretty and the nurse exchange knowing glances and Pretty flashes back to giving the nurse money to do something for her. Pretty thinks to herself that she needs to practice looking surprised, while the nurse goes to a computer and changes Pretty's lab results.

Eve comes into the hall and tells Luis that Pretty wants to talk to him. He goes to see her and Eve leaves. Sheridan asks if Fancy is sure she wants Luis alone with Pretty and Fancy says it's fine because Pretty has realized that Luis will never be with her. Sheridan doesn't buy Pretty's about face and thinks she will never give up on Luis. Fancy tells Sheridan she hopes that she has accepted losing Luis as well, because she will never let her take him away from her.

Luis talks to Pretty and assures her that everything will be okay. Pretty says she hates hospitals because it reminds her of her accident and then apologizes for all the terrible things she said about Fancy. Luis tells her there's no need to apologize because Fancy wasn't acting like herself.


Sheridan leaves to check on Julian and Eve returns. Fancy then leaves to get some coffee and Eve enters Pretty's room to get her vitals. The nurse comes in with Pretty's blood work and Eve looks shocked, saying, "Oh my God!"

In Gwen and Ethan's room, Little Ethan asks Theresa why she came back dressed as a nanny. She tells him she'll fill him in later, but right now no one can know she's alive. Gwen and Ethan talk in the hallway and remark how great Gertrude is, while Little Ethan promises Theresa to keep the secret. Little Ethan hugs his mother, as Ethan and Gwen walk in the room. Ethan sees them and tells Gwen there's something familiar about Gertrude that makes him feel like he's known her forever. Gwen doesn't get it and Gertrude says Little Ethan has something to show them. He pulls out some cards and does a magic trick. Theresa thinks to herself, "Enjoy it now Gwen, because you won't have Ethan for long. I'll make sure of it." Little Ethan does another trick and Gertrude says it's time for bed. Little Ethan asks if Ethan would like to tuck him in and he says, "You bet" and leaves with him and Gertrude.


Gwen talks to her mother on the phone and says everything is going great with Ethan. Rebecca tells Gwen to pull out all the stops in order to seduce him. Theresa listens at the door as Gwen says by the time she's through with him, Ethan won't even remember Theresa's name. Theresa says, "Don't bet on it honey." Gwen hangs up with her mother and Gertrude knocks on the door saying Little Ethan left his magic bag in the room. Gwen leaves to get her and Ethan a snack and Theresa finds the bag. She pulls out a package of itchy powder and sprinkles it in between the sheets. Gwen returns with champagne and snacks for her and Ethan. Gwen goes to change into a negligee and Theresa puts fire powder in the food.


Theresa leaves the room and runs into Ethan. Still dressed as Gertrude, she asks if she can leave the house to go get the rest of her things. He says of course and enters his room. Gwen comes out in a negligee and Ethan is delighted by her surprise. They start to kiss as Theresa listens at the door eagerly awaiting her sabotage to take effect. Ethan and Gwen sit at the table and feed each other. Suddenly Ethan yells out that his mouth is on fire and then Gwen feels it too! They down some water and decide not to eat any more food. They move to the bed and roll around in the sheets, but they start to itch uncontrollably and jump out of bed. They try to relive their itching, as Little Ethan comes in the room saying that Jane is crying. Ethan says he'll take care of it because he let Gertrude leave to gather her things. He then trips and knocks over the table full of their food as Jane continues to cry. Ethan jokes that Gwen did promise him a night he wouldn't forget, as Theresa hides in the hallway laughing.


Next on Passions:

At the police station, Noah tells Paloma he was the one who told Roberto the club he went to was safe.

Gwen asks Gertrude how she knew she and Ethan were in bed when they started itching.

Eve tells a "shocked" Pretty she's pregnant.

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