I Know She's Here!

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Ethan and Little Ethan try to convince Gwen Theresa's there, Fancy has a request for Luis, and Pretty asks Ivy for help.

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Little E tells Ethan that Theresa was singing to him and Ethan thinks Theresa could still be there. Theresa's in the closet thinking if Ethan finds her, her whole family could die. Ethan approaches the closet and Gwen enters the room asking what's going on. Ethan tells her that Theresa is there and Gwen thinks to herself, "I think I'm going to be sick." Gwen thinks it's impossible, but Little Ethan tells her what happened. Ethan insists to Gwen that Theresa was there and calls out for her. Gwen thinks Ethan is unfairly fueling Little E's hope that his mother is alive, but both Ethan's insist Theresa is there. Ethan asks Little E where Theresa went after she stopped singing and he says she went into the closet. Theresa panics and Ethan calls out, "Theresa are you in there?" Theresa finds a secret panel that Alistair had installed and sneaks out. Ethan opens the door and finds the closet empty. Little E is upset because he saw her go in the closet, but Gwen gently tells him his mother is dead. Little E wonders that if Theresa wasn't singing to him, then how could Ethan have heard her too? Gwen thinks they heard one of the servants singing to their child over the phone or something and suggests that Theresa would want them to move forward and to not dwell on her death. Ethan says Gwen is probably right and they need to accept that Theresa is gone, but says she will live on through them. Gwen thinks to herself, "Ethan, Theresa is dead. How long will she live on in your heart?"


Theresa sneaks around the house trying to leave unnoticed, but hears someone and goes into the nearest room. She ends up in Gwen's room and realizes Gwen is sharing her room with Ethan. She tries to leave, but the staff keeps walking by, trapping her in Gwen's room. She looks around and sees some of Rebecca's sex gear and can't stand the thought of Gwen and Ethan being together. She tries to leave again, but sees Gwen and Ethan coming back to their room and hides.


Ethan and Gwen return and talk about Theresa. Gwen tells Ethan she's here for him and Theresa is just a ghost. He says she was his future and Gwen tells him that they can have a wonderful future together. Ethan tells her he loves her and the kids and will be better at showing her. He kisses her as Theresa watches from behind the drapes. Gwen asks if he will put Theresa behind him and Ethan says he's trying. Gwen wonders how they will move forward together when Theresa keeps coming between them. Ethan says he will focus more on her from now on and Gwen tells him to get back into bed because she will help him feel good instead of sad. Theresa cringes as she watches them have sex and thinks Gwen will pay for what she has done to her. As Gwen enjoys being with Ethan, thinking she has finally won, she sees Theresa's reflection in the mirror.


Luis and Fancy dance more tango while fully clothed and Ivy and Sam enter and applaud them. Sam tells them he wants to give them an update on Esme's attacker. Ivy leaves to let them handle their official business, but offers her condolences to Luis regarding Theresa before she exits. Sam tells them there hasn't been any activity from the killer, but they should keep their eyes open and he leaves to do a sweep of the house.


After Sam leaves, Fancy tells Luis she wants to have his baby - the sooner the better. Luis is caught off guard and Fancy thinks he doesn't want to have a baby with her. Luis says it's complicated and wonders why she's so interested in having a baby all of a sudden. Fancy wonders why he doesn't want a baby with her, thinking he wants to break up with her. Luis tells her he loves her and wants to have more children, but Fancy thinks he doesn't want them with her. She asks if he's worried that Pretty is pregnant. Luis says as far as he knows she's not, but there are some things they need to work out before they decide to have children. Fancy thinks that's code for him not trusting her and worried that she will act out again.


Pretty is in the living room alone upset over Sheridan telling her that Luis doesn't want anything to do with her. She says she won't feel whole until she's in Luis's arms again. Ivy enters the room and Pretty hugs her saying she's tired of being alone and wants a man to love her. Ivy asks if Pretty is talking about Luis and reminds her that he is with Fancy. Pretty thinks she is putting Fancy's happiness before hers and accuses her of not loving her since Fancy scarred her face. Pretty thinks Ivy was happy to send her away as a child and relieved that she never returned for a visit. Ivy tells her they should start looking to the future and that she wants to have a better relationship with her. Pretty says fine, then tell her how to get a man to love her, a man like Luis. Ivy urges her daughter not to try and trick Luis into loving her and Pretty thinks she's just taking Fancy's side again.

Sam enters the living room and Pretty tells him how Ivy will always put Fancy ahead of her. Sam tries to smoothing things over and learns that Pretty is interested in Luis. Sam and Ivy tell her there must be someone else out there for her, but Pretty insists her scar is keeping them away. She tells her mother if she won't help her get Luis, she will do it herself and rushes off. Ivy tells Sam she has been a bad mother.


Sam and Ivy go home and talk about Pretty. She tells Sam she was trying to help Pretty learn from her mistakes and to not try and trick Luis into loving her. She then berates herself for treating Pretty poorly when she was scarred. Ivy says the real scar is the whole she left in Pretty when she kept her at arms length as a child and is afraid of what Pretty will do to get Luis away from Fancy. Sam points out that at least Ivy can admit her mistakes and Ivy is grateful he has forgiven her for everything she's done, but isn't sure she deserves him. Sam tells Ivy he loves her and that's all that matters. They profess their love for each other and have sex. Afterwards, Ivy says being with him again is her dream come true and hopes Pretty can have the kind of happiness she has with him.


Pretty goes upstairs and listens at Fancy's door. She hears Luis tell Fancy that having a baby changes everything and Pretty thinks "True." Luis doesn't think it's the right time and that they still need to get past everything that has happened. He says after they get married they will think about having a baby. Pretty thinks Luis will never marry Fancy if her idea works and puts her hands over her stomach. Luis thinks it's best for now and Fancy agrees that now isn't the best time to have a baby, but hopes the time comes soon. Pretty thinks, "I bet Luis is about to have a child with somebody, but not with you." Luis tells Fancy they will have a baby together, but to be patient. Pretty thinks the sooner she and Luis have their baby, the sooner they can start the rest of their lives together.

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