It's all or nothing

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Eve and Julian call it quits, Sheridan sets Luis free, Chad waits while Whitney suspects.

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Paloma tells Fancy to wait

Eve can't take the name calling from Julian. Julian goes on about how he worshiped her but now he believes she was just using him all along. She never really loved him. Julian continues to insult Eve by trying to pay her for services rendered. Eve apologizes for hurting him. She denies that she ever used him. She loved him. Julian thinks she is lying to him and to herself. She always chose her family over him.

Eve believes the only reason he sexed Valerie up was because he was hurt and he wanted to hurt her back. Julian gives her an ultimatumit's all or nothing. With those choices, Eve has no recourse but to choose nothing.

Julian also blames losing Eve years ago for the hateful person he became. He realizes now that he never got her back so she can go to hell.

Fancy is still upset. The very idea that Paloma and Pilar tried to force her on Luis makes her angry. She's not a charity case. She isn't that desperate for a man. She doesn't need their help and she doesn't want Luis any more. Fancy won't compete for Luis affection.

Paloma keeps selling the idea of how wonderful her brother is. Paloma says Luis is worth the wait. Fancy changes her mind and decides to be patient a little bit longer.


Luis finally gets it.

Sheridan hates hurting Luis but she meant every word she said. She wants to stay a family with Chris and James and she doesn't want Luis. There is no turning back for her. Luis asks why can't they just start over. Sheridan tells him she can't forget all the things that happenedthe death of their baby, losing Chris baby. Things are different now and they can't go back or start over. Luis looks in her eyes and sees for the first time that she really means it. It's really over.

Luis can't believe this is the way thing would end between them. He thought it would be death or something more messy. They are interrupted by a call from Chris. He asks her to come home as soon as possible. Sheridan is about to leave for home when Luis pulls her into a passionate kiss. The kiss doesn't change Sheridan's mind. She is going home to her husband. On her way out she runs into Paloma and Fancy. She tells Fancy that Luis is free.

Fancy feels guilty for Luis' pain. Her lecture to Sheridan triggered Sheridan into finally setting Luis free. Paloma makes herself scarce so Fancy can be alone with Luis. Luis feels like hell.

When Sheridan gets home she is surprised by the announcement that she is legally James' mother now. It couldn't come at a better time for her. From now on, Chris and James are the only men in her life. She doesn't know that Chris is keeping secret that he isn't James' real father.

Whitney returns to Theresa's room. She's been looking for Chad with no luck. She suspects he is keeping a deep dark secret from her. It's the little things that makes her suspicious. At first she thought she was imagining it, she confides to Theresa. Now she is sure. Chad is having an affair.

Whitney sensed a change in Chad after he came back from Rome. He is distant. Theresa tries to think of a different excuse for his behavior. Whitney rejects them. Theresa asks her who could Chad be having an affair with then. Whitney guesses it has to be Valerie. That's what her gut is telling her.

Theresa doesn't believe Chad would cheat on Whitney. Whitney reminds her he's done it before. He's probably doing it now.


Valerie has a hot date

Valerie talks to herself about the folly of getting involved with someone at work. Jared overhears her. He tells her it is all over the building about how Eve walked in on her and Julian. Valerie doesn't have time for office gossip with Jared. She is in a hurry to meet someone. Jared guesses she is meeting Chad although he never mentions him by name. He warns her to be careful because her secret might hurt a lot of people if it gets out.

Something comes up. Jared needs Valerie to postpone her date and stick around the office a little while longer. Valerie reluctantly agrees to help. She is eager to get to her date.

Jared gets a call from Theresa. She wants him to have Chad call her. Then he passes on the message to Valerie, just in case she runs into him.

Chad is at the motel. He takes a call with a big smile on his face. He is waiting for his date to arrive. Even though he loves Whitney, it isn't enough. He needs this on the side. He dismisses Whitney's calls to him as unimportant.

Chad showers, preparing for his mystery date. We never get to see who this person is. We just see a whole mess of condoms on the night stand and Chad slipping into bed beside.

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