My Pregnant Son is a Serial Killer!

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Julian is rushed to the hospital and Eve is asked to operate on him, Vincent continues to harass and manipulate his mother, Pilar and Gwen face off again, and Theresa panics she will be found out.

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Vincent, who is clearly showing now, sits with a drunk Eve at the kitchen table. Eve says she needs to tell Julian the whole story about Vincent/Valerie and gets up, but Vincent stops her saying she won't do a damn thing! Eve says she can't live like this anymore, but Vincent insists Julian can never know or else he will be forced to kill both her and Julian. Eve relents, saying she has no choice because, "My pregnant son is a serial killer," and if she doesn't do what he says, she'll die. Vincent feels the baby kick and Eve says it's probably gas.


Viki repeatedly stabs Julian "in the crotch region," while he and Esme are sleeping and blindfolded. Esme wakes up from Julian's screams and Viki hides. Esme sees that Julian's been stabbed and yells for help. Sam enters the mausoleum with his gun drawn and calls for paramedics. Sam asks Julian who did this to him, but he passes out. Viki puts her knife away and enters the mausoleum pretending to be scared. Esme tries to get Viki out of the room, but then cries that Julian might die and thinks it's her own fault.

Sam, Viki and Esme go to the hospital with Julian and Viki thinks that Julian has to die. The doctor comes out to talk to them and says he has some sad news. Esme thinks Julian is dead and Viki smiles. The doctor says Julian is alive, but his penis has been completely severed. The doctor says they found it in his clothes and they might be able to reattach it, but Eve is the only doctor close enough who could do the surgery. Sam points out that Eve is on suspension but the doctor says it's an emergency.

Eve gets a phone call about Julian and gets upset. She fills Vincent in on what happened to Julian and says they want her to perform surgery. Vincent tells her she has to do it. Eve says she's too drunk, but Vincent thinks he can sober her up with coffee. Eve can't understand why Vincent wants to help save Julian and Vincent says no man should have to go through what Julian is dealing with, but as he pours her coffee, Vincent puts a drug in it. Eve drinks her coffee, but doesn't think she'll sober up in time. Vincent urges her to keep drinking and thinks to himself that she has to perform surgery on Julian so he can die. Vincent puts Eve's coat on, but Eve is worse than before and just wants to sleep. Vincent puts his special coffee in a thermos so she can keep drinking it and they leave to go to the hospital. Vincent thinks if he can get her to the OR while she's this messed up, daddy is as good as dead!


Viki thinks she has to finish what she started and enters Julian's room. She brings out her knife and raises it, but she hears Sam and hides under the bed. Sam comes in Julian's room and asks if he can identify his attacker. Julian's too out of it to talk, so Sam leaves. Viki thinks it's time for Julian to die and stabs him from under the bed.


In their bedroom, Ethan and Gwen talk about their future and Gwen says she wants to renew their wedding vows. Ethan doesn't look excited about the idea and says it's too soon after Theresa's memorial service. He wants to be respectful of her and Gwen says she doesn't want to push him and will wait for him to set a date.


Pilar enters their room and thanks Ethan for the lovely service. Pilar sees that Gwen is drinking champagne and asks her what she's celebrating. Gwen takes a drink and smugly says some people just like to drink champagne. Ethan apologizes and Pilar asks how Little E's adoption is coming along. Ethan says it should happen any day. Pilar is thrilled and says as far as she's concerned Little E is his true son, and while looking at Gwen, says he will be a constant reminder of Theresa's love. She continues to stick it to Gwen by saying Jane looks just like Theresa and hopes it won't be too hard on Ethan to see her everyday. Pilar then starts to cry and says she misses Theresa and that there was no reason for her to die, as she shoots daggers at Gwen.

Ethan leaves to get Pilar a tissue and Pilar lashes out at Gwen. Pilar says she will remind her every chance she gets that she's the reason Theresa is dead. Gwen defiantly says she never meant for her to die, but Pilar assures her that karma will come after her. Gwen brushes it off, but then breaks her champagne glass and lightly cuts herself. Pilar says, "Karma." Ethan returns, but leaves again to get Gwen a band-aid for her cut. Gwen tells Pilar that Ethan loves her, but Pilar say Ethan doesn't even really know her. Pilar is happy that Little E will be around to remind her everyday that the only reason she's with Ethan is because of murder. Ethan returns again and Pilar and Ethan talk about Theresa. Gwen can't take anymore of it and leaves to check on the children.


Ethan tells Pilar that he's always felt like Little E's father and wishes that he really were. Ethan says he loves Jane, but he really wanted to have a son with Theresa. Pilar says there's something he should know about his relationship with Little E. Gwen walks up to the door and overhears Pilar say she wants to tell Ethan the truth about Little E.


In the living room, Ivy and Rebecca giggle and make fun of the new "nanny," while Theresa is thrilled her plan is working. They ask her name and she says it's Gertrude. Ivy and Rebecca laugh out loud at this, but then welcome her aboard. Ivy and Rebecca privately gloat about hiring a hideous nanny that definitely won't turn Ethan's head, while Theresa thinks she is permanently in Ethan's heart and there's nothing Gwen can do to change that. Ivy asks for references and her resume, but Gertrude says she doesn't have one because she was always hired by word of mouth. Ivy asks for the family name she worked for last so they can call them, but Gertrude makes up excuses that the last family she worked for is out of town. Ivy says they will track down the family or mutual acquaintances and verify her references that way. Ivy and Rebecca then leave the room to do so.


Theresa panics thinking she'll be found out and tries to leave, but Ivy and Rebecca return before she can make her escape. They tell her she's not who she says she is, but they know exactly who she is!


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Pilar tells Gwen that Ethan is going to adopt Little E anyway, so she's going to tell him the truth.

Ethan shakes Gertrude's hand and asks, "Do we know each other?"

A very drunk Eve tells Esme she's going to do her best to reattach Julian and his penis.

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