You Might Want to Button Up.

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Luis and Fancy share a romantic evening, Pretty convinces Sheridan to team up with her, Rebecca coaches Gwen on seducing Ethan, and Theresa sees Ethan on the wharf.

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Luis brings a blindfolded Fancy into her room. He surprises her with a romantic setting of candles and champagne and tells her he loves her. Fancy says she wants to go back to when they first fell in love, but Luis says he wants to remember both the good and bad times. They start to kiss and fall into bed. After they have sex, Luis and Fancy enjoy being together and Fancy brings up her recent behavior. She doesn't understand why she acted the way she did and Luis reminds her that the hospital gave her a clean bill of health and she hasn't been having headaches anymore. Fancy apologizes for hurting him and Marty. Luis assures her that he will explain everything to his son and that everything will be fine. Luis says when you love someone you take the good with the bad and he will help her figure out what has been making her act so strangely.

Fancy and Luis move to the table in her room and enjoy some sushi. Luis teases that he has something else planned, but won't tell her what it is. Fancy says she has waited her whole life to find real love and she's found it with him. They agree to put everything behind them and Luis leaves to get dessert. Alone, Fancy thinks she can't lose Luis again.


Pretty comes over to Sheridan's cottage and they discuss what went down on the wharf. Pretty says they were on the verge of sending Fancy off to jail for attacking Paloma and away from Luis for good, but Sheridan ruined everything. Sheridan defends herself saying she couldn't let a lethal crime be committed and wonders what Alistair has done to her. Pretty says he made her stronger, but Sheridan insists he brainwashed her. Sheridan says he did the same thing to her and if Pretty listens to everything Alistair has to say, she will live with pain and bitterness. Pretty urges Sheridan to use her devious brain and even Marty to get Luis back or else she could lose her son to Alistair again. Sheridan vows to never let that happen and Pretty asks her to join forces with her to break Luis and Fancy up for good. Sheridan doesn't understand what's in it for Pretty, because Luis doesn't want her and never will. Pretty thinks once he's done with Fancy, there's no reason he couldn't love her. Sheridan thinks she's delusional saying Luis will come back to her once he and Fancy break up. Pretty suggests they break up Luis and Fancy first, and then he can choose who he wants to be with. Sheridan thinks Pretty will only get hurt, but Pretty is confident she can get Luis to love her. Pretty says they both want the same thing - to destroy Fancy and they can worry about who Luis will choose afterwards. Sheridan agrees, but insists no one gets killed. They shake on it and Fancy enters saying, "I can't believe this!"


Back at the Crane mansion, Ethan makes a few calls to hospitals in Mexico to see if Theresa has turned up. In the hallway, Gwen overhears and complains to Rebecca that Ethan does this everyday and worries that he will never let Theresa go. Rebecca tells her daughter to make him forget about Theresa by having mind-blowing sex with him. Gwen protests, but Rebecca says this is the one area she is good at and offers to coach Gwen in giving Ethan the "ride of his life." Rebecca fluffs up Gwen's hair and unbuttons her blouse and sends her in to talk to Ethan.


Theresa safely makes her way back to the states and wonders how she will be able to see her family while making them believe she is dead. She walks along the docks and looks at the device the DEA agent gave her to watch her children. She starts to cry and thinks she won't be able to stay away from her family. She then watches Ethan and sees Gwen walk into the room and turns up the audio.


Gwen tells Ethan she knows what he's doing and he can't spend his whole life chasing after a ghost. Ethan says there's a voice in his head telling him Theresa could be out there. Gwen tells him he needs to move on with her for the children and urges him to let go of Theresa. Gwen says she'd like to renew their marriage vows so everyone knows they are committed to their family. Upon hearing this through the device, Theresa angrily says, "Damn you Gwen. I'm not going to let you steal Ethan away from me again!" Gwen thinks the ceremony will give the kids a sense of security and help him accept the fact that Theresa is gone, but Ethan needs time to process everything that has happened. He thinks it's too soon and leaves to take a walk - alone. As he leaves he tells Gwen her top button is undone. Gwen thinks she can't compete with Theresa even when she's dead. Theresa says, "And you never will!"


Rebecca comes into the room after Ethan leaves and tells Gwen that Theresa is alive and well. Gwen is confused, but Rebecca explains that she is alive and well in Ethan's heart and Gwen needs to do something to fix that. Rebecca tells her daughter to get off her butt and get Theresa out of his heart. Rebecca instructs Gwen to make Ethan "pant" at just the thought of her. Gwen thinks Ethan needs more time before he will be able to think about having sex with her, but Rebecca tells her she needs to make it happen.


Ethan heads to the docks while Theresa thinks she needs to find a place to sleep. As she starts to walk to the cannery, she sees Ethan. She hides and listens to him talk about how much he misses and loves her. He says he wants the life they dreamed about and wants her back. Theresa longingly looks at Ethan from afar and says she wants him too. After hearing how much pain Ethan is in, Theresa decides she can't take anymore and starts to walk away. Ethan turns and says, "Theresa? You're here?"


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