Things heat up for everyone - in a bad way!

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Paloma tells Luis she wants to get into the police department, Spike tortures Chris, and Pilar has a heart to heart with her daughter!

Things heat up for everyone - in a bad way! image

Will Paloma become a Police Officer?

Paloma is stopped by the police station to share some ice cream with her big brother, Luis. She is hoping to get advice, when the conversation turns into a discussion about the gun that Luis found at Sheridan's. Luis tells her what's been going on, and she tells him that she thinks his job is like putting together puzzles! They discuss college, and he insists she should go after whatever interests her. She doesn't feel ready, she tells him, and after Luis takes a call from Ballistics, she asks a lot of questions regarding the gun. Luis has been trying to push her into Law, but when she sees Harmony PD recruitment, she starts to think. By the time Luis' call is complete, she decides she wants to become a cop! Luis is not impressed and tells her 'Over my dead body!'

Later, Fancy stops by the station and overhears Luis tell Paloma his plans to go on without Sheridan. To herself, Fancy whispers, 'You could be happy with me!' and then leaves quickly as she wants to speak to Sheridan about it right away. Fancy finds Sheridan in her kitchen. She starts asking questions to ensure that Sheridan is making a life with Chris, before she asks her aunt how she'd feel if Luis moved on without her. Sheridan tells Fancy that although it would be hard to see Luis with someone new, she knows that she would 'root' for him and the woman he finds. After the two discuss things more, Fancy finally admits her interest in Luis. Sheridan is completely shocked and drops a teacup!

In Chris's bedroom, he has an unwanted visitor- Spike, wielding a knife! He tells Chris that he's just there to finish what he started. Spike promises Chris that if Luis sends him to jail, that Chris would be right there along for the ride. With that, Chris jumps at Spike, but with his injured leg, he's too slow, and Spike quickly pins him on the bed, sticking a finger into the gunshot wound on his leg, for extra measure.

Kay is concerned over Miguel going deaf, until Tabitha wonders who Siren was singing to. Miguel keeps screaming for them to please speak up, but they don't want him to hear about the mermaid's song anyway, so ignore him. The spell that Endora gave Miguel had plugged up his ears with candle wax, and when Kay leaves the room to find Fox, Miguel's ears return to normal. He is sad that he has lost Kay, he tells Tabitha. He is moaning about his loss and when Tabitha isn't looking, Endora shoots a spell at him, which leaves him snoring on his feet!

Kay finds Fox in Siren's room, and gets physical with her. She tapes Siren's hands to her mouth (so she can't sing) and drags her out of the room, telling Fox she's 'taking out the trash!!


Pilar and Theresa have a heart to heart.

Pilar finds Theresa working in the living room, and inquires about Ethan's earlier visit. She then hands Theresa the phone, warning that she won't give up until her daughter tells Ethan that little Ethan is his son! She compares the situation to what Ivy did with Ethan and Sam a long time past, but Theresa continues to insist that she can't tell him, because Ethan and Gwen would take custody of little Ethan if they knew the truth. She then worries about Julian's desire to sue for custody. She goes on to say that she felt that Jared might finally save her from Ethan, but by then Pilar is up in arms. She's worried about Jared's character, and wants Theresa with the man she loves.

Theresa swears she won't make the same mistake that Pilar made, waiting for a man that she could never have. Pilar admits that she had given up hope of being with Martin, but would never give up on her dream for Theresa. She tells her daughter that she should stop seeing Jared right away, and resume her pursuit of Ethan, insisting that it's unfortunate that Gwen must be considered to be collateral damage! Theresa is shocked! Pilar doesn't stop there! She tells her daughter, "Do whatever you have to do to make Ethan leave Gwen to be with you!"

At home, Gwen is grilling Ethan about his visit to Theresa, but Ethan insists that Theresa has moved on, telling her that he'd seen Theresa kissing Jared passionately. He also tells her that seeing this has helped him to move on. Gwen wants to know details about the kiss, but Ethan doesn't want to talk about it.

When she leaves the room to give little Ethan his teddy-bear, Ethan goes online to check out Jared. He finds nothing, but when Gwen returns, she is not pleased about seeing Ethan searching for information about Theresa's new boyfriend. He shrugs this off, telling her that this new guy will be around his kid. Gwen wonders if Pilar has something to do with Theresa's moving on.

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