Listen To Your Elders.

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Theresa tries to remain hidden in the mansion, Rebecca gives Gwen more advice, Sam and Ivy have some of their own advice for Noah and Paloma, and the Demon Elf reveals his latest plan.

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Gwen freaks out after seeing Theresa in the mirror and Ethan asks her what's wrong. She tells him, "Little Ethan was right. Theresa is here!" Theresa panics thinking she can't let Ethan see her or Juanita will kill her and her whole family. Ethan questions Gwen and she tells him Theresa is in the mirror. Theresa hides when Ethan gets up to look around. Rebecca barges in and Gwen tells her mother that Theresa is there. Rebecca tells her to calm down because Theresa is dead. Ethan thinks something fishy is going on, but if Theresa is there he will find her! He looks around the room while Theresa crawls along the floor trying to hide. Ethan calls out for her and Rebecca yells at him for what he's doing to Gwen. Theresa hides under the bed and wonders how she will get out of there and then sees the window. Rebecca yells at Ethan for hurting Gwen so much that she's seeing dead people and Theresa makes her way to the window and steps out on the ledge. As she closes the window, Rebecca, Ethan and Gwen hear a noise and think someone is outside. Ethan wants to investigate because it could be Theresa, but Rebecca and Gwen think it's more likely it was a tree branch. Rebecca wants Ethan to apologize to Gwen and he does. Unsatisfied, Rebecca calls him selfish and Little E calls out asking why everyone is yelling. Ethan goes to check on him, but tells Gwen he loves her before he leaves.

Theresa stands on the ledge and thinks that she needs to get to Little E's room, sneak in and wait until he falls asleep so she can make her escape.


Ethan talks to Little Ethan and apologizes for all the commotion. Little E asks if Gwen really saw his mom, but Ethan tells him no. Little E is sorry that Ethan didn't get to see Theresa like he and Gwen did. Ethan assures him that his mom is gone, but Little E says it was so real. Ethan says he wishes it were, while Theresa listens outside the window and says it's nice to know Ethan still loves her. Both Ethan and Little E promise to always be there for each other.


Gwen tells Rebecca that Theresa is here and alive! Rebecca calls her crazy and slaps her. Rebecca tells her that Theresa is dead and Gwen eventually agrees that it was probably all in her head. Rebecca tells her daughter to make Ethan forget all about Theresa when he gets back. Gwen assures her mother she will try, but she's already said and done all the right things. Rebecca tells her daughter that it's clear she must be frigid and dull in the sack. Gwen retorts that she is excellent in bed and receives no complaints from Ethan. Rebecca thinks he just doesn't want to hurt her feelings. Theresa listens at the window and thinks she must find a way to pay Gwen back. Rebecca offers Gwen her sex toys to keep things interesting, but Gwen says she doesn't need them. Rebecca tells her to keep Ethan focused on her and suggests getting a nanny for the kids. Theresa thinks, "A nanny?"


Ethan returns to Gwen's room and apologizes to Gwen for not letting Theresa go in his heart. He promises to concentrate on her and the children and Gwen is thrilled. However, Theresa is crestfallen thinking there's nothing she can do to stop Ethan from moving on with Gwen. Rebecca leaves them alone so they can make up and Ethan tells Gwen that Theresa is his past and she is his future and kisses her. Later, Gwen playfully pours candle wax on Ethan and he remarks that he has never seen her like this. As the two continue their sexcapade, Rebecca listens at the door and is thrilled her daughter has learned so much from her, as Theresa stands on the ledge and cries.

After Sam and Ivy have sex, they move to the kitchen for a snack and continue their love fest. Noah and Paloma interrupt them when they enter the room while making out themselves. Both couples are a bit uncomfortable and try to cover up that they were getting intimate. Ivy opens a bottle of wine for everyone and Sam says he wants to talk to Noah and Paloma about their upcoming marriage. Sam wants to help them avoid the mistakes he and Ivy made and Ivy agrees. Noah pulls Paloma aside and tells her they will hear their advice and then find some place to be alone. The foursome sits at the table and Ivy tells them that plots and schemes always go wrong and come at a terrible price. She urges them to never lie to each other and Sam tells them to always be each other's champion because love and devotion will get them through anything. Noah asks Sam how he got over what happened to his mother and Ivy thinks that's a fair question. Sam responds that he was angry at Ivy, but she did what she did because of love. He says Grace chose David over him on her own and because of that, she was in London and was killed. He says it wasn't Ivy's fault and the bottom line is they love each other. They all toast to love and Noah says if Sam is in Ivy's corner, then he is too. As the couples sit at the table talking, someone watches from outside.


The demon elf comes to Tabitha in her kitchen and tells her to stop getting in his way of ruining Harmony. Tabitha assures him that Miguel's magic ban won't stop her from retaliating if he doesn't leave her and Endora alone. The demon agrees they are off limits and Tabitha asks who he is out to torture. He tells her Noah and Paloma are first on his list. Tabitha wants to know what he has in store for the young couple and the demon says he created a problem that is watching and waiting for them as they speak. Tabitha wants to know who it is, but the demon will only tell her that Noah and Paloma have no idea how much trouble they are in. He tells her to go to the bowl and Tabitha sees who he sent after "the happiest couple." She says he is down right mean and hateful, but doesn't think the person poses as much of a threat as he thinks. He retorts that you can't overstate the threat to the human heart. Tabitha again makes the Demon swear he will leave her and Endora alone. He says she has his word, but turns around and looks insincere.


Noah and Paloma leave the house eagerly wanting to be alone as someone follows them. They go to her bedroom and start to make out. They hear a noise and Paloma panics thinking it's her mother and says they need to go somewhere else so she doesn't catch them. They head to the wharf and try to figure out a place they can be alone together. When they are unsuccessful, they kiss and talk about their future. Noah says nothing will stop him from marrying her, as the mystery person lurks in the shadows.


Alone, Sam tells Ivy they have to believe in their love and their life together and they can live happily ever after. Ivy promises no more lies and schemes and thinks it's glorious they already know everything there is to know about each other. As she hugs Sam, he gets a worried look on his face. The two then get back to business on the kitchen table.


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Roberto tells Paloma, "I am back in Harmony for good."

Theresa overhears Rebecca say that the nanny has to be unattractive and thinks Rebecca is playing right into her hands.

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