It Takes Three to Tango.

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Pretty and Sheridan plot against Fancy and Luis, Fancy shows off her moves, Theresa sings to Little Ethan and Gwen tries to make Ethan forget about Theresa.

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Pretty and Sheridan talk about Fancy at the cottage. Pretty is riled up and out for blood, but Sheridan remains calm and tells her to control herself. Pretty thinks she has a chance with Luis, but Sheridan tells her she's delusional. Pretty wants Sheridan to make a pact with her to break up Fancy and Luis for good and says if they have to kill Fancy in the process, then so be it. Sheridan insists she will not kill Fancy and says when they originally joined forces, murder was not an option. Pretty thinks killing Fancy is the easiest way, but Sheridan says no! Pretty asks how Sheridan plans on getting Luis back then, and Sheridan thinks she can use their past and Marty to remind him of their love. Pretty thinks it will take too long and wants to push Fancy off the cliffs instead. Sheridan thinks her memories and past lives are strong enough to bring Luis back to her and flashes back to them dancing the tango. She says there is nothing Fancy can do to ever compete with that. Pretty says she shared wonderful memories with Luis too, but Sheridan says she's disturbed and reality always trumps fantasy. Pretty defends her night with Luis, but Sheridan says they should focus on breaking up Fancy and Luis. Pretty suggests disfiguring Fancy, but Sheridan says they need to take the subtle approach and make Luis think that he has decided Fancy is the wrong woman for him on his own.


At the mansion, Fancy returns to her room to find Luis. He shows her the dessert he brought her, but she has something else in mind and seductively kisses him. They fall on the bed and have sex. Afterwards, the two enjoy Luis's dessert of strawberries and cream and Fancy remarks how perfect the evening has been. Luis says he wants to show her so many other things and make memories that will last forever. Fancy recalls Sheridan telling her about dancing with Luis and asks him to teach her the tango. Luis wonders where that's coming from because they danced it once and she didn't enjoy it. Fancy says she was embarrassed because she was so bad at it and would like to give it another try. Luis says he'd be more than happy to teach her and gets out of bed.


Luis and Fancy dance while Pretty and Sheridan sneak up to their bedroom door. They hear the music and Sheridan cracks open the door to see them dancing the tango. Sheridan is outraged that Fancy is trying to steal her memories with Luis. Pretty thinks to herself that this will make Sheridan get with the program. As Sheridan grows angrier by the second, Pretty asks if she still thinks the subtle approach is the way to go. They listen as Fancy asks Luis if she's a good pupil and Luis says she's the best, it's as if he's never danced the tango before. This of course makes Sheridan's blood boil. Fancy and Luis get down and dirty and Sheridan thinks the subtle approach is now off the books. Pretty wonders if Sheridan is now ready to do whatever it takes to break up Fancy and Luis. Sheridan gets a devious look on her face and tells Pretty she has things to do and leaves. Pretty thinks that once Fancy is out of the picture, she'll get rid of Sheridan too because Luis is hers.


Gwen and Ethan kiss in bed and Gwen thinks her seduction is working. As Ethan gets more into it, he calls out Theresa's name. Gwen tells him what he said and Ethan apologizes. Gwen can't believe he's thinking about Theresa during such an intimate moment between them. She says she can't be with him if he can't let anyone else into his heart and is not committed to her and the kids. Ethan assures her he will be, but she doesn't want him if he's only doing it out of a sense of duty. She says she loves him and needs to know if he can still love her. Ethan says he wants to be with her and is willing to make a fresh start. Gwen doesn't want to have to twist his arm and Ethan says he wants to move forward, but is having trouble getting past his grief for Theresa. Gwen wants to help him and tells him if he lets go they can start over and have a better marriage than they had before. Gwen is willing to go trough Hell with him, as long as in the end they will be happy. Ethan promises her they will be and Gwen says that's all she needs to hear. Ethan kisses her again.


In his bedroom, Little E tells his mother that he's glad she's back and asks her not to leave him again. Theresa says, "I will never leave any of you again." Theresa tells little E that this is just a dream, but he thinks it seems so real. Theresa tucks him back into bed and Little E tells her that Uncle Ethan is going to adopt him. He asks if he can tell Ethan that he is his son. Theresa tells him not yet, that he has to keep the secret, but someday things will be different. Theresa reminds him this was just a dream and sings him a lullaby to help him fall back to sleep.

As Ethan and Gwen continue to kiss in bed, Ethan hears something. Gwen doesn't hear it, but Ethan thinks it's Theresa singing. Theresa fantasizes that she and Little E tell Ethan the truth about him being Little E's father, while Ethan tries to convince Gwen he heard Theresa's voice. Gwen worries for Ethan's sanity and says there is no way he heard Theresa singing, but he thinks to himself, "It was real. I know it was real." Ethan and Gwen go back to making out, but Ethan has a difficult time concentrating. He tells Gwen he needs to check on Little E because he's been having bad dreams and leaves Gwen to do so.


Ethan walks into Little E's room and looks surprised. He says Theresa's name, but Theresa is hiding in the closet. He sits by Little E and Little E wakes up calling him daddy. Little Ethan says he had great dreams tonight and asks Ethan if he saw mommy. Little E tells Ethan that Theresa was in his room singing to him.


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Pretty tells Ivy, "I need a practical plan on how to get Luis to love me." Ivy tells her she can't force a man to love her.

Fancy tells Luis that she wants to have his baby.

While Theresa hides in the closet, Little Ethan tells Ethan and Gwen that Theresa was singing to him like when he was a kid. Gwen says it's impossible, but Ethan thinks Theresa is there.

Ivy tells Sam she's always loved him and always will. Sam says he loves her too and wants her.

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