How Do You Murder a Ghost?

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Rebecca gives Gwen some interesting advice on seducing Ethan, Ethan and Ivy have a heart to heart, Theresa sneaks in to see Little E, and Fancy lays down the law with Pretty and Sheridan.

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Upstairs in the Crane mansion, Rebecca gives Gwen some "emergency" lingerie in order to help her give Ethan the best sex he's ever had. Gwen laughs at her mother while Rebecca pulls out some S&M gear. Gwen thinks her mother is ridiculous, but Rebecca asks if Gwen wants to spend the rest of her life competing with Theresa's ghost. Gwen answers, "Oh God no," and Rebecca tells her to get to it then! Rebecca gets Gwen more "tools of the trade," but Gwen doesn't even know what half the stuff is. Rebecca tells her daughter to become the sex goddess of Harmony, but Gwen isn't sure Ethan is even into any of it. Rebecca says of course he is and once Gwen fulfills his fantasies, Theresa's ghost won't stand a chance. Rebecca then offers up some pornos she's made of herself to help get Ethan in the mood. Embarrassed, Gwen declines. Gwen later models her lingerie of choice and Rebecca notes that it's like lingerie a nun would wear. Gwen thinks Ethan will approve and lights some candles. Rebecca tells her that sex and romance are two separate things and blows out the candles. She says Gwen needs to focus on the sex and make him forget about Theresa.


Believing that Theresa is on the wharf, Ethan turns and says, "Theresa, you're here?" He sees a woman and hugs her. The woman turns out to be Ivy, but Ethan says he felt Theresa's presence. Ivy tells her son that Theresa is gone, but Ethan won't hear it. Theresa watches Ethan and Ivy and says to herself no matter how hard it is, she has to protect the people she loves and walks away. Ivy tries to convince Ethan that Theresa is dead and wasn't on the wharf. She urges him to accept her death and move on. Ethan says he has accepted her death, but can't get her out of his heart and doesn't even want to. He says there will never be anyone else and Ivy asks what about Gwen? He says he's made a commitment to her, but she will never be Theresa. Ivy suggests he think back to when he first fell in love with Gwen and tap into those feelings. He compares his love for Theresa with Ivy's love for Sam and says no one will ever replace her because she will be in his heart till the day he dies. Ivy asks Ethan to leave himself open to loving someone else like Gwen, because Theresa would want him to find love and happiness again. Ethan says it will take time and Ivy suggests that Gwen can help him get over his loss and eventually the memories of Theresa will fade. Ethan retorts he doesn't want his memories to fade and Ivy says that's his problem. Ethan vows he will never stop loving Theresa. Ivy says Theresa's death isn't his fault, but Ethan insists it is. Ivy asks him to allow a little happiness into his life and urges Ethan to give Gwen a chance.


Theresa goes to confession and tells Father Lonigan her story. She says she knows it's a shock that she's alive, but she needed to talk to someone and urges him to keep her secret.
Theresa later returns to the docks and looks at the device and sees Ethan tuck Little Ethan into bed. Little Ethan tells Ethan he had another dream about Theresa being lost and calling out his name. Ethan offers to stay with him until he falls asleep, but Little E thinks he will be okay. Little E says he said a prayer for his mother and hopes that she is happy in heaven. Ethan bets she is and thinks she is watching them right now. Little E says he loves and misses her and Ethan hugs him. Theresa watches all this and runs off saying she needs to see her son.


Fancy enters the cottage and sees Sheridan and Pretty together. She tells them they need to have a serious talk. Fancy apologizes for her "inexcusable behavior," saying she feels bad for how she treated them and Marty. Sheridan doesn't want to hear her apology and tells her to stay away from her son! Fancy asks Sheridan to give her a chance to prove she's not the same person who went after Marty that night, but Sheridan tells her niece she's too unpredictable to be around him. Fancy wonders if Sheridan's objections are more about Luis than about Marty and tells both her aunt and sister that she won't let either of them sabotage her relationship. She vows to fight them both to the death for Luis if she has to. Sheridan counters that if their love is so strong she shouldn't be worried and tells Fancy that Luis's memories of her will always be alive and that they have a bond that is unbreakable. Fancy retorts that Sheridan is Luis's past, but she is his present and future. Fancy then turns to Pretty and tells her sister that Luis only had sex with her because Alistair forced him to. Pretty responds that Luis assured her he would have sex with her under uncoerced circumstances and Fancy calls her pathetic. She says Luis just didn't want to hurt her feelings and insists he would never make love to her again. The sisters argue and Pretty goes for Fancy's throat. Sheridan pulls her off and Fancy adamantly tells Sheridan and Pretty that she will not give Luis up and if she has to lose them both in the process, then so be it! Fancy then gloats about the romantic dinner Luis prepared for her and says she needs to get back to him. Pretty and Sheridan think they have to figure out a way to get Fancy out of the picture.

Rebecca meets Ivy on the wharf who tells her Ethan is in bad shape and that she wants him happy with Gwen. Rebecca says it won't be a problem if Gwen does what she instructed. Ivy is afraid Ethan will spend the rest of his life pining over Theresa and worries that Gwen won't stand a chance. Rebecca says it's up to them to get Ethan and Gwen together, but Ivy says they have a problem. She asks, "How do you murder a ghost?"

Ethan comes up to Gwen's dimly lit room and finds her in bed waiting for him. He's a little confused, but walks over to her. She pulls him into bed and kisses him. Ethan tells her that Theresa is still in his heart and Gwen says she's not interested in his heart. Ethan remarks he's never seen her like this and Gwen tells him to stop her if he doesn't like it. She continues to kiss him and Ethan responds.

Theresa goes into Little E's room while he's asleep and hugs him. Little E wakes up and says, "Mommy? It's you. You're alive!"


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